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How the Logistic Brands use Google Plus for Marketing

Google Plus Marketing Strategies
Posted April 24th, 2014 in Articles by Eko S

Never can stop whenever talking about eCommerce business that is become a trend today. This business is so promising for any brand owner and have relatively little budget for maintan it. Previously I have talk about Food & Baverage Brands and The Top 7 Hotels. Today, I will continue to discuss the logistic brandss strategies. Continue Reading »

30 Impressive Logos for Travelling Projects

Best Travelling Logos
Posted April 22nd, 2014 in Inspiration by Eko S

We work hard and stay for days in offices to finish our clients’ projects, but from time to time we all need a small pause. There is no better way in which you could relax and refuel your creativity level than traveling. It’s great to relax into a wonderful and unvisited landscape isn’t it? No matter where you travel, don’t forget to have in your proximity a moleskin or a simple paper on which you could draw sketches; you never know when a great idea will come into your mind.

People may travel by themselves, but another option is to choose the services of a travel agency. Of course, each travel agency has its visual identity, including a logo. As a result, the designers have on their plateau creating logos for travelling agencies. Continue Reading »

IM Free: Free Photos for Creative Designers

Free Creative Photos
Posted April 21st, 2014 in News by Eko S

Let’s face it, microstock agencies are a thing of the past. When was the last time you immediately found pixel perfect images to use in your projects? And how many other people used the very same ones? Genuine imagery is rare, and much too popular. As a matter of fact, low-quality photos make up most of today’s market – and they’re not just kitschy, but shamelessly overpriced as well. Continue Reading »

Infographic: How To Make Customers Fall in Love with Your Brand

Branding Strategies Infographic
Posted April 20th, 2014 in Articles by Eko S

Good customer service is crucial things for a brand to get loyal consumers. It is very important to note, as said by Zig Ziglar “People do not buy for logical reason, they buy emotional reason”. But how you can make the customer to buy your product because emotional reason?? I know that’s not as it seems sampler, but providing good customer is a important thing. If you really want to give a good customer service for your customer all you have to do is pay attention carefully what your customers need and wants. Continue Reading »

Case Study: How the Top 7 Hotels use Twitter to Build Their Brand

Hotel Brands Twitter Tips
Posted April 18th, 2014 in Articles by Eko S

Today eCommerce business is a must, having an eCommerce website can be a great competitive advantage for business. With eCommerce, can make the marketer enable get wider customer and helps customers get better customer services.

Especially for the hotels owner, they should consider conducting eCommerce with social media for business development. This is because the basic functions of eCommerce in social media will make easier for visitors who want to visit get hotel reviews. As you can see in the infographic below (originally published by Olery.com): as much as 81% of travelers find reviews for hotels is important. Continue Reading »

5 Things Every Small Business Plan Must Have in 2014

Business Plan Tips 2014
Posted April 17th, 2014 in Articles by Eko S

December 2007, economy took a nosedive and the Great Recession started to have a crippling effect on US economy. Nevertheless, economic rebound began in the latter half of 2009 and the initial steps of recovery, accredited to the small business owners who refused to give up.

Over these years and after looking at the growth margin in the year 2013, small business owners deserve a pat for beating the odds. Indeed, this might be the biggest reason for market expectations to rise considerably in 2014. Continue Reading »

20 Best Hotel Website Templates

Hotel Website Templates
Posted April 16th, 2014 in Inspiration by Eko S

So, you are on the lookout for a hotel website template. Well, you can easily find a lot of themes because the most popular content management system holds quite a reputation in the hospitality industry. Many hotels, resorts, inns and other such businesses have used WordPress to build their site/blog and they have just good words to say about it. Therefore, you can easily find sources where they sell hotel website templates.

However, you need to remember one thing before you buy a theme. The competition is very high in the hospitality industry and hence, your theme must be such that it helps you stay ahead in the competition. It should be responsive and easy to customize. Not only this, it must also offer a smooth user-experience on the front end so that your customers can easily navigate and operate your site. Continue Reading »

How To Wisely Use The Font Combinations into A Logo

Font Combination Logo Design
Posted April 15th, 2014 in Articles by Eko S

A considerable part of the total created logos contains letters or words. It means that a logo designer should be able to wisely play with letters. Even if these are small, common and many times ignorable, a good logo designer knows that the types used may enhance or ruin his work.

Typography, the art of arranging types, is a complex area and any logo designers should have at least, a primary theoretical background in this respect. No one should forget that small details make the great difference. Choosing a wonderful font seems a simple task, just search for it and the Internet will provide simple awesome solutions. Altogether, this solution doesn’t always work…or more exactly, it seldom does. The huge majority of design projects requires the use of more than a single font. If you want to say that in this case two beautiful fonts are needed, you are wrong! Unfortunately, two great fonts don’t automatically mean that their combination is also great! Many times, a good matching of fonts is extremely hard to achieve! Continue Reading »

Infographic: 5 Tips to Create Successful Branding Vine Videos

Branding Strategies Vine videos
Posted April 12th, 2014 in Articles by Eko S

Vine is a mobile app that was introduced by Twitter; this app has a uniqueness that is shared video in 6 seconds. Short enough right? But the excess shared video makes Vine in 2013 became the most downloaded app in the apple store. Amazing right?

Surely being the most downloaded makes marketers begin to look Vine to become a media for they business strategy. Continue Reading »

70 Really Cool & Unique Business Card Designs That can Awaken Your Creativity

Unique Business Card Designs
Posted April 10th, 2014 in Inspiration by Eko S

Business card is one of a traditional marketing, and people still use it today. But how to make your brand more memorable and not easily forgotten when you give your business card to a prospect client? An unique and attractive business card to get first memorable impression is a must.

Here, we have a huge collection of the most creative and really cool business cards that will grab your attention. This collection will inspire you and can awaken your creativity. Let’s take a look, Enjoy! Continue Reading »

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