8 Smart Candy Maker Brands Marketing Strategies on Facebook

Became known in candy maker brand is not enough. You should build your reputation and increase consumers trust to use your product. Although you have offered various discounts may not be able to make your customer interesting, even these steps would be seen as a cheap product that utilizes the opportunity. So be savvy is not cheap.

Starting a business is not easy and of course you will find your competitors. You must have an identity to differentiate you with your competitors. I already read a great article that made ​​me realize that brand identity is essential: 7 Branding Facts Every Entrepreneur Need to Know.

And now, in this article you will learn every detail about what you have to do as a candy maker do marketing in Facebook:

How to make your audience know your product

You know that candy can becomes more attractive with it diversity of flavors and types. Let your fans know that you have variants that they worth to try. Make them surprise and curious to try your product with these simple steps

#1: Let the customers know your new products

Every customer needs up to date news from brand that they like. Maybe you should know, as much as 48% of customers feel that it’s important for a brand to include content on their blog to assure reviews their most up to date information.

Based on these results, you should take advantage of this as much as possible, do update your new product on an ongoing basis to inform your fans that you have been issued a new product. As you can see below Arcor issued a flavors that different than its competitors, it’s a chocolate cofler menthoplus that will make consumers challenged to try it.

Facebook Marketing

The Lesson: Perform post updates on an ongoing basis about your newest products.

#2: Do promotion event on your yummy products to celebrate something

Every people have to celebrate something, whether it is a birthday, another ceremony or other event. What you are selling is a sweet food that will very suit to be a companion for an event.

As a marketer, you can invite your customer to celebrate an event by using your product. Like Heather Brunner, CEO of WP Engine, said: “Consumers still want to hear directly from the brands … and this gives (the brand) a personal touch with their customers.”

Let’s take a look at this picture below, General Mills Canada doing similar things, directly they invites their fans to celebrate the pecan pie day with his favorite nutty sweets.

Facebook Marketing

The Lesson: Wake up your fans interest to using your products to celebrate their events.

#3: Calls to action to taste your product

Calls to action is important way in marketing, this is due Calls-to-action (CTAs) are one of the key elements lead generation, and they should be used in each and every one of your marketing tactics.

Ferrara doing the same thing, they understands the importance of calls to action to attract the attention of the fans. By posting a post with 90-150 characters long, it makes their calls to action campaign becomes more attractive.

Facebook Marketing

The Lesson: Learn the tips how to make best calls to action to your campaign.

#4: Make a great deal to promote your products

Nothing is more exciting than the promotion of products, it is also one of the main reasons why the fans would like to follow Facebook page their favorite brand. They want to be the first to know the latest promo of her favorite products.

Hershey Company doing the same things promos, as you can see in the example image below, they offers a special 6 pack of milk chocolate to be enjoyed in the summer of this year.

Facebook Marketing

The Lesson: Take advantage of an opportunity to make a special promo. Using a limited time promo will make it more attractive.

How to convince audience with your recipes

You know that every food product is very closely related to its recipes, so make use of it to attract your fans. Here are some way how to woo and convince your audience with your recipes:

#1: Show them where your material obtained

An ingredient is the first thing consumers will read when holding your product, it is becoming important to make sure the consumer that the ingredient you use is safe.

Can you see what Mondelez do to convince consumers that they use fresh ingredients from the farm. Now, you can see in the example image below, Mondelez tells that they have bought 80% Phildelphia cream chese farmers.

Facebook Marketing

The Lesson: Convince your fans by tell to them where you get your ingredient.

#2: Share your delicious recipes

Food products have a thing that will make it more attractive to consumers by distributing a variety of interesting recipes to enjoy your product better.

Mars Incorporated is simply dividing the recipe in order to celebrate a happy 4Th of July US Associates. These recipes will be very well suited to use as easy to make and tastes good.

Facebook Marketing

The Lesson: Make some delicious recipes to make your fans can enjoy your product better.

How to make your promotion more interesting

Besides all the post regarding the product and promotion, your audiences certainly need other info from your brand. Make it interesting and different from your competitor. Here is 3 steps to the make your product promotion more interesting candy:

#1: Make extraordinary event

Roughly if you make event themed candy maker comes in mind what would you? Is it a free coupon, drawing product, or the race to make a song your product? It is an old thing.

Grupo Bimbo doing some breakthrough to make the show different from the others, they made ​​a physically activate Reviews their customers not for self but also Reviews their family too. They openly invites the fans via their Facebook post publicly. This course will be very interesting once an event is held outside the candy theme, and this event has a target market, not in person but the whole family as well. Interesting right?

Facebook Marketing

The Lesson: Make the unique event that is unusual candy maker did.

#2: Show the weird ways to enjoy your candys

Tell me how to enjoy a candy??
Is it only eat and taste it flavor
Than you wrong, what did the USA Haribo is a weird way to enjoy their candy, can you imagine that candy letter can become a pawn in a chess table? or a circle candy can become wheels on the bike?

Let’s take a look at this picture below, than you will know how Haribo did all that things. It is weird way, but you know it is also a funny way. Excite the imagination of fans in creative ways will be very fun and interesting to look at Facebook posts.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing

The Lesson: Make some creative, funny and interesting way to the make your post more cheerfull.


All these tips in this article need your hard work; you just do it consistently and study the development of consumer behavior. You do not have to be the most intelligent person to do so. Just to be friendly and talk to your fans personally in your post update.
If you are being kind to them then eventually you will get the result. So keep learning and make your customer service better.

What other Candy maker marketing tips do you have to share? Please share your questions and comments below.

– Written by Ratih –

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