The 6 Steps To A Winning Logo For Your Business (Infographic)

Logos play an important role for any business. It serves as the company’s major graphical representation and anchors the company’s branding. It becomes the unique symbol and identification, the most visible manifestation, of the company within the target market. They are the face of a company, and the way they can easily represent a whole company or brand has even been recognized by the numerous “Guess the Logo” games that have been popular with smartphone users.

A good logo makes a good impression and fosters initial. Customers trust logos that are well-made and professional as opposed to a sloppy mess, much like how companies prefer applicants who present themselves professionally both in person and on print (which also counts the way their resume looks). This corresponds to how the brain is triggered first by visual impact than the other senses when it comes to decision-making. People remember faces and symbols far easier than names and words – a concept that has been exposed via neuromarketing.

The Benefit of Memorable Logo

An effective, memorable logo also attract customers and inspire them to do business with your company, or at least keep you in mind when they arrive at the point when they have to make a decision that would involve your company as one of their choices. It also makes you stand out from the rest of the competition due to the uniqueness and remarkability of your logo.

Logos are the primary visual component for a company’s overall brand identity. It appears on almost all print-related aspects of the company – stationery, business cards, printed advertisements – and even in websites, social media, and digital advertising.

A well-designed logo, then, can contribute to business success, while a logo of lesser quality can imply that the business’ owners are amateurish, which is a turn-off to customers. If it resembles an existing brand’s way too much, it can also translate to poor management for the customers and drive them away.

Don’t Make a Blunder of Your Business Logo

However, having a winning logo for your business can sometimes be a tricky job and there can just be way too many mistakes that you can commit at any time. We’ve all heard of stories where people have protested against logo changes, such as GAP’s change (and eventual reverse). We’ve all read lists of logos that might be a tad too inappropriate in hindsight. Or there might just be logos that are just too boring and desperately need a facelift. And these types of blunders on your business’ logo can be a major gamebreaker and would incur additional costs for fixing the problem.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Your business can achieve the perfect logo that speaks its brand identity, the kind of image that your company wants to project, and be able to stay in the minds of your consumers (and potential ones as well) – all of which will greatly contribute to the success of your brand.

The 6 Steps To A Winning Logo For Your Business

EMedia Creative gives us this infographic on the 6 steps to a winning logo for your business to make sure that your logo is at the top of its game.

The 6 Steps To A Winning Logo For Your Business

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