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5 Unconventional Ways to Promote Yourself as A Logo Designer

Logo Designer Marketing Tips
Posted November 17th, 2014 in Articles by Daniel

Theoretically, the most important design project must be awarded to the most competitive designer. The more skilled a designer is, the more challenging the projects must be for this person to feel accomplished. However, reality is different from theory. In the majority of cases, the skilled or the less skilled designers aren’t the ones who receive the most interesting projects. These are received by the ones that really want to get them! More exactly, the ones that are remarked by the clients. Unfortunately, Continue Reading »

A Guide for Marketing on Reddit (Infographic)

Reddit Marketing
Posted November 16th, 2014 in Articles by Eko S

“The Front Page of the Internet” said Reddit for itself. A social news platform that allows users to discuss and vote on content that other users have submitted. And one of the most popular sites on the net with served over 6 billion pageviews (as of the last month alone).

Wow! The potential to send your site major traffic from Reddit is huge…even if you barely make it on the front page of a small subreddit that only has 20,000 readers. This infographic by PrestigeMarketing.ca will guide you to take a closer look at this social powerhouse, and see how you can reach out to the millions of Redditers out there. Continue Reading »

Unique and Simple Colorful Logos by Maria Gronlund

Posted November 14th, 2014 in Inspiration by Yahya

Introduce Maria Grønlund as our inspired brand identity designer for this month. She is a graphic designer with specialty in branding, corporate identity, digital art, design, and colors. She love to play around with words, colors, shapes, and styles to make all the aspects play together like music. Continue Reading »

Freebie: Octama Resume Template – 5 Colors (PSD)

Free Resume Template
Posted November 11th, 2014 in Freebies by Yahya

Crafting a good resume that looks impressive and really stands out can be a challenge. But you should don’t worry, since on iBrandStudio we have great Resume Templates that are free download and use. You just edit and fill it with your personal data. And today we also have another great resume for you – Octama Single Page Resume Template. The design is clean and professional with 5 custom colors to choose. Continue Reading »

33 Best Logos of October 2014

Best Logo Designs
Posted November 10th, 2014 in Inspiration by Eko S

There are more than two years since we first started to create and offer you collections of the most beautiful logos that have been released into a month. Collecting the best logos is a very relaxing activity, but at the same time it’s time consuming, considering the fact that one must be careful not to miss a good logo.

It’s the beginning of a new month, which means that you must be waiting for the best logos that have been published in October. Here is the latest set of best logos. As usual, it took me more time than I have initially estimated to collect the logos, but it was really refreshing to see so many wonderful pieces out there. Continue Reading »

How To Create Perfect Social Media Posts (Infographic)

Posted November 9th, 2014 in Articles by Eko S

What are the objective of your Social Media platform? Do you need people to click on your post link and go to your website? And since each social platform are different so you should optimize your posts for each network.

But how to do that? Continue Reading »

13 Modern Responsive Website Templates for Selling Books

Modern Book Authors Website Templates
Posted November 6th, 2014 in Inspiration by Eko S

You just create a great book/ebook, and of course the next step is you have to sell your book right? But how to do that? The one important factor is: “Book buyers still shop with their eyes”; said Joanna Penn. So a professional look of your book sales page is a must. It should have a good design and good book cover that makes you look more credible, beside that you should explain both features and benefits, but focus more on your book benefits, adding social proof and more.

Lucky for you, today many web devoloper has build website templates that specific for book authors plus built-in payment gateway to process secure payments from PayPal, credit cards and other. Here, we have collected the best website templates that will help you selling books very easy and in elegant way. Let’s take a look! Continue Reading »

Case Study: How To Make More Money from Offering Logo Design Services

How to make more money logo design services
Posted November 4th, 2014 in Articles by Daniel

iBrandStudio writers published many articles treating the matter of money from a logo designer’s perspective. It’s a delicate subject and usually people avoid it. We, the team behind iBrandStudio are aware of this fact, but we also believe that constantly avoiding the matter of money isn’t a solution. A firm approach is way better even though some facts aren’t pleasant.

Firstly, we must accept that regardless of the passion for design, money is important. Personally, I am more creative when my finances are OK and I think that the majority of logo designers would agree with me. Secondly, a constant and reasonable stream of money assures a good working climate and in this way any designer may fully focus on his / her primary job – making logos. Thirdly, but not lastly, a good financial compensation for a project determines the designer to work harder. Continue Reading »

Showcase of Awesome Brand Identity Designs: October 2014

Posted November 3rd, 2014 in Inspiration by Yahya

This post is a colletion of our best selection of brand identity design inspiration that has published as “Logo of the day” inspiration on iBrandStudio’s Facebook Fan Page from October. Hope you’ll enjoy it! And if you have another great branding designs, please let us know in the comment below. Continue Reading »

Freebie: Wallpaper Calendar of November 2014

Free Wallpaper Calendar
Posted October 31st, 2014 in Freebies by Yahya

Hi, meet again with our monthly free wallpaper calendar series. The previous month I meet great people around me. Looking at them, makes me inspired to create a design that will bring message to everyone they are awesome.

Then, I have an idea to create a typography design. With the words said: “You’re Awesome” :) Take a look my design process below and download the wallpaper calendar for free! Continue Reading »

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