iBrandStudio is launched on June 2010, as a place where our ideas and inspiration are drafted out into tutorials, freebies and roundup of favorite links about brand design.

The posts here are split into three categories :


    Tutorials are a great resource for learning new tips and techniques. The tutorials on iBrandStudio cover brand design, graphic design and webdesign processes in Photoshop mockups.


    Inspiration is our weekly column which we share our favorite posts, design inspirations and resources with the readers that there are very useful for us, and we think there are will be useful too for the readers.


    In the freebies category, you will find free templates like twitter background, business card, icon, web element, logo design, newsletter, and profil image of facebook. You can use our free templates for both your private and commercial projects, including software, online services, templates and themes under one condition – put a back link to https://ibrandstudio.com.

Stay Update

You can stay up to date with the content here on iBrandStudio through the RSS feed or Email updates. iBrandStudio is also on Twitter, where a range of handy links and resources are posted on a daily basis.

Contact Us

We hope that you’ll find every post useful, and would love to hear your opinion in the comments! And if there’s something you’d like to see covered, just send us a message here.

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