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26 Useful Articles on Branding of January 2012

Posted February 26th, 2012 in Articles by Eko S

This is our monthly series were we share useful brand and business tips articles all from the previous month. We hope this series can help you to strengthen your brand identity and growing your business.

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Portfolio Platform Review – Part IV: DeviantArt

Posted February 24th, 2012 in Articles by Eko S

This is a guest post by Tara Hornor, if you want to guest post on this blog, please contact us.

Here in the Portfolio Platform Review Series is Part 4 focusing on DeviantArt. To begin with, DeviantArt is not for everyone. The name of this platform should be the first clue, but even if you do not create edgy art, you can’t dismiss DeviantArt. It is one of the largest communities of art on the Internet with nearly 200 million graphics including photographs, sculptures, design layouts for posters and postcard printing, crafts, clothing, and more. Continue Reading »

47 Amazing Letterpress Business Cards – Light

Posted February 22nd, 2012 in Inspiration by Yahya

The one way to promote your business to the customers is by using a business card. And with letterpress design in your business card, gives clean, elegant and professional look. Letterpress is a technique where text or images are relieved into the paper, it can make your business card design more readable and have an unique look.

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Online Photo Portfolio: Designing Pitfalls that You Shouldn’t Fall Into

Posted February 21st, 2012 in Articles by Eko S

This is a guest post by Alyssa Clarke, if you want to guest post on this blog, please contact us.

Creating your online photo portfolio can be a very strenuous and difficult job to accomplish. Your profile will showcase and vouch for the skills you have pertaining to photography. If you are able to present the best, you certainly impress the visitors coming at your online photo portfolio. To embark with a competent online profile, you need to know the flaws or pitfalls which you can simply avoid and while making a good portfolio. The article discusses a couple of traps or designing pitfalls which you need to avoid while creating your online photo portfolio. Continue Reading »

Freebie: One Page Portfolio Template – Romolo (PSD)

Posted February 18th, 2012 in Freebies by Yahya

Hi, today we have a cool free PSD template for you – Romolo a One Page Portfolio template in PSD. The design aims is simple and clean with featured beautiful slider and image gallery design to showcase your best works/images. It’s perfect for web designers, graphic designers, and creatives. This template will help you to get more creative projects.

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Conference Call UK Services – Save Your Time and Money

Posted February 17th, 2012 in Articles by Eko S

Although teleconferencing began as a form of a three-way call or intimate phone meeting, it used pass expanded considerably with the needs of modern business. The kind of conference call that UK companies have come to utilize may involve hundreds, or thousands of potential participants depending on the budget allotted. Even on that more elaborate end, the technology has proven to be a tremendously cost-effective and efficient way of reaching remotely stationed staffers, customers, or industry peers to discuss business matters far from a physical board room setting. Continue Reading »

Portfolio Platform Review – Part III: Facebook

Posted February 17th, 2012 in Articles by Eko S

This is a guest post by Tara Hornor, if you want to guest post on this blog, please contact us.

In this third installment of our portfolio review series, we’re going to take a look at Facebook as a portfolio platform. While you can use your personal Facebook page, I highly recommend setting up a business page which can be made public to anyone on the web. This is much easier to manage and gives you plenty of features; therefore, showing off your latest booklets you just sent to your online printing company doesn’t have to wait for the actual print version.

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Simple Branding Strategy Tips on Twitter: Do’s and Don’ts

Twitter Tips to Attract Followers
Posted February 15th, 2012 in Articles by Eko S

We live in one of the most exciting times in the world’s history where you can build a personal brand globally and faster than anyone has ever imagined . Today you have the opportunity to build a personal brand utilizing the social media very easily. And the biggest social media platform after Facebook is Twitter, in here I will talking about tips do and don’t branding using Twitter.

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13 Best Landing Page Templates for Effective Product Promotion

Posted February 14th, 2012 in Inspiration by Eko S

How to gain many customers that will buy your great product/service? One of the best way is by creating an effective landing page for your product. So a well designed landing page can be invaluable. With many great landing page templates out there. Nowdays, to have a great landing page is very easy. Choose one of the best template then install to your site.

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5 Unlimited Web Hosting Accounts Giveaway – Zyma.com

Free Web Hosting Accounts
Posted February 13th, 2012 in News by Eko S

Hi, we have another great giveaway. Today Zyma.com have partnered with us to giveaway 5 lucky iBrandStudio readers a web hosting account completely FREE for one whole year! This is a giveaway you simply don’t want to miss.

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Low Cost Options to Get a Good Logo Design

Posted February 12th, 2012 in Articles by Eko S

This is a guest post by Dylan Mazeika, if you want to guest post on this blog, please contact us.

