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Infographic: How a Small Business Build Their Brand Online

Posted February 17th, 2014 in Articles by Eko S

Online business at this time is a must for any brand that wants to further develop its business. One of the benefits of building an online business is to make your customers will keep coming despite your brand no discounts or promotions.

Sometimes small businesses will get difficulty when have to start online business. Because like it or not, as a small business certainly feels inferior if they have to compete with the big brands that have big budgets and loyalty consumer. But, did you know that there is always an opportunity. Everything can happen in this world though for small businesses who wish to enter the big brands market. Continue Reading »

27 Best Logos of January 2014

Best Logo Designs
Posted February 16th, 2014 in Inspiration by Eko S

The majority of the designers are workaholic persons and it has almost only negative consequences. One of the most dangerous effects is the lack of “time awareness”; many times they forget what day of the week is. Unfortunately, I consider myself being half-workaholic and often I am surprised by how fast the time is passing. As example, we are already in February, but I am in the mood of Christmas and New Year’s Eve. I hope that there are other people that have the same feeling as me!!!

Willing or not, we should accept that February is here and January is the past. The positive aspect is that the first month of the year was a productive period for logo designers because the Internet is full of simply amazing logo creations. Yeah, I didn’t expect to admire so many logos created into a month that included many free days. I guess that 2014 will be a great year for logo design community if the logo creators keep the same rhythm. Continue Reading »

Create New Websites with a Cool Tool

Website-Builder Review
Posted February 12th, 2014 in News by Eko S

Only a few years ago, the only way to launch a website involved the combined skills of a designer and a developer. The first would determine how the site ought to look like, and the second would generate HTML code meant to render the design applicable on a popular CMS.

The downside of this tradition is that manual coding takes a lot of time, and a large share of the budget to begin with. So, when online services took the scene, they enabled individuals to strike up their own sites in a simple process that ignored coding, spared costs, and took very little time to complete. I am going to illustrate how easy it is to work with the finest example of a free do-it-yourself website builder. Continue Reading »

Infographic: How To Overcome Your Social Media Fears as A Business Owner

Social Media Infographic
Posted February 9th, 2014 in Articles by Eko S

Do you often hear that social media is not suitable for small business? And so many articles discuss that the most of the failed business in social media are small business, as mentioned in Forbes: Why Small Businesses Are Losing On Social Media.

This is because social media requires continue maintain and more frequent conversations between their business and its customers, or potential customers and building a level of trust and loyalty. However, not a few of small business before starting business in social media get their own fears, and that is a pity if they do not realize that these fears may undermine their marketing strategy. Continue Reading »

6 Factors to Consider when Making Ads for Food and Baverage Brands

Food Ads Tips
Posted February 7th, 2014 in Articles by Eko S

Did you know the majority of food advertising has a target market of children, due to American children could spend 44.5 hours a week to see the TV and are exposed to up 30.155 TV ads a year. (Source: Targeting Children with Treats Infographic)

Food beverage business certainly needs more trust from consumers, because they not just want to consume products that they will eat, they need to be convinced and a proof a products they consume are safe for the body, especially the food for they children, of course, parents will not be arbitrary to give food to their children. Continue Reading »

50 Free Responsive WordPress Portfolio Themes

Free WordPress Portfolio Themes
Posted February 6th, 2014 in Freebies by Eko S

If you are a Photographer, Graphic or Web Designer, a portfolio website online to showcase your creative works is a must. Since it can help you to get more clients or make more sales if you also create a crative digital products. And I recommend you to use WordPress as a great options since it has the wide selection of quality themes to choose – Free or Premium.

So today, I have collected the ultimate collection of Free Responsive WordPress Portfolio Themes that powerful, easy to use and customizable. I believe you’ll find one that suitable your needs. Continue Reading »

Case Study: The Multiple Roles of A Logo

Logo Design Tips
Posted February 4th, 2014 in Articles by Eko S

Any web designer knows that every important thing should be added on the homepage of a website and it should be bold and big. Altogether, not everything that is small is implicitly negligible. Well, a considerable part of the designers and the majority of the clients consider that what is bold and big is important while the rest is ignorable.

I consider that the vocation of the designers is to convince people that every small detail is important. Here, we advised the readers many times that small details make the big difference. Once again, we warn you that on long term perspective, the small details are capital for the “health” of a project. Continue Reading »

Weekly Best Free PSD Templates #7

Best Free PSD Templates
Posted February 3rd, 2014 in Freebies by Eko S

This is a weekly post that aims to bring you a summary of our favorite free psd templates from this past week that published on our sister site – OmahPSD.com a place of High Quality Free PSD Templates Collection. Every day at OmahPSD.com, we collect the best free templates created by other designers around the world to help you get inspiration or grab the high quality PSD files that can be use on your design project for free! Continue Reading »

Freebie: Wallpaper Calendar of February 2014

Free Wallpaper Calendar
Posted January 31st, 2014 in Freebies by Yahya

Hi, there! how are you? We always wish the best for you. Today we have new wallpaper, wallpaper calendar of February 2014. For February, we bring to you a new concept – The Special Ones – Yes, that the idea. Do you know why February is special? Because February is the only one month that have 28 days…hahaha ^_^)> The concept is I wanna create a word in 3D and transparent. Continue Reading »

How A Logo Designer Should Review his Evolution at The End of The Year

Yearly Evaluation Logo Designer
Posted January 28th, 2014 in Articles by Eko S

Yearly, Bill Gates writes a letter for everyone on this planet that is interested in how the humanity evolved in the precedent year. In 2013 he stated that measuring progress is in fact the base of progress itself and any individual must treat this subject with maximum attention. The conclusion is obvious and at the same time very important: none can have an objective opinion without feedback!

This principle is valid for any individual and for logo design community it seems even more important! Therefore, every designer should try implementing their methods of measuring progress as soon as possible. Determining the progresses made across time is as registering the temperatures: you may say that is cold or warm outside, but without a thermometer is impossible to correctly determine the temperature. Continue Reading »

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