5 Surprising Facebook Engagement Strategies from Top Newspaper Brands

Today, content is everything. When you start a business you should realize you have to fill it with quality content. Thanks to social media today, not only text content but also visual content that is considered as a quality content that quite effective and easy to do.

This visual content can be a video, picture, or infographic. All you have to do is focusing visual content it is because you will get many benefits from this quality content.

Categories of businesses that rely on quality content are newspaper, because what they are selling is interesting and useful news for readers.

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That’s the reason why I made this article, because newspaper brand is a good example to build a best engagement for all readers. In this article you will learn the best engagement strategies on Facebook from top newspaper brands that will surprising you:

Strategy #1: Launch creative incentives

An advantage possessed by the newspaper is its story. So it is not surprising that the strength of this story is also highlighted in their content.

As you can see in the example image below is an inspiring story that shown by the New York Times. In this case they don’t just share links and news footage showed that only in their post. As the story of Tay Thi Nguyen with her ​​struggle to school, the New York Times took the sensitive side of the story and put it in their summary so it will presented with very strong ranging from visual content and writing content.

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The Lesson: Make your inspiring news become more interesting by do creative post with some summary that can toughen the story.

Strategy #2: Bring solution to a problem

To make your content more interesting what you have to do is solve a problem for your fans. This strategies will provoke a discussion of fans who saw it, because sometimes they do not feel it a problem until you express how important it for their lifestyle.

As you can see in the example image below belongs to Huffington Post, they realize that eat more carbs is important. The title lifted from this news is quite clear so Huffington post does not make this looks heavy, that’s why they just put a simple post to represent the solutions to a problem.

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The Lesson: Find a great selection of news that can make your fans are interested to read it. One of that great news is a solution of a problem that can lure your fans to discuss.

Strategy #3: Combine great status update with fantastic news

Make your fans becomes interested in reading the rest of the news that you share. This can be done by giving your fans a controversial status.

Let’s take a look in this picture below from AmyPoterfield.com, what do you think about slam king’s after you read the status say, he is not real prince, his mother was a slave. The words used by the Washington Post is quite simple but bring big question right?

This sentence will make reader feel curious to read more of what is meant by these words. This is what I mean by combine great status with fantastic news.

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The Lesson: Great status updates are words that support your link and text post to arouse the curiosity of your viewers.

Strategy #4: Increase post comments

Once you do all of the above engagement strategies, the next job that you have to do make some post that can increase comment to your timeline. But how? You can ask it indirectly to your fans by making a post containing the asking word.

The Chicago Tribune uses this tactics by asking directly about fans opinion on Rex Huppke who wanted a photo of him mounted in stamps. Chicago Tribune uses question word in directly such as so what about you? Share your thought in the comment. Cell interrogative sentence will lure fans to comment on your timeline, this is because every customer wants to be heard and question word let them use their voice in the comment form.

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The Lesson: Use inspiring provocative news and status updates that will make you fans comment in your post by asking them directly what they think of the news that you have published.

Strategy #5: Show of your reporter struggle

People love to see the other side of a brand, brand category like beverage, hotels or restaurant will show off their employee or their customers. But for newspaper brand to bring the other side of the company is by show their reporter.

Houston chronicle shows their old reporter who had died in the Vietnam War in the pursuit of the war news. They asks their fans to take a moment to remember Arthur M. Byrd by show his picture in posts.

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The Lesson: Call attention to your fans by show of your reporter struggle with his memory to boost your exposure shout-out.


Here is a few example of a post that can be adapted to help you connect with your customers and build engagement to your page. Use them to build your engagement that will give you long lasting relationships and learn more about your customer’s preferences. As a newspaper brand you have to Consider every detail how to make best engagement with your fans, not only give news content but also give them a personal touch by bring creative story and show off your reporter.

What do you think? How is your brand do engagement post? Are you connecting with your fans? Please include your thoughts and comments in the box below.

– Written by Ratih –

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