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Today Lazy Designers Feast – There’s a New Library Of Premium UI Kits And Design Resources

PixelKit Premium Web UI Kit
Posted June 18th, 2013 in News by Eko S

Okay, I know designers are nowhere near lazy. But making our work just a bit easier every day is surely a desirable skill to possess.

Take, for instance, the UI kits you put on your projects – buttons, icons, sliders, visual controls and other design elements. How long does it take to get them created? If you’re a perfectionist then it’s probably way too long… Am I right? Continue Reading »

31 Creative Purple Business Cards to Inspire You

Purple Business Cards
Posted June 17th, 2013 in Inspiration by Yahya

As a business owner you must be sensitive as to what color that can describe and symbolize your business or make an appeal to the people. It same with your business card, but purple it would be a good idea to try because it oozes creativity passion and love also associated with royalty and spituality.

Here, we have 31 Creative Purple Business Cards to reload your ideas about the color purple. Have a look and enjoy! Continue Reading »

Six Great Tips to Attract Followers on Twitter

Twitter Tips to Attract Followers
Posted June 14th, 2013 in Articles by Eko S

Twitter is still a very dilemmatic social network even if it was launched in the mid of 2006. Many Internet users are considering that this social network is at its sunset, it has nothing new from what Facebook is merely doing. Others are very content with Twitter because it helps a lot in finding out new information and they praise the kudos of the network. Altogether, this situation is normal: none may satisfy the tastes of each people on this planet. In addition of that, many people are comparing Twitter with Facebook which is completely wrong. Facebook is a social network with a specific, but extremely large public target, when Twitter has another segment of population as main target.

Willing or not, Twitter is here, many people use this network, therefore it’s highly recommended to give a try…you never know. The essence of it is to use only 140 characters messages and share these with other people- the followers. Also, any account owner is free to follow other accounts. An account owner that provides useful information will be followed by many others while one that rarely offers an irrelevant tweet is hard to believe that will be interesting for someone. In conclusion, having many followers is a sign that you are appreciated and people will become interested in what you are saying. Some Twitter lovers go to the extremity and they resumed their activity only to have more followers. It’s very good to have a good reputation on Twitter, but having artificial, spam or false followers is one of the deadliest mistake. Continue Reading »

Freebie: Elegante One Page Resume Template (PSD)

Posted June 13th, 2013 in Freebies by Yahya

A simple and clean resume template in Photoshop PSD file that perfect for designers. The template that will allows you to mark down you of your competitors and make an impact to employers. Professional template that easy to edit in photoshop included with 3 custom colors. Continue Reading »

Which Colors You Should Avoid in Your Ads To Gain Success?

Ads Color Guide
Posted June 11th, 2013 in Articles by Eko S

Advertising through ads is old school but there are still many people who make mistakes in making their ads work well for them and make it a productive endeavor. Displaying print ads is a way of getting people to take notice of your brand, products and services. While you need to make your print ads bolder and appealing to your target customers, you need to learn the basic color rules that will help in making your ads more appealing and engaging to your potential customers. Serving your website with ads is a good way of earning the extra bucks but you need to learn to focus on avoiding colors that could hurt your ad conversion. This is one aspect of ad failure in making a conversion from the ad displayed on a website and here are some color tips and tricks to help you learn which colors to avoid that could hinder your advertising success online. Continue Reading »

25 Food Inspired Logos

Food Logos
Posted June 10th, 2013 in Inspiration by Eko S

Many people are saying that the Internet changed the economy; nowadays we buy online, people use their smartphones for stock transactions and everything is advertised both in online and oflline environments. Well, I am more radical and I am saying that the economy adapted to the Internet and it changed our behavior. It’s so normal to buy everything online but it wasn’t possible just few years ago. Much more, we can’t buy only clothes or various gadgets, we are able to command even pizzas and soda and in just an hour the command may be enjoyed.

Due to this global movement, we are facing a new challenge for any entrepreneur: how to realize a better online presence? As I said, even the restaurants should modify the business concept. It’s no surprise that in the recent times, it was a hot trend to share images with what you are eating- food based images being very appreciated. It’s enough to check Instagram and almost sure you will find some appetizing images. Of course, the logo designers were involved in this “affair” and created stunning food inspired logos. Many of them are simple delicious and these worked as magic to bring more clients for the owners. The logos below are the best evidences to support my idea that food related logos are contributing to the profit of the owner, the more interesting is the logo, the more interesting is considered the restaurant represented! I am right or do you have another opinion? Continue Reading »

5 Facebook Brand Building Tips for Kids and Babies Products

Facebook Brand Strategies
Posted June 8th, 2013 in Articles by Eko S

Nowadays so many emerging social media, of course, you already know Facebook, twitter, pinterest, Flickr, and the latest now is vine.
Along with the development of technology and society penchant every brand decided to do his campaign in any social media. Of course, each brand has its own characteristics in doing campaign, especially for those who sell products for babies and young children.

There are several criteria you should consider when doing your product campaign in social media, here are 5 tips that you can do in making Facebook strategies brand for kids and babies products. Continue Reading »

New Resume Design Service Creates Dazzling Results for Job Hunters

Resume Design Service
Posted June 7th, 2013 in News by Eko S

As a new design service, ResumeBaker.com is helping people to finally transform their old MS word resumes into incredibly designed, professional-looking documents that better reflect the creativity and personality of the individual worker. The resume is the most important document of your whole career. So why not invest a small amount of money in order to finally have a creative CV you can be proud to distribute to influential people within your professional field. Continue Reading »

35 Beautiful Responsive Portfolio Websites

Responsive Portfolio Websites
Posted June 5th, 2013 in Inspiration by Yahya

With the increasing number of internet users who use their mobile phone, adapting your portfolios for different browser sizes and mobile technologies is a must. It can not only help us, but also our clients as a useful service to them. Responsive web design is the latest major trends across the web industry – responsive web design is when a website were designed automatically responds to the device your customers are using to view it. Responsive website gives users across different devices a fluid, consistent experience. Continue Reading »

A Short Diving into Typography: How to Classify the Fonts

How to Classify Fonts
Posted June 3rd, 2013 in Articles by Eko S

It’s worldwide accepted that the small details make the big difference and no one seems to have another valid approach. In the world of web design, this idea is capital: each apparently insignificant aspect may have a special value into a specific context. The consequence is simple: if you ignore a single item from your layout, it will definitely ignore you at a moment. The care for details is a great sign of quality and everyone should apply this principle in his work.

The letter is quite probable the smallest item from a webpage and it’s true- it is the most neglected…or was it neglected until Metro came back? Anyway, the general opinion of the web design community is that typography is vital in any project, but paradoxically, the designers neglect the choosing and the display of a font.

Therefore, you as a designer, should know how to handle the types in your advantage. The realm of typography is immense but at the same time magic; the true designer can feel this magic and select only the best solutions. It’s obvious, you should conquer the typography and the best approach is “divide et impera”. It’s simple, before conquering all the fonts it is highly recommended to classify them according to some common features. This job is very time consuming and the issues are enough difficult to overcome. The good news is that in this article you have a clear and concise classification of fonts- nothing too complicated but in the same time very well-explained. Continue Reading »

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