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Freebie: Wallpaper Calendar of November 2013

Free Wallpaper Calendar
Posted October 31st, 2013 in Freebies by Yahya

Hi, do you ready to welcome the month of November? Here our new calendar design for November that created special for you, as our thanks to the readers. We hope this calendar design can inspire you in carrying out your daily activities. Continue Reading »

The 6 Secrets of Successful Marketer Revealed

Marketer Secrets
Posted October 30th, 2013 in Articles by Eko S

Being a market leader is desirable for a lot of people. Besides tantalizing, this position is also challenging. Why challenge? Because in order to maintain a fixed position at the top, you have to apply a variety of ways by using the latest methods in marketing in order to remain a market leader. For successful marketers often have a “secret” from the process of creating a product until market its products. So what is the secret?

Based on that question I arise it in this article this time to reveal the simple secrets that were held by the marketer to achieve success. Here are 6 simple things are always do by successful marketers: Continue Reading »

32 Creative Graphic Designer Business Cards

Best Business Cards
Posted October 29th, 2013 in Inspiration by Yahya

Have a memorable and eye-catching business card is very important on your business. And here on iBrandStudio, each month we collected creative business card designs for you. Previously we have a collection of the most creative Photographer Business Cards, and today we continue with Graphic Designer and Illustrator Business Cards inspiration.

In this collection you’ll learn the design elements that can make these graphic designer business cards are memorable and can bring the customers attention. I hope this collection can inspiring you, if you have another inspiring business cards, be sure to share with us in the comments below. Continue Reading »

Freebie: Sweet Candy UI Kit

Posted October 28th, 2013 in Freebies by Eko S

Sometimes, a site needs to have a few splashes of color, and that’s just what you will find with this UI kit. Sweet Candy is a great choice for anyone who is developing a blog or website that wants to take a sweet or laidback approach to the site. It could work well for a parenting blog, a how-to blog for kids and parents, and much more. The options are endless, and the kit has everything you need. In the freebie UI kit users will find a PSD file with more than 20 elements in all. It features colorful and fully scalable vector graphics, blogging elements, and much more! Continue Reading »

How to Start Your Green Marketing Campaign – 13 Simple Tips

Green Marketing
Posted October 22nd, 2013 in Articles by Eko S

We have learned many campaigns that use green marketing campaign, but few people thinks green marketing campaign is not effective. As I have discussed in my previous article: 7 Advantages When Use Green Marketing on Your Business; that will give you the inspiration that green marketing can be very lucrative campaign for your brand.

It takes a few steps that can be fairly simple to make your green marketing targeted and beneficial to consumers. Here are 13 tips that will help you to make the right green marketing campaign: Continue Reading »

31 Best Logos of September 2013

Best Logos
Posted October 21st, 2013 in Inspiration by Eko S

A year ago we started a new type of article – “best logos of the month” and our readers were very content with the monthly fresh dose of logo inspiration. This month we celebrate a year since the first post was published and undoubtedly, as long as the readers will appreciate these logo collections, we will continue to select the best pieces of work and showcase them here. Fortunately, it seems that the logo designers wanted to celebrate this event with us and they have come up stunning creations. Definitely, creating this post was quite a delight – this month the logo creators uploaded an impressive number of works and all of them are simply stunning! As a result, we decided to offer you more logos, the reason behind being their high quality!

The role of these monthly round ups is to boost the motivation and to inspire the logo designers. But what I am wondering is: “If it weren’t for these wonderful creations would the novice logo designers abandon this career”? To be honest, in the beginning of my logo designer career I sometimes felt that I won’t ever be able to create a good logo. Well, the harsh truth is that I am still a modest designer that has never realized a wonderful logo. However, I’m on the right path since some of my creations were appreciated by clients and other designers. In conclusion, being a good logo designer isn’t extremely difficult; it’s only about passion and hard work. On the other hand, being a very good designer is a completely different kettle of fish and this statute is reserved only for some gifted people. Continue Reading »

25 Minimal Photography Portfolio Websites

Photography Websites
Posted October 20th, 2013 in Inspiration by Yahya

As a photographer you want to display your work online, since your primary focus is the photography, so you should consider the minimalist web design to allow the photos to have the attention of visitors.

Today, I collected for you 25 Photography Portfolio Websites that you can use as reference. You can learn how a minimal web design and photography can bring a beautiful portfolio website. Enjoy! Continue Reading »

Case Study: How Starbucks use Green Marketing Campaign to Grow their Brand

Social Media Marketing Lessons
Posted October 15th, 2013 in Articles by Eko S

At this time not a few companies that have switched to choose green marketing campaign to promote they products, but not all companies are quite serious in the campaign, the seriousness of doing green marketing campaign can be judged from the campaign conducted continuously and sustainably. In this case, my value of Starbucks is quite serious in implementing green marketing campaign, not just trying to lure consumers alone but he really did to save the planet. Various strategies have been carried out by Starbucks in making green marketing campaign become interesting, that’s why I interesting to discuss Starbucks in this article. Continue Reading »

Six Important Tips to Keep In Mind When Designing Business Cards

Posted October 14th, 2013 in Articles by Eko S

We are living in the digital era and none can deny this situation. Undoubtedly, it’s not something unknown for you, but it’s amazing how the things are going into making everything more discrete, simpler…in fact “more digital”. Few years ago, the Internet was accessible just in front of a computer while nowadays we have handheld devices that allow accessing the Internet via wireless connections and everyone may keep their files into the clouds. Continue Reading »

10 Creative WordPress Photography Themes

WordPress Photography Themes
Posted October 11th, 2013 in Inspiration by Eko S

As a professional or beginner photographer you can take the advantage of blogging platform like WordPress to showcase your beautiful photo. With so many quality wordpress photography themes available either for free or for less than $100, most photographers can get a site that meets their needs without hiring a designer to create a custom theme.

Today I have collected 10 The Most Creative WordPress Photography Themes to choose. Lets start to create your unique photography website. Do you want Black and white photography, vintage looking images and surreal landscapes have all made a comeback so you have many options to choose from. Please share your experience with us below, or please let us know if we missed one or more great WordPress photography themes. Continue Reading »

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