Business Card Design Tips for Smart Freelance Designer

It sounds so good to start something of your own so that people can recognize you from your name for years. It can be any software created by you in your office or a well-established business that can be a symbol of your personality. A professional business card design means a lot when you want your presence to spread out among the audiences.

This post gives you few smart ideas that are easy to implement for the freelance designers. Using them, it is easy to create your own card design where everything from color, font and animation are your sole responsibility.

Let’s check them below:

Tips 1. Add Name And Title

The common mistake most of the business owners commit, is not to use any name in their business cards. Cards with no name are quite useless as they do not solve the purpose to make people aware of who a client is and what he does. Ideally, no one wants to connect to an anonymous contact instead of being connected to an actual person.

We should avoid the use of industry jargons to spice the titles with uniqueness. Heavy terms like ‘rock star’ or ‘ninja’ must be replaced with ‘lawn artist’ to make things simple and weightful.

Tips 2. Use Feasible Font

A good font size makes your card appear eternally good. If some guidelines are properly followed, the results can be awesome.

  • The font size must be of at least 8 points so that it will be readable enough.
  • Decorative script fonts are good to add beauty but its use should be restricted. The logic is simple. Readability must not be compromised with cool typography.
  • A smart practice is to embed the fonts into the file instead of creating the text outline. This will result in high-quality print that can be edited in the future.

Tips 3. Add Every Info In Place

You will never want your business card to be kept into folio or rolodex. This is the reason that designers will try to follow only the good and vital things into your card. Here, the rule of thumb is to insert every detail into the correct place. It means the front side should be included with the vital information whereas the back area must be used for adding some flavor.

The essential credentials include your name, business details, profile, contact information and the logo to be kept on the front-side. Likewise, back-side is the place to add creativity. A good way is to use sophisticated imagery in the form of any unique artwork or photography. It is a good trick for the fresh businesses where they can also present their brand logo in the zoomed version.

Tips 4. Use Special Finish

A magic idea for the businesses is to use a special finish to create a quick impact. It includes metallic inks, spot-UV and likes of foil blocking that can add value to your print. Moreover, it makes your business card tactile and visually impressive than before. The multiple printer types gives different finish to any card. So, you must have a thorough knowledge about all the details, like if your printer is only offering a straight 4-color print, it is the time to go to a specialist.

Tips 5. Try Cutting Into Your Card

A die-cut process is a good way to make your card unique as it removes elements from the card stock, hence leaving behind a void. You can either use a die to change your card shape via rounding corners or cut shapes out of the centre.

Dies are expensive to implement for the first time. To combat the same, printers are increasingly focusing on offering laser-cut options with which it will be economical to create a die-cut view on shorter print-runs. The result will be highly creative examples on the web. When combined with creasing, this process can also be used to embed architectural features into your card design.

Tips 6. Add Uniqueness With Your Own Design

If you want to be highly creative, a good idea can be to try making your own business cards. The letterpress kits can be found on eBay at affordable rates using which you can easily convert any card stock into your own business card. Some beautiful free business card templates can also work in the same context.

Creating something of your own is a time-consuming but satisfying method with which you boundlessly express yourself in your card. And the result will be, highly appealing design to spread across the web.

Tips 7. Shower Creativity With Images

Using photos on a business card is a tough and uncommon chore. The reason is, it is practically very tough to create images on such a less space. An obvious consideration here is, quality of picture will must not degrade at any cost. When they are arranged in proper manner, things can be more beautiful.

A fine touch of visually creative things can add more beauty to showcase the finest work. Instead of slapping a picture over the layout, it is better to put different photos in geometric frames. The framing in hexagons, triangles and hexagons showers an interesting collage effect.

A pic integrated into the background of card also works good with the low-contrast images.

What to Conclude

You are living at such place where innovation is the key to success. Without some interesting concept, even a good brand will start losing its essence over time. So, a clever approach is to follow what is running hot in the market and be an expertise for the same. Things can be more confined yet relaxed if you are working on your own to design your business cards. You can experiment out-of-the-box patterns to add uniqueness at par.

About the Author!

This blog post has been written by David Meyer who is an expert web designer and blogger from CSSChopper: PSD to HTML service provider. His interest is in writing technical blog posts for all kind of the businesses so that his ideas can help the site owners to get the most from their brand.

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