10 Common But Hidden Mistakes Of Mobile App Marketing

The advancement in the mobile technology is rapidly evolving the business landscape. The dramatic development in the mobile technology has amazingly influenced the consumerism in the past few years. Today, the majority of the population relies on one or another mobile application for most of their needs.

The superior benefits of mobile have led to the dramatic increase in the number of mobile users. As a result, today, the mobile web traffic has surpassed the desktop web traffic, due to the obvious reasons. Whether we consider mobile payments, mobile eCommerce trends, or mobile browsing, mobile devices have become a viable choice for almost all of us (though not all). Thankfully, there is no dearth of brilliant applications in the application stores, you can get myriads of options showcased under a particular category.

Mobile App Marketing Mistakes

While the availability of a whopping number of applications in the app stores could be overwhelming for some users, at the same time, it makes the app marketers’ job more challenging. With the fierce competition in the market, a well planned application marketing strategy holds the key to the success of an application, in most of the cases. Since, it has been observed that mistakes of application marketers can certainly turn off a customer, it is essential to steer clear of the common blunders that most of the application marketers often make.

I have enlisted 10 common mistakes that app marketers often commit. Let’s have an insight into them.

Mistake #1: Forget the Application Description

Oftentimes, app marketers tend to forget writing app description while focusing on promoting an application. But, this could impact your application’s success, as there is a great likelihood that users would want to read the description before downloading the app. Moreover, a poorly written description will probably influence your viewers to abandon the application for a competitive application.

Mistake #2: Don’t Research the Market Thoroughly Beforehand

By analyzing your competitor’s applications, you can better understand the behavior of your target audience, and thus, can hire iOS developers or Android developers (as per your choice of platform) to get it developed in the best possible way. You will probably miss on many crucial points that can make your application a surefire success in the market, without researching your target market thoroughly.

Here are certain tips to conduct the research in a great way.

  • Make a list of the key features that other similar applications offer.
  • Jot down application reviews, including both positive and negative comments.
  • Precisely analyze the users’ behavior on other competitive applications out there. Make a note of the features that influence them to convert, and that annoy them and ultimately, force them to abandon the application.

Bearing these tips in mind will help you address the values (that your target audience is seeking) in your application. Therefore, you can consider these tips to stay ahead of the competition.

Mistake #3: Have an Insufficient Knowledge About the ASO

ASO – Application Store Optimization includes the process of making the sales page of an application easily discoverable. ASO rules and guidelines differ from a mobile platform to another. You can’t deny that the application stores offer a great marketplace for selling applications and drive a hefty revenue. Many times, application marketers forget to update the application’s sales page is an appropriate fashion, which eventually impacts the visibility of the application in the application store. Therefore, it is recommended to go through the best practices of filing up the sales page so as to heighten the visibility of your application.

Mistake #4: Don’t embrace the Beta testing & Feedback Loop

When you are investing in your valuable time in developing an application, it is worth to test its functionalities before launching the app in the market. Since, by testing the usability of your application prior to its release, you can fix the bugs and make appropriate changes if required to ensure that it will go viral upon its release. However, for this, it is imperative to get your app tested by the real users.

Yes! Beta testing offers a fabulous way to fetch feedbacks from your target audience. You will need to first identify your potential target audience, and then hire and actively interact with the beta testers. You may also choose to reward your active beta testers, as they are helping you to improve your app by addressing their invaluable feedbacks.

Mistake #5: Don’t Consider a Viral Loop Business Strategy

Although you can invest in your capital for paid user acquisition if your pocket allow so, it won’t help you in the long term. The viral loop strategy is often the best way to retain users and attract more new users rapidly. However, many app marketing professionals either don’t execute this strategy, or if they do, they do it incorrectly.

To ensure that you are reaping the complete benefits of this strategy, it is essential to choose a reliable network. Moreover, you can offer attractive features to escalate users’ engagement in your application.

Mistake #6: Involve the App Marketers Tardily

Many companies embark on the application marketing process only once the application is completely developed. However, it is considered as a bad practice, and it is advisable to start working on app marketing plans as soon as you get an app idea. This will certainly help you ensure that your application will be easily discoverable when it will be released.

An ideal marketing plan includes a list of functions. For instance, in order to promote the application, it is vital for the marketing team to get their hands on each feature of the application. This will help the marketers to market the best features of the app, and make it more impressive and captivating.

Mistake #7: Unable To Manage Users’ Expectations

The mobile users are pretty fast in scrutinizing a mobile application. The details like the screenshot of the application, its video, a brief description of how it works and what features it offers are a few of the commonly expected details that the potential application users look for while analyzing an application. However, many app marketers often miss such fine details about the application. This eventually makes your application fail to stand up to your users’ expectations.

Moreover, showcasing the USP of your app, without overstating its capabilities can help generate positive reviews. Since, your app reviews not only help enthrall users, but also contribute to the search ranking of your application, good user reviews will surely benefit your business. Thus, by marketing appropriately you can manage your users’ expectations while augmenting its search ranking.

Mistake #8: Take Customer Support Lightly

Customer support is a valuable service that is expected to be addressed by the reputed application developers. It is the app marketers’ job to address the queries of the app users with an appropriate reply. And, unfortunately, the one who fails to do so ultimately ruins the market reputation of the application.

Irrespective of the fact that how many app users you have, you must treat them all with a great precision. Every app marketer must take his users’ feedbacks into account and offer a suitable customer support to resolve their queries at the earliest possible. If you take this lightly, it may harm your market reputation, and thus, can impact your application’s success.

Mistake #9: Unplanned Application Launch date

There are some companies that eagerly release their application as soon as its programming gets complete. They ignore the fact that marketers need time to promote the application across the target audience base. Thus, it certainly leaves the marketing team with little or no time to make strives and promote the application.

This can’t be gainsaid that one can benefit his application by creating curiosity across the target audience in advance. Therefore, it is better to plan the launch date for the application beforehand, while ensuring that the marketing team also gets a good amount of time to do their job with a flair.

Mistake #10: Use a Bad Approach To Onboard Application Users

There are various types of mistakes that one can commit while letting users run the application. One such blunder is to integrate a forced registration in an application. This can annoy your potential users and encourage them to abandon the app and choose a better alternative (and, most probably, that is your competitor).

For instance, asking your users to sign up just to use the application is not advisable, rather let them understand the app functionalities first and then, you may ask for registration if needed. This will give you a chance to flaunt the enticing features of your application and create an interest for your application among the potential viewers. Moreover, there is a greater possibility that the interested users won’t abandon the app, while filling any kind of registration form. However, make sure that the form is as short and crisp as possible; be sure about asking only for the relevant details.

In a Nutshell

A poor application marketing plan can lead to its failure. While there are massive competitors out there, it is imperative to execute a surefire marketing strategy to ensure a sustainable success in this wobbly marketplace. I have tried to uncover a few of the common application marketing mistakes that many professionals often make. I hope, by keeping the aforementioned marketing blunders at bay, you can market the application with a flair and add to its success.

About the Author!

Addison Cohen is a mobile app developer working with Appsted Ltd, the custom mobile application development company which delivers most comprehensive mobile application solutions. He loves sharing latest information on mobile technologies like iOS, Android development processes.

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