Case Study: How To Integrate The Traditional Marketing with Social Media

You always hear that traditional marketing still playing special role. Many article discuss it to show you how the traditional marketing still important in social media strategies. Now, how if the traditional marketer like the food truck can go viral with their social media?

In this article you’ll learn the 4 useful tips from Kogi BBQ which is the number one food truck. How they use social media as their one of marketing strategies:

#1. Broadcast special offer

Kogi BBQ is a Korean barbecue tacos on the streets of LA, he use Facebook as a media for promotion. A food product that they offers is always announced on their Facebook page. You can see in the example image below.

Kogi BBQ offers chilaquiles perfect weather his first chicken tortillas for just $7 only. By doing regular broadcast on social media will give customers valuable information, so social media would be helpful to introduce your menu to customers.

Socia Media Marketing

#2. Say thank’s to your customers

Everyone is asked to be rewarded with a good word, like sorry and thank you. Since it is very important to your online reputation how to find praise, how best to respond, and some pitfalls to avoid.

Kogi BBQ understand this very well, and utilizing social media as a medium to convey his gratitude, as they did on Twitter. Kogi BBQ express his gratitude to his followers and inform that his truck off until Tuesday.

With these acknowledgments will wake up a good communication between you and customers. And of course with good communication will drive consumers to visit you. This is the meaning of gratitude is the determinant of your online reputation.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

#3. Show your schedule

It is important for food truck to peddle their goods is the presence of a definite schedule. Consumer need this information!

In Kogi BBQ website you can see that he fully managing its business through online media. In here Kogi BBQ show complete schedule an appointment with the day, hour and place where he will be selling. And look at the display of the schedule is made as attractive as possible so that consumers do not get bored.

Social Media Marketing

#4. Invite your customer to visit your another social media

In order to create a more impactful and effective integrated traditional market campaign into social media you can drive customers to your online destination. You can a make a few social media accounts to make this happen, and invite your customers to visit another social media you have.

Social Media Marketing

You must be in anywhere, as is done by Kogi BBQ in promoting his web site to invites customers to visit his Flickr account. Not only promote Flickr account they also invites consumers to find on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest that can be seen icon at the bottom of his website.


Success in social media is not built in a day, it takes consistency, learning, and research to get to know your customer and find the right framework for your business. This article is the study of traditional marketers Kogi BBQ that is often considered as impossible food truck that can be known through social media. But he did it, he very well maintain his post updates on social media and websites so consumers now just know him through social media instead of the streets. I hope with this article as a traditional marketer you can now integrate it with social media platforms

– Written by Ratih –

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