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10 Top-Quality WordPress Themes for Events

WordPress Event Themes
Posted July 15th, 2015 in Inspiration by Eko S

It’s now easier than ever to use WordPress to create a highly professional website for a specific purpose like event planning website in minutes. WordPress it’s free and there are thousands of plugins and very active WordPress communities that will answer all of your problems.

So you certaintly don’t need to be a web design master to create a good looking and useful event website these days. There are a number of elegantly designed WordPress event themes that built specifically for events.

Here we’ve picked 10 of the best Event WordPress Themes which are likely to suit your event’s needs from wedding, festivals, sport, concerts, exhibitions or the others. Continue Reading »

Freebie: 42 Universal Icons for Web and Mobile

Free Icons
Posted July 11th, 2015 in Freebies by Eko S

Here another free icons for you that we are happy to share, created by Vecteezy.com. A great set of universal icons that would perfect for web and mobile app related projects. In total there are 42 icons in the set and they all come in AI, EPS and PSD formats, and includes some popular icons like camera, cart, print, calendar, phone, message, download, upload, cross, plus and minus sign, lock, folder and much more.

The icons is free to use in both personal and commercial projects but please don’t republish or redistribute them without a credit to this page. Continue Reading »

45 Top Logo Designs for Graphic Designers from June 2015

Logo Design Inspiration
Posted July 9th, 2015 in Inspiration by Eko S

We see new logos are being created and designed all the time that make us excited, curious, inspired and sometimes a little bit jealous. And to help you keep inspired, we continue our monthly best logos series that includes various design styles from monogram, simple and honest, incomplete, retro, mosaic pattern, type only and more…

Here are this months 45 Incredible Logo Designs for Graphic Designers from June 2015, we sure you’ll find something inspiring into your next logo design project. Continue Reading »

The Complete Guide of Outsourcing Projects as A Logo Designer

Outsourcing Guide Logo Designer
Posted July 7th, 2015 in Articles by Daniel Pintilie

Outsourcing is something very common these days. It’s enough a flexible program and a good communication method as Skype to may remotely work without any problem. There are still unresolved issues, especially from moral and financial perspectives, but it’s clear that outsourcing has a bright future. Continue Reading »

Freebie: 36 Banking Icons from Vecteezy

Free Banking Icons
Posted July 3rd, 2015 in Freebies by Eko S

Free icons is ready for your design project today. Introduce a set of 36 banking icons in three formats: AI, EPS and PSD, designed by Vecteezy.com. The banking icon set is perfect for ecommerce or banking related projects.

The icons is free to use in both personal and commercial projects but please don’t republish or redistribute them without a credit to this page. Continue Reading »

Freebie: Calendar Wallpaper of July 2015

Free Calendar Wallpaper
Posted July 1st, 2015 in Freebies by Yahya

Hi, here iBrandStudio’s monthly free calendar wallpaper is ready for you!

The calendar is come with Desktop and iPhone wallpaper, also both versions with a calendar and without calendar can be downloaded for free. It’s time to freshen up your wallpaper! Continue Reading »

How To Create a Professional Design Studio Logo in Adobe Illustrator

Illustrator Logo Tutorial
Posted June 24th, 2015 in Tutorials by Yahya

In this tutorial we’re going to create a professional logo with stylish retro badge/emblem for the totally fictional Design Labs Studio in Adobe illustrator, which can be used by design agency, freelancer or elsewhere. We’ll use a simple circle shape and a lab symbol from Font Awesome. Let’s get started!` Continue Reading »

Top 30 Logo Designs of May 2015

Logo Design Inspiration
Posted June 18th, 2015 in Inspiration by Eko S

It feels like a few days ago we were posting the monthly choice of best logos. Time flew and we hardly noticed.

It’s impossible to see time, but we can see its products. Everything we see around us has time carved in it. We emphasized in our previous posts the importance of time and we assure you it wasn’t an accident. In businesses that require creativity any aspect of life is important since it can have a huge influence on the final product. Continue Reading »

The Inbound Marketing Process: 6 Easy Steps to Follow (Infographic)

Inbound Marketing Process
Posted June 16th, 2015 in Articles by Eko S

Inbound Marketing today is becoming more favored by the marketer then outbound marketing. Inbound marketing is a cheaper and more efficient, since it bring customer to you through content marketing or social media marketing, positioning your company as a helpful resource and cutting advertising costs along the way.

In this infographic created by the team at IMPACT Branding & Design will helps inbound marketers understand the entire inbound process from start to finish. There are 6 steps to follow – presented in a clear, compelling way: Continue Reading »

39 Stamped Business Cards for Your Inspiration

Stamped Business Cards
Posted June 11th, 2015 in Inspiration by Eko S

A creative, unique yet affordable business card design in this digital age where people are overloaded with information is more important than ever. Since as a freelancer, entrepreneur or professional, a business card is your one of the most important tools. So you should showcase your creativity and make you stand out from the competition.

A stamp business card is one of your solution, to showcase your creativity and make you be more easily remembered by the people since this business card type shouldn’t be boring. And here to help you get the inspiration, this post showcases very creative business card design to help you create yourself. Continue Reading »

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