Best Free Video Makers for Small Business Marketing

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As a new business owner, prudence is priority. Every dollar and cent that can be saved should be saved. This is why there is no harm in seeking for a free video maker that will reduce promotional cost.

In case you are considering why your business needs to invest time in creating promo videos, then you need to know that almost one-third of shoppers are likely to make a purchase after viewing a video ad.

Below are some free video maker you can try:

#1. Openshot


Openshot is an open source video editor which is free for life. It is developed and improved by a group of volunteer developers. It has most of the features to edit videos to suit your business needs.

With OpenShot, you can have all your custom images, videos and soundtracks imported and edited simultaneously. Cropping, trimming or rotating shouldn’t be an issue, you only need to acquaint yourself with the interface.

However, it is only available for use on PC ― no mobile version yet.

#2. Lightworks


Lightworks has a drag-and-drop user interface for quick edit of videos. It may take a beginner some time to get familiar with the interface, but with patience, it is not a hard one to understand.

The video editing tool features multicam and multi-track for editing clips from different cameras into a single project. It also permits team collaboration as you can share projects and manage from anywhere.

However, the free version is limited, thus, there may be a need to upgrade to premium for full access to its various functionality.

#3. Blender

Blender Org

Blender is built with one major thing in mind ― animation. It is an open source video editing tool which small business owners interested in creating animation promotional videos can be guaranteed would always be free.

Aside from this, it can also be used to edit basic videos but the features are limited. Video cuts, splicing, or masking shouldn’t be an issue.

Other features for video editing available in Blender include: Speed control, audio edit, video effects, transitions, filters and more. You can import up to 32 files ― video, images, and effects ― at once to edit.

#4. KineMaster


Most video makers are designed to be used on PC but with the high demand for comfort and instant access, some developers have created apps to be used on mobile gadgets.

One of such is KineMaster. It is mobile based and can be used to edit videos on the go via mobile phones, iPad or Tablet. It is packed with features like cut, trim, and merge of audio-videos.

There is also a feature to adjust the quality of your video such as a slider you can toggle to vary the brightness, contrast and saturation. Also for social media posting, the filters will come in handy as they are similar to that of Instagram.

However, in the free version of KineMaster, edited videos are watermarked and to remove, users will need to subscribe for a premium package. Meanwhile, some business owners are not bothered about the watermark so far the app is able to do all they need.

#5. InShot


InShot is designed with mobile users in mind. It is not only a video maker but also a photo maker as you can make image collages with it. It allows small business owners to upload branded content with logo and edit to suit the promotion purpose.

The video maker also features options to size videos for different social media platforms. When the Canva option is selected, video sizing for Instagram posts/stories, YouTube, TikTok, and other ratios are displayed to choose from.

Exported videos in the free version if you know your way around it will not be watermarked, but might be disturbed with adverts while editing. At least the developer needs a way to get money for providing you its software for free.

Although the adverts are not too disturbing, small business owners who don’t want to get distracted during their video making can subscribe to the premium, quite affordable depending on your budget and company’s pocket.

#6. DaVinci Resolve

DaVince Resolve

DaVinci Resolve is usually used for post-production of videos, probably after you edited a short advert video and would prefer an additional video quality.

Its features are prolific in video colour correction, visual effects and audio editing. Although might be complex to use, DaVinci Resolve allows the editing of motion graphics, audio and video, all in one window ― some video makers instead individual apps to tackle this ― thus, making things more complex.

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