People typically receive over 3500 marketing messages per day. To stand out, a memorable and eye catching logo is imperative to being noticed. Small business owners may typically cringe when thinking about having their logo designed. After all, to hire a top-notch graphic designer will cost hundreds, if not thousands, right?

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50 Amazing jQuery Slider Plugins for Perfect Portfolio Website

Posted February 11th, 2012 in Inspiration by Eko S

Have a good portfolio website is essential for you, whether you’re a freelance, student or unemployed. You need to showcase your best work and allow people to contact you. The one way to have a good portfolio website is by engage the visitors with your design showcase. And implemented jquery image gallery and jquery slider on your portfolio website is the best way to achieve this. This feature is commonly used in portfolio sites, corporate sites or personal blogs.

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Portfolio Platform Review – Part II: Flickr

Portfolio Platform Review
Posted February 10th, 2012 in Articles by Eko S

This is a guest post by Tara Hornor, if you want to guest post on this blog, please contact us.

In the second part of our series on portfolio platform reviews we’re going to look at Flickr.com – one of the most popular, free image hosting sites in the world. Flickr is more suited to photographers than graphic designers as its core function is to be Yahoo!’s photo sharing site. While graphic designers can use the site to store images, such as graphics you created for business card printing or posters, the real power of Flickr is in the photography tools.

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Giveaway: PSD to HTML Conversion Service from ShopHTML.com

Posted February 8th, 2012 in News by Eko S

Today we are excited to bring you a fantastic giveaway from ShopHTML.com. Two lucky iBrandStudio readers will win three pages of PSD to HTML conversion. This is an amazing chance for busy web designers and developers to save time on coding! Read on to see how you can join and get a chance win this giveaway contest.

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Logo Design Inspiration: 100+ Creative Building Logos

Posted February 7th, 2012 in Inspiration by Yahya

To create a good logo design is not simply, it can take hours of research, collaboration, brainstorming, and trial and error to create. And the one way in creating a good logo is by finding a great source of design inspiration. So, today we have a great collection of 100+ creative building logos, by building it’s include house, skyscrapers, etc…

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Turn your Facebook Timeline into a Social Resume: An Amazing Tool to Self-Marketing

Posted February 6th, 2012 in Articles by Eko S

This is a guest post by Alyssa Clarke, if you want to guest post on this blog, please contact us.

‘Just keep getting better to deliver better’ – is probably something that Facebook has been taking as gospel. After sprucing people’s profiles up through interesting add-ons and privacy features, the social networking site recently introduced Timeline format for updating the same. Though the layout brings in a whole new deal – right from sharing and highlighting memorable posts to revealing more about their story, Facebook Timeline has got a lot more than you could think of. And when we say ‘a lot more’, Continue Reading »

Role of Sorezki in Developing SEO Link Building Services

Posted February 4th, 2012 in Articles by Eko S

In today’s internet based world, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become the priority for every site. Every website loves to get the attention of the search engines. Search engine optimization can be classed as the best form of marketing for a website. With such high importance associated with it, many companies today provide SEO services. One of the best in this business is this SEO link-building services – Sorezki. Continue Reading »

Portfolio Platform Review – Part I: WordPress

Portfolio Platform Review
Posted February 3rd, 2012 in Articles by Eko S

This is a guest post by Tara Hornor, if you want to guest post on this blog, please contact us.

To kick off our series in which we will review various portfolio platforms, WordPress is the logical place to start. With millions of websites running WordPress, this platform has the most support, options, features, and just plain cool stuff for any designer looking to put a portfolio online. WordPress is completely free and you can use it for just about anything from a general website, blogs, or for portfolio management.
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Why Stockfresh is Slowly Turning Into an Established Stock Photo Providing Organization?

Posted February 2nd, 2012 in Articles by Eko S

“A Picture speaks a thousand words”, none but a true photo critic can understand the true meaning of the statement. Let me introduce you to one who knows photos better than anyone around you. The stock photo site – Stockfresh is indeed meant just for the photo fanatics. Read on to find out more.

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Greatest Social Media Marketing Tips for Small Business

social media marketing tips
Posted February 1st, 2012 in Articles by Eko S

This is a guest post by Clara, if you want to guest post on this blog, please contact us.

With the emergence of highly advanced social network development sites, people have become more habitual to using all these functions to create a networking bond and staying connected. This results in increased use of social networking sites on a daily basis. The companies or small businesses can make use of such sites for marketing their products and services. It is much less expensive and helps in creating awareness about your products and services in the market. It is as simple as finding examples of resumes and such key formats online. You can make use of this media for Continue Reading »

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