Effective Facebook Marketing: Top Franchise Brands Reveal their Strategies

Don’t you wish there is an easier way to marketing in Facebook? A simple and buzz way to introduce your brand business products? From coming up with ideas to promoting and marketing.

Than luckily for you, in this article I will reveal all that answers. Especially for you who have an franchise business this article will helped you so much because I reveal from top franchise brands with real examples but it’s an easy way to imitate. Since a good marketer is a good imitation that in the imitation they improved and developed.

So, to help you out become a good imitate marketer. Let’s check out the case studies below:

How to make your customer believe

In franchise business, there is very important to make customer believe that your product and system is the best from the other, said Jon Burgstone via Inc.com. And now, here is what the top brands did to make their target market believe with them.

#1. Jan Pro Franchising

Jan Pro Franchising was established in 1991, with the old foundation of the company that’s why this franchise very worthy of all to be the first sample to make your customers believe in your company.

Now, let’s take a look at this picture below, Jan Pro Franchising make some posts that explain the development company is equipped with a link to his website and video to strengthen the statement. By revealing this, the company wants to prove to the customer that his company is growing every year, which means the products and systems that he uses very beneficial to the development of the company.

Facebook Marketing Strategies

The Lessons:

  • Give elaboration on the development of your company in Facebook post.
  • To reinforce your statement, insert a link to your web page as a video explanation.

#2. CleanNet USA

Older company proves that the company has been able to get through tough times and survived. This is evidenced by CleanNet USA wants in posting below.

As you can see the cake labeled with the number 25, which shows that the company is already 25 years old and CleanNet USA say thanks to the hard work of all the teams.

Facebook Marketing Strategies

The Lesson: There are many ways to show your company age, you can imitate CleanNet that just shows his birthday has been able to show how old he is, you can use the other way is like hold an event or hold a seminar that reveals the age of your company.

#3. Coverall Health-Based Cleaning System

There is a lesson why some company becomes the hottest one that is becoming trending topic. People want what they cannot have. That’s the point!!

If you hold seminars, sometimes consumers want to come but they are usually even become lazy if have to pay, you can help them by give a free ticket to attend the seminar, like that done by Coverall in their post below.

Facebook Marketing Strategies

The Lesson: Today is easier to be an success franchise, you can launch a website to make promotion, make your event online and you’re ready to go, give your customer something free or discount coupon to make your event become more perfect and not too sale.

How To Explain Your System

Each franchise has a different system, any system it has its own advantages. Explaining the system to consumers is important. You should be able to bring the simple and easy to understand. To get started you can follow the example of the top brand below.

#4. H&R Block

Before you get started I need you know that, H&R is a tax preparation for small business in USA, claiming more than 24.5 million tax returns prepared worldwide, with offices in Canada, Australia, Brazil, and India. The Kansas City-based company also offers banking, payroll, personal finance, and business consulting services. (Source!)

Once you understand what areas are being carried out by this company, you can understand how the system description that he posted on Facebook right?

With only show funny cartoons enough to attract attention and also can explain how his system runs fairly simple, even if the explanation with images still cannot explain that he gives a link to a website that is more obvious explanation.

Facebook Marketing Strategies

The Lesson: You can explain your system with a simple picture and to support your explanation also can mounting link for further explanation.

#5. Anago Cleaning System

There is nothing better than learning from the masters who are highly experienced in business, and the foundation of the Anago in explaining expert system works by presenting the king franchise Raul Gonzales in his Facebook post.

This is because it would be easier to learn a system from expert, because customers prefer and be more motivated with the experience of people who have worked for many years in franchise.

Facebook Marketing Strategies

The Lesson: Introduce your sales expert to make another guide sales become more motivated to make a sale.

How To Convince that Your Product is Helpful

This is the thing I think the most interesting, how you can make your customers become aware of and interested in buying your product that will really help their lives. Perform a variety of simple tips it can make your product look attractive and staple products for daily life, to do so you can follow the example of the top brand below:

#6. Vanguard Cleaning System

One of the things that can convince consumers of the importance of your product is to express scientific knowledge that is based on research results from scientists. One of the simple ways in expressing the results of these studies can be seen in the example image below.

Vanguard Cleaning System can express surprising fact using only simple sentences and easy to understand, the following sentence is able to invite the curiosity of the viewer to click to the next page which is linked in his post. By revealing the scientific facts are expected to sensitize consumers that the products you offer will greatly help them to live a better life.

Facebook Marketing Strategies

The Lesson: You not only can reveal scientific evidence to link the results of such research, make your posts more interesting by presenting experts or scientists themselves to support the products that you offer.

#7. Cruise Planner Home Based Franchised

Nothing is more exciting than the real picture shows the facts about your target market would face naturally.

By showing this picture, will make customers aware that they will have problems when the winter, but it will soon no longer be a problem if they want to use the Cruise Planner, which can indicate where appropriate next trip so that they will not get caught in a disaster or undesirable events.

Facebook Marketing Strategies

The Lesson: In addition to show the real picture of distress that may be experienced by your customers, you can also make it more interesting by combining two instances where consumers are not using your services and who use your services. Than, show it in your Facebook post to show how comfortable wearing your services.

#8. Chem-dry

The last simple strategies I want to express in how to convince your customers about the benefits of your product is using the commercial words as the most other brands did.

What is commercial words I mean is, you can look at this picture below.

Facebook Marketing Strategies

That’s what I mean the commercial words, which is a sentence that would be very convincing consumers as emphasis that your product is the best and very helpful for everyday use.

These words is a refinement kinds of 2 steps above, after you display the results of scientific and displays events that can happen you can make your campaign becomes sweeter with the assertion that words can you copied from the example belongs to the Chem-Dry USA.


Combine the different ad types to develop powerful campaigns targeted directly to the people you want to reach. You can combine it and make your Facebook post become more attractive and you can find out what ads recapture the most sales or generate the most leads.

Your turn: What do you think? Do you have any facebook marketing experiences? Let us know in the comments below.

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