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Infographic: Why Your Busines Must Go Social


Do you already have social media for your business? If yes, than you already make a great decision, did you know that ROI in social media is great and the cost is far less than any other medium! Even you who is a small bussines owner, who want to start your business in social media will greatly assisted in conducting marketing activities.

The advantage in using social media as a marketing activity also reinforced with fact that belongs to this infographic (published by which revealed that over 30% of the world population is on the internet and the most amazing fact is over 80% of Americans use at least one social network. This is because creating a social media presence is easy and inexpensive.

Social media also allows for you to build brand awareness in which 53% of those active networks follow a particular brand. The most interesting fact with social media is with or without you, your customers will discuss their experiences online. With this fact so do not leave their comments up to chance! You have to give them place to vent or compliment in, where you can engage and manage the conversation.

Check out in more detail how you can understand the exponential exposure about social media and how you can measuring ROI in social media infographic below.

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Use Social Media for Business Infographic

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