Email Marketing: Top 9 Email Types With Better Open Rate

Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing techniques brands use to communicate their story with their clients. But for a successful email marketing campaign, you will need to have a solid and concise plan.

Much more important is that you will need to have a dedicated team working towards building profiles, using data analytics tools to identify potential customers, and doing other necessary work.

An email segmentation (stp) process is something which divides your source of customers according to their value, priority or other factors to the organization. You must use this to identify potentially big customers and then target them with some awesome email campaigns.

A subject line in an email is crucial in an email. For a user actually sees an email’s subject line before clicking on the email. So this is why it is highly critical that you prioritize this and make the necessary arrangements.

For example – If your email subject line does not seem to impact a user’s life in any meaningful way, then in all probability, it will never be opened. Hence you have to give a subject line that tells how opening this email will impact their lives.

Here Are More Email Marketing Types Which Has A Better Open Rate:

1. Personalisation:

Imagine a user returning home after a tiring day at work, opening up his personal mailbox, and only finding marketing mailers and spam messages.

Do you think he will open up the email? NO. So if you need his attention, you have to come up with an excellent personalized message so that he thinks that you actually care about him.

You can write something like hope you are coping well with the present pandemic situation, so as our token of appreciation, here is a 5% discount code on your next purchase.

So something like that depends upon the user’s history of purchases in your company. Also while personalizing the email do not go deep into the customer’s life since then the email will be an invasion of privacy. So try to maintain a balance between information you can use and information you should use.

2. Be Funny:

This goes without saying, but regardless of how good your content is, nobody will read it if it is boring and lacks a specific flow. You see, these days, the tolerance level of people is very low, and they will simply delete your email if it is too long or too boring.

So try to make the email concise and a little bit funny. Also, it does not hurt your cause if the email has some emojis too. If your target segment is younger audiences, you can include some animojis and pictographs.

3. Simple:

A simple short email can also work, provided you use some smart tricks. For example- suppose you are a D2C fresh farm fruit seller. So you can write a short, simple email explaining the benefits of having at least one apple or orange or any other fruit so that our body gets its daily nutrient count, etc.

You need not explain each and every point since that is quite enough. You might be thinking, how come if you don’t explain the points the user will buy from you? They will still buy because you will explain the benefits points, but in your blog and in your email, only some one-liners will be there.

4. Urgency:

In your emails, you have to instill a sense of urgency so as to promote the trend of instant shopping. You see, most consumers make their shopping decisions instantly, so you can use this to your advantage.

There is an old saying in marketing that if you want to sell something to the consumer, sell it as quickly as possible and as much as possible as if there is no tomorrow. This phenomenon not only works in marketing but in real life too.

Fear of missing out (FOMO) is a real emotion wherein people feel that they should buy something immediately otherwise they will miss out on good things. You can capitalize on this and write emails which instills this phenomenon into the consumer’s mind.

You could run a limited time only discount deal which can be quite lucrative for the customer. Or you could pamper your customers by telling them about a special unique product which is a limited edition. There can be a lot of things done in this regard but remember the focus should be on making this an urgent matter.

For example – You can try saying something like a limited period offer or offer valid till stocks last or something on the lines of these which says that the consumer has to buy the product immediately; otherwise, the offer will not be there.

5. Guidebook:

Some emails do not necessarily have to look like a marketing email. It can also be read as a guidebook. You can educate the consumers about the ways to use your product to improve their lives. Or you could talk about how your products should be used so that they don’t hinder the consumer’s lives.

A lot of times what happens is consumers need a hand holding experience in order to better use a product. A lot of times consumers were even unaware of a product’s true capabilities because there was no one to make them understand that.

In online business this happens a lot since a face to face interaction is non existent. But in online business you have another advantage i.e you can always create tutorials and walkthroughs. So do that and try to keep it concise and short so that it can be fitted inside an email and sent to the consumer.

For example – suppose you are a game development company, and you want to educate your consumers about how they should play your games only at certain times and how theyshould take a break sometimes.

Doing so will actually make the consumer like your product more since they will feel that you are not selling them anything. You are instead educating them.

6. Trending Topics:

These days, every brand is trying to capture the attention of younger audiences and hence is trying to get them on board. So you could also do that by following the latest genZ trends and using them in your email campaigns.

You can partner up with genZ influencers in order to create some meaningful campaigns and marketing promo videos. These can then be incorporated into the emails for better outreach visibility. You can also try to rope in someone real who purchases from your company and is a younger guy.

This can also work as a real testimonial type campaign. Depending upon your content and real testimonial people will surely notice this and may even relate themselves with it too.

For example, do you remember the TikTok challenge craze that happened sometime back? You could find such trends and then use that to promote your products.

7. Focused Email:

You can send an email which keeps the customer focussed on the content rather than simply overlooking it. For example- suppose you are an e-commerce website selling mainly electronics items.

So you can try sending an email which will entirely focus on the benefits of different electronics (speakers, mobiles, tablets, etc) to the end consumer rather than simply trying to push the products towards them.

Keep the content focussed on the consumer benefits and not write too many jargons. Use a simple language, preferably in bullet points.

8. Use A Different Type of Campaign:

You can try a different approach to email marketing. For example- you can rope in child actors to act like an adult and then explain product features. Or you could rope in a magician to do some tricks on your products and then lucky customers would get discounts.

The main idea is to use something different and totally offbeat so that it stuns the customers and they think ‘wait what is happening?’ This should instill the phenomenon of curiosity in them and then ideally they should open up the email.

9. Be Their Friend:

The online world has actually broken the connection between a business and their clients. So what is happening is consumers feel disconnected with their brands and hence loyalty exists almost no more.

So to fix this problem you can offer some supportive services or complementary services to your consumers.

For example – suppose you are a supermart hyperlocal retailer and you want to email your customers about an ongoing sale you will start.

So with this announcement you can bundle an Audible 1 month subscription for free. Your customers will think that this brand cares about me and regardless of me purchasing from them or not I am getting a month of Audible subscription.

Like these offer some value added services which do not cost much but can mean so much in the mind of customers. This is one of the ways you can create a greater sense of brand loyalty among your clients.


You can use different email templates and work your way around depending upon your target audience. But remember one thing, i.e. customers will never forget you if you send any false promotional email. So whatever you promise in the email, honor that.

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