5 Google+ Marketing Ideas to Optimize Your Brand

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The launch of Google Plus brings yet another avenue to the fore for marketers to promote their products and services. The only difference here is that Google Plus comes with the backing of a brand as big as Google. Google Plus has been built to meet the communication needs of people in a way that they can interact through their messages with people in general, as they do while tweeting and also to create a more personal space for interaction with friends, akin to a platform such as Facebook. As Google Plus marches ahead gradually in terms of numbers of users, it offers a great platform to marketers which they can only ignore at their own peril.


1. Reach Out to People through Google Plus and Gmail

Google Plus offers excellent opportunities for e-mail marketing apart from the very obvious platform that it offers for content sharing and interaction. Marketers will do well to understand the myriad opportunities it holds. Communicate your message directly to those who follow you and e-mail it to others on your contacts list. Make the most of the multiple avenues on offer for promotion.

2. Build and Share Circle Specific Content

Depending on how popular your product or service already is your interaction will happen broadly along two lines. Your existing customers who have added you to their circles form one set of people and the others are potential customers you communicate with through public messages meant for everyone’s consumption. Use your discretion to share the message with the specific group. Build exclusive channels for communication with clients.

3. Interact with Consumers


This is expected of any platform when it comes to promotion. In a market saturated with products, the way you differentiate your service from others, gives you an edge over your competitors. If you have not established your presence on Google Plus already, do it now. Reach out to consumers and get the first mover advantage on a platform that your rivals may be neglecting for now.

4. Use Analytics to Get a Measure of the Traffic and ROI

When it comes to business, the talk of revenues is inevitable. Use Google analytics or other tools to quantify the reach of your brand communication. Compare that against the kind of response your product has generated in the form of sales and revenues. Analyze and pitch for a more result oriented approach.

5. Stay Prepared for the Integration of Google Plus with Google Search

Google is a powerful name in the virtual world. The popularity of its search engine makes available ample opportunities in terms of new features. It would not be far-fetched to expect Google to integrate its search facility with Google Plus. The platform will then gain more popularity and as other marketers make a beeline for this platform, you will be better placed to cater to more people after having already established a foothold.

Just as Google experiments with its search tools in order to bring convenience to its users, innovation can be expected for the already features packed Google Plus. It is up against tough competition from the established brands such as Facebook and Twitter but for marketers the kind of audience that Google Plus offers is also large enough. As long as they can convey their message, the more the number of avenues, the better it is.

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