Benefits of Having A Reliable UAM Software for Business

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As with anything, technology is evolving quickly and making it a lot easier to manage businesses. One area that is seeing significant transformation is employee activity monitoring.

The main reason there’s so much focus here is that more and more companies are now allowing their staff to work from home in the wake of the pandemic. The result is reduced physical monitoring of employees which if left unchecked could lead to lower productivity and ultimately poor results.

To avert it, many organizations are now adopting user activity monitoring or UAM software tools to track what their employees are doing while on their work PCs and devices.

In this post, we will discuss some of the key benefits of having a reliable tool to monitor user activity at the workplace.

Improve Productivity and Workflows

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Illustration by Tristan Kromopawiro via Dribbble

Having a reliable UAM software tool will make it easy for you to identify possible areas of improvement to save money and time. This is based on data collected on where your employees spend the majority of their time and what they do during their idle time.

You can then understand which tasks need to be automated and also create new templates that make task completion faster and more accurate.

Track What Employees Are Doing

A reliable UAM software will enable you to monitor the exact activities your employees engage in during working hours. This tool makes it possible to see everything from what they are doing, the websites they are visiting, who they are working with, and more.

With this information at hand, you will better understand how productively (or unproductively) they are spending crucial office hours so you can make more informed decisions about your company.

Minimize Administrative Costs

A reliable user activity monitoring software will help you significantly reduce your company’s administrative costs. This is especially true if the software that you are using can provide a centralized platform where all of your employees’ information and activities are accessed from a single location.

This means you don’t need to hire more managers or supervisors to keep checking on the employees for follow-ups on their progress.

Stop Security Threats

Security mishaps are some of the biggest threats to the success of companies and organizations in this digital era. These range from having your vital information in the hands of the wrong people, getting hacked, or your systems getting infected with viruses.

To minimize these security risks, you might want to implement a UAM tool in your business. The idea is to identify risky behaviors by your employees that could expose your company to potential breaches.

Besides, you can also determine the source of these risks if they strike and find out if they were intentional (as in the case of insider threats) or unintentional.

Adjust Your Business Practices as Needed

Having reliable user activity monitoring software will enable you to make changes so your business can run more smoothly and efficiently than ever before.

For example, if the tool reveals that certain tasks are taking too long or some employees aren’t collaborating smoothly as needed, then this might mean making some adjustments to streamline vital processes.

The same applies to identifying where problems are occurring in your business. A reliable UAM system will even determine for how long such issues have been going on. Having access to this information can help determine the best course of action to take.

Make Better Decisions Concerning Your Employees

A good user activity monitoring software will help you make better decisions regarding your employees.

For example, if certain people are too slow or problematic when working with others or on specific projects, you can shift them to other teams or allocate different tasks to them.

The idea here is to ensure everyone is producing the maximum possible output while playing to their strengths for improved company results.

Different Methods to Track Employee Work Time

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There are a variety of methods you can use today to track employee work time. In this section, we describe five of the most reliable user and time tracking systems available on the market.

#1. Excel Timesheets

These are the most common and popular time tracking tools. This is because they can be used easily on a computer or mobile device. What’s more, you do not need any special equipment to create or use them while they can accommodate just about any budget.

#2. Clock In/Out

These types of trackers allow employees to clock in and out when starting and finishing work. This is beneficial for those paid by the hour because they can easily track how much time has been spent on different tasks and projects throughout the day.

#3. Hands-Free

Hands-free tools allow users to clock in or out without needing to do anything at all. Employees have to wear a particular type of bracelet that will automatically record time doing tasks allocated to them.

#4. Manual Time Tracking

While manual trackers are less common these days, they still have plenty of benefits to offer those who need them. Employees will manually type in the number of hours worked on a spreadsheet or even through pen and paper.

#5. Keystroke Tracking

Keystroke tracking is one of the most detailed types of time trackers, but that means they are costlier than the four above. They require special software to be installed on each computer. Once this has been done, employees will have to type in their username and password every day to clock themselves in or out for work.

Is It Time To Employ A User Monitoring Software Tool?

There aren’t many downsides to implementing a UAM tool in your company especially if you do it right and follow the appropriate procedure. Having this system will give you a clearer idea of how your employees are spending their time and whether or not they’re engaged with the work that needs to be completed.

The software also helps you identify areas of weakness in your business that need immediate addressing including possible spots for security breaches.

Ultimately, you should see employee productivity shoot across the entire business which means one thing; better results and more profits for you. So what are you waiting for? Get a UAM tool today and watch as the magic unravels!

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