10 Reasons Greeting Cards Are Perfect Marketing Tools

Greeting cards are powerful marketing tools that are often overlooked by small businesses that are hesitant to invest in a full direct-mail marketing campaign. However, you don’t have to send greeting cards to your entire customer base in order to take advantage of their profit potential. Send just 50 or 100 greeting cards to your best customers, measure your response, and use that measurement to predict profits for larger campaigns. Read on to learn why greeting cards are perfect marketing tools.

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A greeting card, design by Ahmed Shalaby

#1. Greeting cards are personal

Greeting cards come across as personal communication, even when they’re not handwritten or signed. People get excited to see greeting cards in the mail. They open them, read them, and even put them on display for others to see.

#2. Greeting cards can be sent year-round

Greeting cards aren’t just for the holidays. In fact, the unexpected greeting card can generate better response than holiday greeting cards for lack of competition.

#3. Greeting cards increase awareness

Greeting cards, especially those printed with custom designs, can stick in customer memory for a long time. Customers like to receive greeting cards, so promoting your brand in a memorable and favorable way will increase sales over time.

#4. Greeting cards motivate response

Use greeting cards as vehicles to deliver “gifts” to your customers – discounts, coupons, freebies, and other offers they will want to act on right away.

#5. Greeting cards build relationships

Wow your customers with an “anniversary” card on the date when they first purchased from you. Doing so demonstrates that you’re paying attention to their needs. It will help you increase customer loyalty by building relationships present a perfect vehicle for a follow-up special offer.

#6. Greeting cards share with customers

Celebrate special occasions with your customers. If someone is getting married, having children or celebrating a milestone, then be sure to acknowledge it with a greeting card. Show your customers that you’re one of them, and they’ll want to buy from you.

#7. Greeting cards can be invitations

Use your greeting card as an invitation to a special customer event, or maybe even just a special invitation to an exclusive sale for important customers.

#8. Greeting cards show you care

Many customers make buying decisions based on customer service. Greeting cards help demonstrate that you care about your customers, thus enhancing your brand image and helping customers feel comfortable doing business with you.

#9. Greeting cards are cheap to print

Look for special greeting card printing offers, and you can print 1,000 greeting cards for around 13 cents each.

#10. Greeting cards are profitable

Making money is the name of the game, and when you follow the tips included in this post, you can maximize greeting card marketing profits while enhancing your brand image and building customer relationships. That’s why greeting cards are perfect marketing tools.

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  1. Dana Caffrey says

    I so agree with you!!! I remember when My boyfriend went out of the country for 2 years to further his studies. Every week I sent him greetig cards so not to miss him too much. Greeting cards can connect people even they are thousand miles apart.

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