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20 Website Designs That Feature Cool Illustrations

Web Design Illustrations
Posted September 26th, 2013 in Inspiration by Eko S

Great illustrators are relatively rare. While I definitely give creed to graphic designers who have a command of size, space and color, it’s one thing to bring those elements to life using pre-defined shapes yet quite another to make them work in harmony by freehand. That’s probably one reason most websites do not feature illustrations in their core designs. I wonder what the web would look like if it were created only by illustrators. Judging by the following 10 website designs, pretty darn cool. Continue Reading »

Freebie: High Quality Corporate Identity / Stationery Mock-Up

Free Corporate Identity Mockup
Posted September 25th, 2013 in Freebies by Eko S

Today we are happy to feature a high quality corporate identity mock-up that were designed exclusively for iBrandStudio by Mikolaj Podlasek. This mock-up was created with attention to details. It is not a 3d recreated scene with artificial shadows – the basis of this set was a professional photoshoot with advanced lightning. The photos were processed and tested to ensure the best quality possible for you to present your work. How does it work? When you download the freebie, you get a psd file with smart objects. Paste the design into the smart objects and voila! The magic is done. Continue Reading »

The Most Creative Photographer Business Cards

Photography Business Cards
Posted September 24th, 2013 in Inspiration by Yahya

The old way but still important to promote your photography business is using a remarkable business card and make it possible to look like it’s of a photographer’s. Your cards must reflect your creaivity in photographs and make it stand out among the competition.

And today, I have collected 42 the most creative photographer business cards for your inspiration.

Continue Reading »

13 Amazing Responsive Multipurpose WordPress Themes for Business

Responsive Multipurpose WordPress Themes
Posted September 21st, 2013 in Inspiration by Eko S

Your website is your main weapon to keep your customer, so having a beautiful and user friendly sites is very important for your business continuity. But you don’t have to worry, today by using WordPress your job becomes very easy. Here, I have compiled for you a list of 15 Amazing Multipurpose WordPress Themes with fully responsive feature.

Multipurpose mean, the theme that can be used for any type of business websites, such as portfolio, ecommerce, corporate, etc. I believe, these themes will help you to build outstanding websites easy and fast. Continue Reading »

Top 5 Companies with Green Marketing Campaign

Green Marketing
Posted September 18th, 2013 in Articles by Eko S

Global warming more often we hear today. Everyone is more aware about the importance of an action in the nature preserve, this phenomenom is no exception for business people. Talking about global warming impact in marketing world, have you ever heard about Green Marketing Campaign?

Just a brief review for you, green marketing is market of products that are presumed to be environmentally safe. Thus green marketing incorporates a broad range of activities, including product modification, changes to the production process, packaging changes, as well as modifying advertising (Source: Wikipedia).

Such as review given the Wikipedia above, green marketing has also been done by some companies. They do some kind of modification in accordance with market needs, here: Continue Reading »

27 Best Logos of August 2013

Best Logos
Posted September 17th, 2013 in Inspiration by Eko S

Time is irreversible passing and we are already in the ninth month of the year, September. Fortunately, the logo designers are more pragmatic and they are making their job without any concerns about the nature of time.

As you probably guessed, we collected the best logos created in August and we gladly present them to you. The selection process was difficult; the designers uploaded only top quality logos. On the other hand, it was a real pleasure to admire so many logos. I was totally delighted to see in action the imagination of the logo designers- yeah, the imagination has no boundaries. I ask myself many times how to be more creative, is the creativity a born feature, or it may be developed across time? In order to be more creative you should train, the same as a sportive?

Personally, I think that the truth is somewhere in the middle: some people are born being more creative, but the creativity may be improved by training. A method to become more creative is to admire the creativity results of other people. In conclusion, it’s recommended to study the logos below and try to keep in mind some features and of course, to apply these in your next projects. Continue Reading »

Best Freebies Compilation from Freepik to Celebrate Flat Icon

Amazing Freebie Compilation
Posted September 16th, 2013 in Freebies by Eko S

Hi, today we launch an amazing freebie, six of the best at Freepik sets put together for you to download in iBrandStudio: 400 Ultimate Arrow Vector Pack, 200 Beautiful Flat Icon Set, Monster Pack, Vector Multi-Touch Gesture Icons, Happy Birthday and Vintage Ribbons and Labels Vector Pack. Continue Reading »

30 Best Portfolio Websites in Red Color

Best Portfolio Websites
Posted September 13th, 2013 in Inspiration by Eko S

A great looking portfolio website that can bring potential clients is the most valuable marketing tools for your business as a designer and design agency. And to help you get the inspiration, today we have 30 Best Portfolio Websites with Red Color. Red is being used in a design since it can definitely bring people’s attention.

In this collection, you’ll see a variety of styles and trends of 30 different portfolio websites including clean and minimal layouts, using illustration, and big typography. You also can learn how the red color can help them to strengthen their message. Enjoy! Continue Reading »

Six Tips from Color Theory to Apply in Logo Design

Posted September 12th, 2013 in Articles by Eko S

The great majority of people are thinking that they are the victims of various types of manipulation. Yeah, it’s totally true, but we must accept that manipulation is not something invented in the last years and it’s impossible to have a world without people manipulating or manipulated. It sounds harsh but it’s the cruel reality.

In spite of blaming manipulation, it’s way better to find modalities to fight against it. Even the designers, a non-combat community, use various means to manipulate people. Yeah, the designers have always tried to influence people admiring their works. A very powerful tool to manipulate people is the color. It’s an immaterial item that seems to have no influence, but in practice the situation is very different. A color doesn’t say –”DO it right now” or “BUY it”, but at the subliminal level a wise selected one may have the power to manipulate the brain! Continue Reading »

Freebie: Clean One Page Resume Template (5 Colors)

Free Resume
Posted September 11th, 2013 in Freebies by Yahya

Whether you’re looking for a new job? Means you need a great Resume/CV that will allows you to mark down you of your competitors. Good, today we have a clean resume template (PSD) to help you make make an impact to employers. The design is clean and professional with 5 custom colors to choose. Continue Reading »

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