Bring in More Customers with Mobile Marketing

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Are you looking for a cost-effective way to bring more customers into your business? Maybe you’re running a restaurant but aren’t getting as much business as you’d like during the weekday lunch rush.

Maybe you’re running an independent video game shop and need to connect with your loyal clientele about upcoming new releases, flash sales, and promotional offers. Maybe you run a consignment shop and need an easy way to engage with customers and consignors at the same time.

No matter what your situation, mobile marketing is the right answer to boost sales, grow customer loyalty, attract new customers, and strengthen your relationships with your customers.

These days, the majority of customers say they want more businesses to be available to them via text, and because customers have to sign up for marketing text messages, you can rest assured that you’ll be engaging customers who want to get your messages.

How Mobile Marketing Works

A mobile marketing platform allows you to connect with customers via text to send them marketing messages, business news, and relevant information.

In order to send marketing texts to someone’s phone number, you have to follow guidelines laid out in the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and the Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing (CAN-SPAM) Act.

These laws govern how businesses can market to consumers via text and telephone. You’ll have to get permission from each customer before you can send him or her marketing texts, and you’ll need to include opt-out instructions in each text.

You can only send texts at certain times of day, and you can only send so many texts over a given period. However, non-marketing texts, like business news, announcements, booking and confirmation, may not be subject to these rules.

SMS Marketing
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Offer What Customers Want

Once you know what your legal obligations are toward the customers you’ll be texting with, you can put together a text message marketing campaign that will start to build your SMS marketing list immediately. A keyword campaign is an easy way to promote your mobile marketing program to customers.

The best part of getting customers to opt in is that you know they’ll be eager to get your messages and likely to engage with promotional offers, customer feedback surveys, ecommerce conversion optimization and more. The customers who receive your discount codes, coupons, flash sale invites, and so on will be those who were already most likely to take advantage of them.

Customers want to be able to engage with you via text, and they’ll probably want additional options, like the ability to make and cancel bookings, the chance to offer feedback, and the chance to contact staff with questions and concerns.

Many of your customers would probably prefer to engage with you solely via text, rather than having to call for some things. In addition to discounts and sales, give your customers the option to engage fully with your business over text.

Build Relationships

Mobile marketing platforms offer an opportunity to build genuine rapport with customers. You might not get that opportunity elsewhere, unless you run the sort of business where customers hang around (like a bar, coffee shop, comic book shop, or old-timey general store).

There are few methods of communication that seem more intimate and personal than a text message these days. Lots of people won’t answer a phone call, and most check their emails only once a day, if that.

But almost everyone looks at text messages within a few minutes of receiving them, and most everyone has their phone with them every minute of the day, even sleeping with it and taking it to the bathroom.

You have an unprecedented opportunity to reach into your customer’s daily lives, connecting with them wherever they might be throughout the day, and engaging them with offers, updates, news, and other relevant messaging.

Customers will build a lot more loyalty with your brand, and begin to feel connected to you as a member of their community.

Mobile marketing could be just the thing you need to bring in more customers and grow your business. Consumers want to be able to reach you via text, and many of your customers may want access to offers, news, and more. Give the people what they want — text messages.

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