5 Hot-Shot eCommerce Trends You Can’t Overlook in 2013

Consumers are glued not only to their computer screens, but to mobile devices too. Thanks to the ever emerging eCommerce fashions.

eCommerce, the big word can be heard all around; has been one of the most trending topics for the last couple of years. The trend is very much able to cajole consumers into checking out their products and letting them know its essence. Nevertheless, looking at the rapid growth of the eCommerce industry, opportunities have widened the scope for businesses to grow. With this aggravation, the taste of the audience is expected to rise and twist a little bit. Competition is going to be fierce. Between everything, there are some emerging eCommerce trends expected that you can’t afford to ignore. Here are the top 5:

eCommerce Trends 2013

#1: The Virtual Touch

Let’s call it the ‘touch’ decade, where purchasing is done, not within a few clicks, but within a few finger-touches. Meanwhile, the use of tablets and other touch-based devices is expected to go up and surpass computer use. This is definitely going to be the biggest change in the online market, with all online stores going after targeting touch-based solutions for their customers. As a result, the process will ease-up, encouraging more transactions online anywhere, even while sitting on the sofa.

#2: Responsive Web Layouts

Another trend that would be the future of web design. Online retailers have decided to flex-up a bit and provide a pure online experience. It has been named, responsive design because of its nature that responds well to the mobile device and adjusts its size within the screen it’s being used with. One prominent reason why this could take place is because different mobile devices are being introduced everyday, and businesses would love to take pride in integrating an already compatible layout for all devices.

#3: Revolution Social

This could be the another prominent reason causing eCommerce websites to flourish. Social media networks will lift up the morale of eCommerce websites, giving them numerous opportunties to promote and market their services/products. We’ve seen many social networks, including Facebook displaying advertisements and promotional punchlines to make the user click. There’s a lot many out there in the hunt for consumers. Moreover, online retailers keep monitoring trends, topics, and preferences of their target audience, in order to offer what the audience likes.

All this could be taken to the next level with video marketing. Online retailers are no more apprehensive about using interactive video streams for their website. Could be considered as a special attraction tactic, but say whatever, it works!

#4: Personal Touch

The ever bloating demands of consumers have taken a shell under the personal touch. The picture is pretty simple, the more realistic and specific the offering looks, the better will be the overall turnout. Personal touch can also attained with personal user accounts, answers to questions that were frequntly asked, etc. One more thing that could be implied is to let users review their purchasing history or previously viewed products or services to make them feel you care. It’s a proven trend that has worked in the past and would continue to be prevalent.

#5: The Content Juggernaut

What to say about this? Even though, it’s understood, still it’s the most important part of the eCommerce platform. Online shopaholics are naive and can easily be lured with catchy content, which should be the main concern for any online retailer. Copied or already seen content would definitely be kicked and ignored. Online retailers will have to sit and make an apt strategy to spread their content marketing strategies. It would be about keeping the customers updated and interested.

Having been acquainted with some upcoming eCommerce trends, you have got your time to prepare and start building a plan. Don’t procrastinate, make the most of all marketing mediums. Hope this 2013 would open new gates for you.

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Mark Wilston is a Content Writer and marketing professional working with PixelCrayons, a reputed Custom web design & development company India offering offshore cms, ecommerce and mobile apps development services. For more information about PixelCrayons, visit at http://www.pixelcrayons.com/.

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