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Get Creative Photo Stocks for Your Business on Photaki

Photaki Review
Posted February 11th, 2013 in News by Eko S

Hi, today we have a review about Photaki, a microstock agency created by photographers and designers. Continue Reading »

Expand Your Conversions with eCommerce Tips for Social Media

Posted February 9th, 2013 in Articles by Eko S

Running an eCommerce store is one of the toughest things faced by many businesses. Finding a solid medium with dazzling features is the best way to lessen the onus on your shoulders. But, most times, you are dazed by clusters of platforms to choose from. To ease the pressure and to make your website work better for your business, opt for Magento. The versatility and punching power of Magento says it all! It is a robust platform that leverages enormous customers and maximizes your profits to a great extent. No matter what size your business is! Magento offers solutions that fit the sizes of all businesses. The powerful scalability and low cost deployment features have aided Magento to emerge as a successful medium for establishing eCommerce websites. Continue Reading »

The Best in VPN Protection: Kepard Puts 10 Free Premium VPN Accounts Up for Grabs

Giveaway Free Premium VPN Account
Posted February 8th, 2013 in News by Eko S

The Internet isn’t the risk-free playground it once was. Hackers are waiting for the opportunity to steal your most important personal information. Governments around the world are expanding their monitoring policies and keeping your Internet usage under a closer watch. Kepard is here to help. Kepard’s VPN service is the best in online protection, and now you have the chance to try it out for three months at no charge! Continue Reading »

How To Efficiently Identity an Unknown Font From an Image

How to Identity Font
Posted February 7th, 2013 in News by Eko S

I bet that I’m not the only one which stumbled upon a great typographic illustration and wondered what font the designer used in it. This can turn up to be extremely frustrating especially when you really need that font and you know that if you give up and use an alternative, your design will suffer.

Continue Reading »

9 Questions to Ask Your Client Before Start Creating a Logo

Logo Design
Posted February 6th, 2013 in Articles by Eko S

Even if it sounds a little bit illogical, between creating a wonderful logo and having a logo that satisfy a client’ requirement is a big difference. Yep, let’s suppose that a logo designer created a good logo, but lacking any contact with the client, he used a color combination similar to the logo of main competitor…there is a huge chance that people will consider that it was inspired from…or even copied and it is the last desire of the client. Continue Reading »

Best Free Online Website Builders for Professional Looking Brand Business Websites

Free Website Builder
Posted February 5th, 2013 in Articles by Eko S

The internet undergoes great evolution daily and the reason for this is because more and more people are using it. In case you want to become a journalist or express your views, the world of internet is there for you. You will be able to find all the information you need. Of course the best way to do so is to create your own website. If you don’t know how to do these things, then you might want to hire someone, but in case this thing sounds interesting to you, then you might want to try some of the free builders that we are going to mention below. Continue Reading »

Create a Stunning Portfolio at Minimal Costs

Portfolio Tips
Posted February 1st, 2013 in Articles by Eko S

Preparing a portfolio is the most prevalent way for artists to showcase a collection of their best works. It may be used to promote private sales or for showing self versatility and talent to potential employers. What started as a physical briefcase holding samples of paintings or photos has developed to an engaging online display, accessible to a much wider audience. Essentially, a web-based portfolio is a business card, a private art gallery and a resume, concentrated all under one internet address.

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The Benefits of Using Stock Footages for Your Business

Stock Footages Benefit
Posted February 1st, 2013 in Articles by Eko S

In a nutshell, stock footage means a short movie clip specially made for video productions. Usually, this type of footage is not filmed with a specific production in plan, but rather to show a generic idea which can be inserted in a various types of movies such as documentaries, news items, video reviews, commercials and so on. Generally, good stock footages contain elements such as a good moving background, a rare object, a business related presentation, a major city or health and wellness subjects. Continue Reading »

Freebie: Wallpaper Calendar of February 2013 (for Desktop and iPhone)

Free Wallpaper Calendar
Posted January 31st, 2013 in Freebies by Yahya

Hi, how about your first month in 2013? We hope what have you planned yesterday, have started running. While you always do an evaluation. And tomorrow you’ll enter a new month – February 2013. As usual, at the end of each month we release a cool free wallpaper calendar for you. Keep spirit! And always do your best! Continue Reading »

Giveaway: 5 Free One Year Web Hosting Accounts from Zyma.com

Free Web Hosting Accounts
Posted January 30th, 2013 in News by Eko S

Hi, a cool giveaway contest just release today. Zyma.com a web hosting company have partnered with us to giveaway a free one whole year web hosting account for 5 lucky iBrandStudio readers (each!).

UPDATE: We just got the winner for this contest, please see below this article.
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