105 Cool Animated Logos for Your Inspiration

Why you should consider to create the animated logos of your brand identity?

It have the power to draw people attention and memorable to the brand. Also, the animated logos is the biggest trends right now, it’s smaller than video, more engaging than still images.

Beside that, for you as a creative people you also can showcasing your design skills for the potential clients.

Here, we have collected the best examples and most inspiring animated logos to create your own. Enjoy!

Awesome Logo Animations

Cub Studio Logo by Cub Studio

VCA Logo animation by Mindaugas Dudenas

Hype Logo Animation by by Misha Petrick

Hypercompact Animated by Evgeny Skidanov

Videocamp logo & animation by Mindaugas Dudenas

Vitagurt Logo Animation by by Misha Petrick

Zeppole Logotype Animation by Evgeny Skidanov

Motion Authors Logo Animation by Valentin Kirilov

Intelbet logo animation by Valentin Kirilov

SonoSanctus – Logo Animation by Seth Eckert

Google Brand System by Adam Grabowski

DesignersMX by Seth Eckert

Zignal – Logo Animation by Seth Eckert

Frame.io Logo by Seth Eckert

Calibre Club – Logo Animation by Seth Eckert

Telos Clothing Co. Logo by Seth Eckert

IKEA logo animation by Nikita Melnikov

500px by William Kesling

Pixate by Creativedash

Rocketgraph – Logo Animation by Tony Pinkevich

Animated Logo for SlingShot by Anastasiia Andriichuk

Coldwater Studio logo by Joe Ski

Warriors Animated by Fraser Davidson

Untime blog by Tony Pinkevich

M Motion by Marcus Chaloner

Rokket – Logo Animation by Tony Pinkevich

Fuse Ricochet Logo by Marcus Chaloner

Macaw Logo Build v2 by Joe Ski

Opus Fresh by Latham Arnott

Craft Fig. Studio by buatoom

Tuatara Bewery by Latham Arnott

The High Five by Fraser Davidson

Sello Logo Animation by Latham Arnott


Duce by Rahul Bhosale

Firecracker Logo Animation by Latham Arnott

Flick by Latham Arnott

Fubiz – Pop Culture by Mattias Peresini

Pivotal Logo by Pivotal

Yondr Studio by Nathan Yoder

Skype Logo animation by Pivotal

One Tire by henrique barone

Bop Logo Animation by Pivotal

Time – Animated by Rich Hinchcliffe

The Smart List – Logo Loop by Rich Hinchcliffe

Spirit Logo by Henrique Barone

Brikk logo animation by Gun Karlsson

Oily Circle by Benrique Barone

CrowdStrike – Logo Animation by Seth Eckert

VOTD tv by Markus Magnusson

Coat of Arms Logo by Phong Luong

Iconoclast by Phong Luong

GIFUR by Phong Luong

Behance Logo animation by Phong Luong

D&E Logo by Phong Luong

TRIPCHUM animation by Phong Luong

MailChimp Snap – Animated Logo by Brent Clouse

Streamup Logo Build by Andrew Embury

Rush Logotype Animation by Gweno

Ideas in Motion by Gweno

OpenTalk – Opening animation by Gweno

Ride The Verdon Logotype Animation by Gweno

M – Animated by Gweno

The Corner branding animation by Gweno

Gweno skills animation by Gweno

Hightail – Year End Animations by Seth Eckert

Digital Craftsmen – Animated Logo by Jord Riekwel

QuickBooks Biker by Brandon Wall

Epicsodes Logo Animation by Brandon Wall

Cub Reporter Logo by Brandon Wall

Gorilla by Drew Melton

Mondelez Logo animation by Jelio Dimitrov

Next TV animation by Jelio Dimitrov

BOX Tv animation by Jelio Dimitrov

Picajobs by Fede Cook

Cook Logo by Fede Cook

Logo Brikk by Brikk

Quad Logo by Ashish Chauhan

Market Logo Animation by Sergey Shmidt

Ladybug animation by Igor Garybaldi

Rozh Rye Mark animation by Dmitry Stolz

Judo Chop logo by Victor Kolb

Orbital Logo by Alexander Ivanov

Of Monsters and Men by David Urbinati

RO Writer – Logo Animation by David Urbinati

Discover The Palm Beaches – Logo Animation by David Urbinati

Personal Logo – Stroke by David Urbinati

TTI Logo Animation by David Urbinati

Google Play animation by Nicolas Girard

Dolobox Logo animation by Nicolas Girard

NatGeo by Nicolas Girard

Totes A Maze by Euan McConchie

B animation by Sander van Dijk

Vigor by Sander van Dijk

Swing Logo Animation by YaroFlasher

Little Drop Branding and Animation by YaroFlasher

Avid Logo Intro by YaroFlasher

Hyperkey Logo Intro by YaroFlasher

Illegal Lettering Logo Animation Intro by YaroFlasher

Hola-Emoticons Logo intro by YaroFlasher

Local-Fenders Logo Intro by YaroFlasher

Internweek Logo Animation by Nixie Melendres

Aeromotion by Wanda Arca

La Cabra Music by Wanda Arca

JS Conf. arg animation by Wanda Arca

What about you… Which of these animated logos are your favorites? Let us know in the comments.

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