Augmented Reality in Business: Trends Reshaping Industries in 2024

Augmented Reality is a buzzing technology that has blurred the boundaries between the Digital realm and the physical world. AR technology overlays computer-generated elements in a real-world environment.

What began as a lucrative tool to carve entertaining games has penetrated almost every industry today.

Thanks to the advanced 5G networks, wearable devices, and the large availability of smartphones, the latest augmented reality app developments are revamping user interaction while streamlining different operational complexities.

The advancements of technology are helping businesses develop cost-efficient models, saving them significant time, and money.

Learning about its impact and top Augmented Reality trends can help you explore the exciting possibilities that this technology unveils in the future. Read on to explore how AR can accelerate your business growth.

Trend #1. The Blend of Artificial Intelligence with Augmented Reality

The role of artificial intelligence in Augmented reality development brings forth an array of benefits for businesses of all niches.

AI algorithms enable tasks like Image and Face recognition, designing a 3D construct of an object or a person quickly.

Using AI technology, the information in the real-world environment can be collected as a source.

This can assist in overlaying the digital structure in the physical environment by adding depth and realism to the Augmented reality objects.

Also, AI-assisted technology can help track the movements of objects or any changes in the physical surroundings.

The AI-powered algorithms in Augmented reality technology can boost operational efficiency and the outcome of the training programs.

Furthermore, it creates an environment for enhanced customer interactions and an environment for knowledge sharing and collaboration.

For example, Google Lens is a versatile visual search and image recognition tool mobile app that uses AI and AR efficiently to serve its audience.

Information about the physical world using their smartphone cameras. It uses the camera and overlays the AR objects or places in the environment.

Trend #2. Wearable AR Glasses Overpower Headsets

With the release of the Vision Pro headset, tech giants like Apple and Meta have identified the market gap. These included the high costs and discomfort of these heavy headsets.

Hence, these companies are eyeing launching lightweight wearable devices like AR glasses which is one of the top augmented reality trends for 2024.

One of the significant improvements in wearable devices is the development of the AR smart glass, Cambria, a mixed-reality headset that is currently being developed by Meta.

The AR glasses powered by Augmented Reality technology are one of the most talked about AR trends that is likely to accelerate the global Augmented reality (AR) market in the coming years.

Trend #3. AR in Retail and e-commerce

The COVID crisis had a major impact on the retail industry. However, Augmented reality in the Retail industry has dramatically improved the Retail experiences for both the business and customers.

AR in Retail and e-commerce
image source!

Today, we are all familiar with how augmented works in the Retail industry. The popular “virtual try-on” feature has dramatically shifted the buying experiences for customers, that too in the comfort of their homes.

AR in the retail industry has allowed customers to visualize the product’s look and feel on the Augmented Reality e-commerce app itself.

The customers can try clothing, makeup products, different accessories, and home decor products and their impact in a real-world environment.

This enhances the overall shopping experience allowing them to make enhanced purchasing decisions in real-time. This makes total business sense!

Ikea stands as a notable example showcasing the success of AR in the Retail industry. The Augmented Reality app augments the digital 3D design of different furniture into the physical environment by using smartphone cameras.

Using the Ikea app, users can get a precise idea about how the 3D furniture product will look and fit into their homes.

Eventually, incorporating AR technology in the retail sector improved customer interactions, and fostered their decision-making process leading to boosted sales and revenue.

Trend #4. Metaverse Integrations

The synergy of AR and VR with Metaverse is paving the way for a virtual ecosystem.

Metaverse creates a whole new virtual realm where users can play, explore, shop, and interact just as they do in a real-world environment.

Metaverse Integration with the AR Elements is more likely to flourish into an ecosystem to exhibit more realistic simulations and experiences like never before.

For example, Metaverse in gaming can bring alive the different characters with exceptional high-end graphics and fluid simulations that transform the player’s feelings.

Not just gaming, the Metaverse integration can revolutionize several other industries including healthcare, e-commerce, and the entire social media experience.

The AR app development and virtual reality integrations hold a concrete position in the future of the internet, Metaverse.

Several virtual platforms like Robolox, and Sandbox are helping AR developers pave the way for accelerated AR development for an exciting Metaverse.

Trend #5. Mobile Augmented Reality Apps

Considering the number of smartphone users growing at a rapid pace, Augmented reality in mobile apps remains one of the most popular augmented reality trends for 2024.

Apps like Google Translate, Snapchat, and Holo are being widely adopted for an immersive experience in the real environment.

Another eye-opener is the Mercedes Augmented reality mobile app to elevate their customer journeys.

The augmented reality customized experiences for customers to visualize how the car will look and feel along with visualization of different in-car systems and parts.

