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Expressing oneself is one of the important things that a person can do whenever they want to say something with their friends, loved ones, and relatives. Giving it to them can help you express your feelings and some words that you cannot say out loud.

Greeting cards are decorative cards with an illustrated message that typically expresses goodwill, gratitude, and other sentiments either in a very serious and caring manner or a humorous message for a good laugh or extend condolences.

You may click here for more information on the word Condolence and its Etymology. By giving it out, you can show your appreciation and your feelings toward the situation of the person. Knowing the essence of this word can help people understand it better.

Not to mention, the importance of having a more thorough knowledge about vocabulary, grammar, and proper way of expressing oneself. The origin of the words that you are using will significantly help you incorporate them in your dialogue, sentence, and manner of expressing your opinions and aspirations in life.

Today, there is a growing trend of personalized greeting cards by making them on your own. This is seen as a more special act as it involves one own’s time, effort, and resources to produce. However, whether it is bought or done by the person himself or herself, the thought remains the same.

Greeting cards are normally sent during various holidays and on special occasions such as Christmas, the New Year, birthdays, and Halloween that are typically sent by mail. There are different types that are grouped into how they are made. You can see in bookshops a specific area where they offer different types of cards based on your budget.

The most popular among these types is the standard greeting card which is a greeting card printed on high-quality paper and is rectangular with illustrations and contains a message appropriate for the occasion. You can also choose different paper qualities based on your preferences and taste.

Early History of Greeting Cards

Greeting Cards History

The history of greeting cards may show why art cards or do-it-yourself greeting cards are one of the best ways to send your greetings to loved ones and friends, back then people did not have the means to produce or even print greeting cards.

They have been around since ancient China, although in some civilizations symbols and other forms of property were used as symbols of wishing another person good luck and fortune, the thought remains the same as the modern greeting card, it is the thought of sending loved ones and friends best wishes and a reminder that some love them.

The ancient Chinese would send messages of goodwill to celebrate various festivities such as the celebration of a New Year. In ancient Egypt, they would also celebrate the new year by sending scarabs with inscriptions wishing good luck. This is one of the things that differentiate them from other cultures around the world.

The Romans exchanged strenae, which are branches of laurel or olive that were covered with gold leaf, which are symbols of goodwill. The Romans would attach the strenae to various gifts such as lamps to also celebrate various occasions. It seems new for some people because they are not aware of this particular item.

The Romans also imparted to the modern world another thing, the practice of professing one’s love during Valentine’s Day, before the Christian era, boys would write the names on a love urn, and this practice was continued in England was it was introduced by the Romans and continued during the spread of Christianity during the celebration of the feast of St. Valentine.

With this, the first Valentine card with inscribed sentiments was produced in the 16th century. Greeting cards only got more popular as time went by, in the 1860s greeting cards were first seen to be produced in commercial quantities with holiday greeting cards being the most popular.

As can be seen, various people from different cultures have been engaged in preparing and sending greeting cards for various occasions to send messages in celebration of holidays, occasions, and events. Most people in western countries appreciate the sincerity of people who are doing the extra mile in expressing their emotions.

Modern Times

Modern Times Greeting Card
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Nowadays, they are still a popular way of sending love and appreciation to the special people in our lives and are considered as a personal expression of care and affection. If you are unsure of what design or art is most fitting for a particular occasion This link: can help you choose just the right greeting card.

Greeting cards are also a very large industry with billions being produced and bought each year and with associations in various countries that represent and look after the interests of manufacturers and lovers of greeting cards. It is a booming industry that helps a lot of people who want to create a world that allows individuals to express freely and explain themselves.

Every season, you can choose what type of card you want to give to your loved ones and family members. You can just buy to in the mall or other book shop. They come in various shapes, colors, and sizes. It allows them to create open communication with one another and prevents conflicts and misunderstandings that they will encounter along the way.

This is despite the takeover of technology in almost all aspects of life and goes to show the value of greeting cards to society and various cultures as a sincere way of expressing greetings and other messages during occasions. Indeed, technology affected a lot of people in every part of the world. It also helped a lot of businesses.

Some people appreciate more the value and importance of giving handwritten cards and letters. They reflect the way how people speak their minds and show people how important they are. To sum, it is a great help to have cards and make them readily available when you need them the most.

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