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The Importance of Corporate Video Production

Corporate Video Production
Posted August 17th, 2015 in Articles by Eko S

Looking to push your marketing campaign to promote your brand and increase awareness? Corporate videos are the way forward for many reasons and are certain to help most marketing strategies. We have asked the experts at Toast TV to share the reasons they believe in corporate video production. Continue Reading »

4 Important Advantages for A Logo Designer to be Present on Behance and Dribbble

Advantages Behance Dribbble for Logo Designer
Posted August 6th, 2015 in Articles by Daniel

We are living in a very changing world and due to the fact that we are merely in a hurry, the changes are unnoticed. It sounds as a philosophical matter, but it’s a very actual fact in everything we do, including design. As an example, the “pure” designers are on extinction. Nowadays, a designer shouldn’t be only a skilled crafter of design works. He/she must be a good marketer, should have good communication skills and be prepared for every new type of challenge. Yeah, a designer who is focused 100% only on design has a great chance of not getting hired. It’s sad and I think that this situation will continue until the end of the world. This supposition isn’t just a personal remark, it’s the collective idea of the design community! Continue Reading »

The Complete Guide of Outsourcing Projects as A Logo Designer

Outsourcing Guide Logo Designer
Posted July 7th, 2015 in Articles by Daniel

Outsourcing is something very common these days. It’s enough a flexible program and a good communication method as Skype to may remotely work without any problem. There are still unresolved issues, especially from moral and financial perspectives, but it’s clear that outsourcing has a bright future. Continue Reading »

The Inbound Marketing Process: 6 Easy Steps to Follow (Infographic)

Inbound Marketing Process
Posted June 16th, 2015 in Articles by Eko S

Inbound Marketing today is becoming more favored by the marketer then outbound marketing. Inbound marketing is a cheaper and more efficient, since it bring customer to you through content marketing or social media marketing, positioning your company as a helpful resource and cutting advertising costs along the way.

In this infographic created by the team at IMPACT Branding & Design will helps inbound marketers understand the entire inbound process from start to finish. There are 6 steps to follow – presented in a clear, compelling way: Continue Reading »

6 Reasons Why A Logo Designer Should Have a Blog

Blog Advantages Logo Designer
Posted June 2nd, 2015 in Articles by Daniel

Nowadays, reading a blog post is something common. The ones needing some pieces of advice search for these on various blogs or forums. Practically, the blogoshere covers all the fields of our activity. Some blogs are providing very useful information while others are mediocre, but nothing manmade is perfect.

The designers are amongst the first ones that noticed the power of blogging and many of them launched very useful ones that attracted millions of views. There are huge communities around various blogs and it’s a very positive fact. In this way people interact, are formed relationships and connections with other fellows and these may be the fundament of potential businesses. Continue Reading »

Begginer’s Guide to Memorable Marketing (Infographic)

Memorable Marketing How To
Posted May 20th, 2015 in Articles by Eko S

You just starting a new business, and you know today is more difficult to stand out from the crowd and grab your costumer’s attention.

In this easy-to-digest infographic, by the team at PromotionalGifts.com will guide you through the complete process of developing your creative business marketing and sticks with your audience.

Start from defining your brand to maximising your social marketing then offer customers real-world value. They’ve covered all you need to make a good start. Continue Reading »

How The Big Brands are Using The Power of Colors

Brand Logo Color
Posted May 15th, 2015 in Articles by Daniel

Any designer or entrepreneur is aware of the fact that the power of visual communication can’t be ever ignored. It’s the base of how each of us is seeing the world. A visual representation is processed 60,000 times faster than text and people remember 80% of what they see. As a comparison, people remember only 10% of what they hear. These statistics may not precisely reveal the truth, but it’s undeniable that visualization is playing a huge role in our lives and many of our decisions are based on it. Continue Reading »

The Art of Mixing Google Typefaces (Infographic)

Website Typography Tips
Posted April 15th, 2015 in Articles by Eko S

Each and every time you start a design project; you’ll have thousands – if not millions – of different typefaces to choose from, many of which are available at absolutely no cost to yourself thanks to open-source font directories like Google Fonts.

While these open-source directories make our lives so much easier in some ways (e.g. by hosting the typefaces on their servers allowing us to include them in our projects with ease), they almost certainly make things harder in the sense that they give us such an abundance of choice. Continue Reading »

The Recipe for A Perfect Logo (Infographic)

Posted April 7th, 2015 in Articles by Eko S

What sets a good logo apart from the rest? There’s no single magical technique for creating an effective logo. Rather, successful logos are made up of several interconnected elements. They need to appeal to the brand’s target audience, but they also need to be adaptable and simple enough that anyone can easily understand them. Continue Reading »

How To Use Google+ as A Logo Designer

Google+ Tips for Logo Designer
Posted April 2nd, 2015 in Articles by Daniel

We published many articles about social media and social networks and all of them were highly appreciated by the readers. We offered many interesting posts for Facebook and Twitter users, but we have written very few articles about Google+. Continue Reading »

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