Furthermore, it has specialized Navigation systems that augment the society and the house number for an intricate navigation experience.

Hence, it wouldn’t be incorrect to say that augmented reality in mobile apps is going to be the standardized norm of the future.

Trend #6. WebAR Experiences

Due to large availability of smartphones and faster-than-ever 5G networks, WebAR experiences are gaining equal momentum.

Web AR is growing augmented reality trends providing users with immersive experiences on the go!

The reason why it remains a top augmented reality trend is to provide greater accessibility to users removing the need to download the apps.

This enhances customer mood through better product visualization, educational tools, and execution of creative marketing campaigns, and fosters customer relationships.

Web AR allows businesses to carve innovative experiences and innovatively promote their products.

Moreover, WebAR is a lucrative tool for improving the success ratio of their marketing campaigns by attracting brand-new customers daily.

These WebAR offers unique experiences that remove the hurdle of time and money that goes into creating an event.

Instead, they can leverage their digital platforms to design a virtual event with innovative digital overlay and content.

Trend #7. AR Implementation in the Healthcare Industry

The AR innovation in the healthcare industry has successfully carved immersive knowledge for both medical professionals and patients.

AR is a robust tool to help trainees and medical professionals facilitate remote assistance in conducting crucial surgeries.

Moreover, it can help in conducting essential programs for doctors to improve the precision of their outcomes.

Moreover, it has the potential to be beneficial for improving patient conditions by providing medical assistance.

Moreover, they can help in retaining the psychological balance in the patient by displaying digital overlays of educational content.

Most importantly, AR offers a power-packed solution for maintaining the health of medical equipment. AR is a multifaceted endeavor empowering several aspects of the healthcare sector.

Trend #8. AR Implementation in the Gaming Industry

AR implementation in gaming has opened up doors for creative and immersive storytelling.

Multiple platforms like Unity, Unreal engine, and ARcore are creating the foundation for accelerated augmented Reality app development.

AR Implementation in the Gaming Industry
Finding a Pokemon in the AR+ mode of Pokemon Go. Source: Tumisu

The idea of incorporating AR elements into a gaming app has seen multiple use cases. Games like PokemonGo and Harry Potter, have received a high engagement rate carving their unique success stories.

AR in gaming can develop games by digitally overlaying favorite superhero characters into preferred environments. AR games create room for fostering social connection and an interactive environment.

Trend #9. Role of AR in Real-Estate

The role of AR in real estate ushered a ray of new hope in the real estate industry. Augmented reality has automated how customers view and buy different properties.

It helps buyers visualize the property’s look and feel through virtual tours. Moreover, property managers can analyze the property and fix any timely repairs or damage to the property.

Therefore, AR can assist in the efficient management of property.

Not only that the role of AR can make significant adjustments in property models and design new iterations on the fly.

This lays a dynamic groundwork facilitating the smooth construction process and eliminating any hurdles amidst it.

Trend #10. AR as a Robust Tool For Marketing
AR has taken customer satisfaction to another dimension. AR technology has emerged as a lucrative tool for brands to connect with their potential target audience.

Composing advanced technology for product visualization allows the creation of engaging space for buyers, tenants, and property owners.

Product-based companies view it as a solid tool to showcase their new product range helping customers learn about product look and feel in a specific environment.

Renowned Brands like L’oreal have revamped their ideal customer’s journeys with virtual try-ons, and personalized recommendations.

Moreover, AR proved to be highly beneficial to add to the overall business revenue retaining their old consumers.

Trend #11. AR Benefit in the Manufacturing Industry

AR in manufacturing seamlessly augments digital technologies in a real production environment.

Not only does it boost operational efficiency, but it also assists in maintaining equipment health and equipment maintenance.

Manufacturers can use it to detect any possible vulnerabilities or faults by viewing the equipment in real-time.

Furthermore, it assists in remote assistance for wear and tear of machines even from a distant location.

Hence, AR provides a safe space for streamlining the operational process eliminating any downtime or long-term fault in the machine.

The Future Of Augmented Reality Trends

The Augmented Reality Market Size is projected to reach up to 20.4 billion dollars with an expected annual CAGR rate of 8.97% by the end of 2029.

Augmented reality apps are likely to impact several industries including e-commerce, healthcare, manufacturing automotive industries, and multiple others.

From bringing alive the mythological characters of innovative games to retaining old customers, AR has the power to carve experiences like never before

However, to incorporate the latest AR trends into your operational process, you need the right expertise and partnership.

Hire Augmented developers to seamlessly streamline business operations using a robust 3D design and interactive components.

Top AR development companies can create personalized solutions addressing your unique business challenges.

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