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55 Creative Restaurant Logos

Restaurant Logos
Posted July 9th, 2013 in Inspiration by Eko S

As an owner of the restaurant business, have a logo design is a very important task. And your logo should simple, easily read, and it should not confuse people of what to think about your restaurant. Your logo also should representing the values of your brand, and standing out from other brands. To help you find some inspiration, here’s a showcase of 55 Creative Restaurant Logos.

The collection below, some utilize elements in typography, as well as the blending of colors and fonts, the styles ranging from casual to upper crust and even photographic vectors. Enjoy this collection and start to crafting your logos. Continue Reading »

Freebie: Mail Business Card Template

Free Business Card Template
Posted July 8th, 2013 in Freebies by Yahya

Each month we have created a new print design template for you. After Free Elegante One Page Resume, today we have a free beautiful Mail Business Card Template. The template come with 5 custom color (red, blue, green, orange and purple) and easy to edit in Photoshop. The business card template that perfect for anyone. Continue Reading »

40 Portfolio Websites Featuring Beautiful Nature

Nature Portfolio Websites
Posted July 6th, 2013 in Inspiration by Eko S

The depth of design choices and techniques used in portfolio website designs really helps them to stand out from the crowd and grab the attention of the user. Designed to present work in a more professional, stylish and elegant way, portfolio websites also create a fantastic storytelling environment for any brand or designer. As well as allowing a flow of content that controls the experience and message for the user, these sites are also very functional and easy to use. Continue Reading »

The Different Strategies Between Newbie and Professional Marketer on Facebook

Thumb up like button on the keyboard. Toned Image.
Posted July 5th, 2013 in Articles by Eko S

Facebook always make changes to follow desired by the user. And as market participants in Facebook, you should also do the same thing as like what Facebook did. Newcomers for internet promotion on Facebook of course could be tricky to get started, as well as for those of you who are professional in doing marketing on the internet of course requires a variety of reference to develop the business. Fortunately so many hosts that provide valuable information about how to start a business and doing marketing on Facebook.

Basically as a marketer, you are as a new brand need to introduce your products and as you are already professional need to remind the customer for your existence. Based on these two basic marketing, in this post you will find the different between the newbie and professional marketer in Facebook. Continue Reading »

13 Most Creative Responsive Portfolio Website Templates

Responsive Portfolio Website Templates
Posted July 4th, 2013 in Inspiration by Eko S

Having a beautiful and professional Portfolio Websites is very important for your business – it makes design works sparkle and grabs visitors’ attention immediately. And today we have collected for you 12 Creative Responsive Portfolio Website Templates to showcase your creative works.

These templates are the best responsive portfolio website templates for designers, photographers, artists, creative professionals, creative businesses, companies and many more. We hope this collection, will help you to find one that will meet your needs. Continue Reading »

7 Personal Brand Tips for Job Seekers

Posted July 3rd, 2013 in Articles by Eko S

Personal branding is for all those who is looking for a job or want to build a career. It is important to have a personal brand that portrays a professional light and provides contacts with a strong positive impression of you as a high profile person for the jobs offer, which would be an asset to an organization.

Personal branding is the passion itself to the right light without losing any credibility, because you might be building a false identity. No, that’s not safe for personal branding! The point is rather that persons can no longer compete in traditional ways. It is no longer enough just to be a top brand. Developing personal brand is essential for advancing your career and also for development as a leader. Continue Reading »

Offshore Website Development and Design for Brand Identity

Brand Identity Tips
Posted July 3rd, 2013 in Articles by Eko S

‘Brand’ or ‘image’ of an organization or business is no more an advertising euphuism. Neither is it a marketing concept that can be confined only to print, radio or hoardings any longer. Brand Identity, today has invaded digital footprints as well and demands that every business – big or small – invests in building a brand identity. At the core of an online presence, for an organization or a business, is its website, complemented by other content formats such as social media networks, news feeds, forums, blogs and more. Therefore, the website is the glass ceiling that makes or breaks the brand identity of a website. Continue Reading »

Freebie: Wallpaper Calendar of July 2013

Free Wallpaper Calendar
Posted June 30th, 2013 in Freebies by Yahya

Didn’t feel the time has passed, 3 years already we pass with iBrandStudio. And we are grateful we can survive, in the midst of an increasingly tough global competition. Thanks for your support, we could grow because you are. And as our thanks, we’ll still give you more useful freebies in the future so…stay tune! :) Continue Reading »

How a Good Web Host Will Make the Most of Your Brand

Good web hosting for your brand
Posted June 28th, 2013 in Articles by Eko S

Moving your business online is something that is essential to succeeding in today’s digital age. When creating a website for your brand, there are a number of things you need to put thought into. These include: Continue Reading »

Brand Storytelling Through Instagram: Why You Need It

Brand Storytelling on Instagram
Posted June 27th, 2013 in Articles by Eko S

Every company, every brand every home based business is first of all a community of people that cooperate for the favor of a single goal.

And what is vitally important for any community? Communication and sharing. Without ‘these two’ it turns into ‘nest of snakes’, where everyone sits on his spot and hisses at the neighbour.

Previously all companies used to keep in secret their ‘backends’, even those where production was aimed at the wide consumer. I don’t mean that companies should uncover their secrets, but they should spend more time telling their customers about themselves. It’s always interesting to find Continue Reading »

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