Free vs. Paid Virtual Escape Room for better Team Building

In a virtual escape room, you get to know new people. This experience would benefit you in various ways. It would polish your communication skills, and you will be able to talk with more confidence because you will be talking to someone virtually. It is great for learning and polishing team-building skills as well.

Now there are two types of virtual escape rooms.

  • Free virtual escape room
  • Paid virtual escape room

Features of a free virtual escape room

Here are the features of a free virtual escape room:

1. No first time playing free at all

If you don’t have the budget or want to pay for online playing, then a free virtual escape room is the best for you. You won’t even have to pay a single penny for your first time playing.

2. Your mood gets better

If you are not feeling good or just feeling low, then a virtual escape room might help you feel better without spending any money.

3. More fun games

You get to be a part of fun games instead of mystery games in free virtual escape rooms. So if you are a fan of having fun while playing a game instead of staying focused, this would work for you.

Features of a paid virtual escape room

Here are the top features of a paid escape droom:

1. Improved communication skills

If you don’t like to communicate or don’t know how to communicate, then a paid Moonshot virtual escape room by Tryreason would help you in this situation.

If you are not playing with your friends, other people in your team might also want to improve their communication skills. So, people help each other get better with their communications skills there.

2. Polished motor skills

If you feel like you can’t focus on a single task at a time and keep thinking about different things and always mess up the tasks assigned to you, you need to play a game that will polish your motor skills. Yes, some games would help you to get more focused.

3. You learn about team-building skills

Learning team-building skills is very important for your future, whether you will do an office job or start a business. You learn about these skills better in paid virtual escape rooms.

Which one is a better option?

The answer is quite simple. You will get quality services when it comes to paid virtual escape rooms. Only those who are interested in learning something out of this virtual escape room would be there.

They would be more focused compared to people in free virtual escape rooms. If you are looking for a quality virtual escape room experience, then a paid one would work for you.

Tips to make your free and paid Virtual Escape Room Experience more effective for team building

Virtual escape rooms may be a game to many but to some people, they are very effective to develop team-building qualities.

However, playing the game is not the only thing that can help you through the process. Once you select whether you are going with a free virtual escape room or a paid one, here are the tips that will make your experience even more effective.

1. Focus on having a good time with a positive attitude

When you want to gain team working and team-building experience you do not want to have a negative attitude. Always join with a positive attitude and make sure that everyone is having a good time.

When you have a good time, you learn better. Also do not focus too much on winning the game that you forget about team-building goals. So, your priority always must be team building.

2. Know the rules

Next up is knowing the rules. You do not want to let your team down by not following the rules intentionally or unintentionally. So, before you land, make sure that you are well aware of all the rules.

Different games may have different rules in the virtual escape rooms so make sure that you understand the rules every time you play this game.

3. Communicate as much as you can

One thing that you need to be very attentive to is communication. Overdoing it is not recommended but you need to communicate as much as you can whenever necessary. Some scenarios include:

  • Sharing your thoughts about the puzzle with team members will help to solve
  • Asking for clues and sharing your clues
  • Communicating with the team as a leader or communicating with the leader

All of these ways of communication can help you in developing good communication skills and better team building.

4. Keep track of time

Keeping track of time is as important as anytime else. The purpose of this game is to solve the puzzle before the timer runs out. When you keep track of the time you can collaborate with your team in a better way.

You may also learn how teams work when time is less, and the situation becomes stressful. So, always keep an eye on the clock so you never run out of time.

5. Note all your clues and findings

As you are virtually playing the escape room games there will be no physical interaction with things. So, keeping track of different findings may be harder.

One very effective solution is to keep your notepad handy and note your clues and findings there. It makes sharing, communicating, and focusing easier. You will also waste less time this way while trying to remember things.

6. Having leadership qualities is a plus point but do not overdo it

Whether you are a natural leader or not you must try to be very efficient. The main goal of the game as always must be having fun.

While you focus on winning the game, you must never be bossy on anyone and try to calmly deal with the whole situation. If you are not in the leader’s place, you must try to finish your tasks and collaborate with your team.

7. Use a computer or a laptop for the best experience

The last tip to enjoy the game as well as to have a good team-building experience is to use your computer or laptop at least.

Using your phone or tablet may seem convenient but your overall experience will not be that good. On computers, you can do the following things:

  • Using multiple monitors
  • Using split screens for keeping track of things
  • Having a full-size experience of the virtual escape room

All of these things help you focus better.

Final Words

If you are getting bored and you don’t have anything to do, then you can go to the free virtual escape room. On the contrary, if you want to learn something and you are more focused, then the best option is definitely paid virtual escape room.

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