5 Key Digital Billboard Advertising Benefits

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Some advertising methods seem nearly timeless, while others come and go. Advertising has existed for as long as human society, though, and it’s not going anywhere.

If you make and sell products or offer services, you need to get the word about them out into the world. You probably don’t have an unlimited budget to do that, though. You must figure out how best to spend that money to get the highest return rate and the most sales.

For instance, you might try digital billboard advertising. In this article, we’ll discuss five reasons why this method might work well for your business.

Digital Billboard Advertising Captures the Customer’s Attention

Your company might consider digital billboard advertising because it can capture the would-be customer’s attention in a way few other methods can. Humans like digital images.

Your products or services appearing in digitized format on a giant billboard should captivate someone as they walk past.

You can more likely sell that person the product or service on the billboard if you make the image come alive with vivid colors.

Someone who didn’t know they wanted your products or services will make a mental note to try them when they see that image appear in such a larger-than-life format.

You can ensure the person will not forget that image by making it as enticing as possible. If you’re attempting to sell them a hamburger, you’ll want that burger to look as juicy and delicious as you can.

Whatever you’re selling, you should make an effort to present it in such a way on your billboard that they can’t resist.

You Can Position the Billboard in the Busiest Possible Place

You can also think about your digital billboard’s placement when you set it up. Some companies don’t own the digital billboard on which they advertise their products and services.

Instead, they rent it for a month at a time, or maybe just a week if they don’t have enough in their ad budget for longer stretches.

You need to study your local region and consider where the most people will see that billboard. You might rent space on a billboard near a lot of foot traffic. Consider how many people will see your product or service if you rent a digital billboard in Times Square, for instance.

You might also rent a billboard by a busy highway. You don’t want to distract anyone while they’re driving, but if you can place the billboard in a place where drivers and passengers can see it in their peripheral vision, that can help your company a great deal.

Anyone going past in those vehicles will likely want to try your product or service if you make the image compelling enough.

You Can Sell Multiple Products or Services Via the Same Billboard

You can also use a digital billboard to sell more than one service or product. That’s because of the unique digital format that exists now.

In previous times, billboards existed, but they weren’t digital. A digitized image could not appear on a screen the same way that it can today.

Because of that, companies had to choose a static image and plaster it onto a billboard until the next company that rented that same spot would come and claim it.

If you purchase your own digital billboard, you have as much time as you want to put an image there. Having a permanent digital billboard costs more than renting one, but if you own a large company, maybe you have the money in your ad budget to set that up.

Also, if you own the digital billboard, you can have the image change every thirty seconds or whatever other timeframe you designate. The image will change from one product or service to another.

When that happens, you can get the word out about several services or products you’re trying to sell or promote. You can inform the world about an entire product line if they wait at a red light next to your billboard for more than a few seconds at a time.

You’re Increasing Your Brand Awareness

As just about anyone in marketing will tell you, you need to promote brand awareness whenever and however you can.

You can come out with products that have distinctive logos on them, or you might put out clothing with your logo on it. Digital billboards can also get your brand name and logo out there, and that’s something every company needs.

If you make sure to showcase your brand’s name and logo on every digitized billboard image that you show to the public, that will help them to learn about your company and remember it. You should feature those elements prominently with every ad you create.

You Can Tell the Public About Sales and Special Events

You can always run an ad campaign with TV commercials or radio spots. You can advertise on podcasts or social media platforms if you think that potential customers will interact with them.

If you do those things, you’re trying targeted marketing. If you create ad content and feature it on digital billboards, that’s less targeted marketing because you probably can’t tell with complete accuracy who’s walking or driving by that billboard.

That’s okay, though. You can reach a broader population segment, and some of them will doubtless want to know about your products and services.

You can also let the public know about any sales, promotions, or special holiday events that you have going on. You might run a billboard ad around Christmas or July 4th that talks about some discounted items or new holiday-specific ones.

You can tell the public about two-for-one specials, free shipping for your products during a holiday weekend, or anything else you see fit. More individuals will likely stop by your website or brick-and-mortar locations if you get the word out this way.

All in all, digital billboards can do a lot for you, making them well worth the investment.

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