8 Essential Smart Devices Your Home Needs in 2021

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A smart home is not an idea that you can fully implement only in the distant future. On the contrary – smart devices and home security systems are becoming more affordable and accessible today. They make your house safer and allow you to control its systems right from your smartphone – what can be more convenient?

Perhaps you already own one or two innovative appliances at your home, but you will find eight smart devices that have become essentials in this article. They range from smart garage door openers to thermostats, switches, security cameras and locks, robot vacuums and pet feeders, and many more. They will make your home maintenance more manageable and your life more comfortable. Read on and make your house smart!

#1. Smart Thermostats

Today, smart thermostats are the mainstay of smart homes. These devices allow you to monitor and control your home’s heating and cooling from an app or online account. They also let you save money on your utility bills by automatically turning off the heat or air conditioning at night or when you’re not at home.

Smart thermostats can be as diverse as your home appliances, but they all share the same benefits – saving money and keeping your house cool and comfortable all year round. Plus, some of them can even be controlled remotely so that your system can keep your home warm before you arrive back to it.

#2. Smart Garage Doors

Smart Garage Door
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You can take advantage of smart garage doors to enjoy more convenience and less worry, especially if you have kids at home. These tools let you open and close your garage door with a single tap of your phone, as well as monitor the entrances and exits of people and vehicles.

Yet, smart garage door openers go beyond these simple functions, offering such additional features as remote monitoring via an app, alerts about malfunctioning parts, and automatic closing.

However, it is better to seek advice from an experienced garage door specialist first to choose a suitable smart garage door opener for your home. Thus, make sure to look for a professional service to inspect your A1 Garage Door Service in Charlotte or your local area.

#3. Smart Lighting Systems

There is no greater pleasure for a homeowner than to come home to a bright and cozy house after a long day at work. Smart lighting systems make this possible and bring more comfort, safety, and convenience to your life. They offer a wide range of features, so there is something for everyone!

The most basic ones let you control your lights from your smartphone. At the same time, high-end models include video cameras, carbon monoxide sensors, and security sensors that detect intruders in your home. You can even choose a smart lighting system that transforms your living room and other spaces into a disco when you’re having a party!

#4. Smart Security Systems

Smart Home Security
Illustration by Anthony Gribben via Dribbble

Home security systems are essential for many people, especially when their family members are young children or elderly parents who stay at home alone. That’s why today, smart security systems are widely used by homeowners who want to use technology to keep their houses and, more importantly – their loved ones safe.

Many of them incorporate smart thermostats and other innovative solutions to improve energy management.

#5. Smart Doorbells and Cameras

A smart doorbell or camera like Vivint doorbell camera is a must-have for every homeowner who wants to see who’s at their door without having to answer it or look through the peephole. Not only will they allow you to see and speak to the person standing outside, but they will also send you a live video feed via an app on your smartphone or tablet at any time of day or night.

Plus, if someone makes it inside your house, the doorbell will notify you immediately so that you can call the police right away. It’s pretty safe to say that no burglar will be able to steal anything from you again.

#6. Smart Door Locks and Keypads

Smart Door Lock
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These tools allow you to remotely control access to your home using an app on your smartphone or tablet. They also come in handy if you need to let someone into the house during your absence without actually giving them the keys.

Most modern smart locks support keyless entry and secure digital codes to be used with any traditional key or smartphones and tablets without any additional equipment. Some models even support voice commands so that you can unlock them hands-free.

#7. Smart Pet Feeders and Waterers

Smart pet feeders are ideal for busy homeowners who make sure that their pets get fed and watered on time but can’t always be at home themselves. You can set up the feeder so that your pet gets its food at a specific time every day or according to its activity level using a smart scale.

Moreover, you can check how much food is left through an app on your smartphone or tablet so you don’t run out of supplies.

#8. Voice-Controlled Smart Home Devices

Voice Controlled Smart Home Devices
Illustration by HoangPts via Dribbble

Smart home devices such as smart lights, thermostats, and smart door locks are controlled using an app on your smartphone or tablet. But what if you’re already talking to your phone when you want to use one of them? You can still use voice commands to control your home!

Many smart devices respond to voice commands, such as security cameras, smart lights, thermostats, garage doors, speakers, and even robot vacuums. Smart speakers like Alexa or Apple’s HomePod are perhaps the most popular smart solutions that allow you to search the web, check weather forecasts, turn on the music, and much more by just using your voice.

Final Thoughts

Smart devices make your home more comfortable, convenient, and safe. They let you control and monitor your house from anywhere while also helping you save money on utility bills and keep your family safe. Innovative home security systems even allow you to see what’s going on outside your house – right now! What’s more, smart lights can transform your home into a disco, and pet feeders will make sure that your furry friend eats on time.

So, don’t wait any longer to bring the convenience of a smart home to your everyday life and choose the products and systems that will help you achieve the dream of a truly smart home!

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