How Launching an App in This Era is A Good Decision for Your Business

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Its responsibility of the owner to take its business on the next level. Everyone has one thought running on its mind all day “How to make improvement” and I have explained the best ways that can benefit your business with the mobile application. The mobile app can help you to reach several goals.

There are 70% of the traffic that comes via the application, if you have researched about it then you’d definitely know about it, which is why many organisation are taking their business to next level by building their own mobile application.

I’m mentioning some of the examples of why many entrepreneurs liking to developing the app.

  • To save money
  • To make money
  • Everyone is building an application

If you’re thinking to develop and have an idea that’s great but your idea should be latest and realistic and have an attainable goal without them it’s not valuable.

Survey has shown that there are top three reasons entrepreneur are focusing and would like to have an app.

Foremost is increasing the sales then improve the customer experience and the third one is staying competitive. These three are great reasons to build an application of yours. With the help of mobile applications, you can make things more efficient which will help you to save your time and the money for the long term process.

By an application, you can enhance the bridge of customer and employees. The application generates profits in many ways.

There are a lot of successful companies who have successfully developed their own mobile app and now their revenue has increased.

Below I’m mentioning the companies that have an amazing and profitable launch of mobile application. These companies have the same reason or more for building an app. If your concern is as well mentioned that you should definitely go with the development of mobile app.

#1. The Freeman Company

The Freeman company provides services of events and trade to other organisation. They found that there is something missing and the process is not navigating properly in the same direction for both the attendees and exhibitors. After the discussion with the whole team of executives presented in the company they have came up with the idea of having a mobile app of their own.

To maintain the navigation they come up with the application in the market named Concierge Elite and thus they improved their customer experience as well. The application helps to provide information about the individual trade show to customer and the customer also have rights to order equipment for their booth and also gives the notification of the freight.

The application works smoothly throughout the process until the checkout and also successfully provides amazing user experience. The company has boosted the positive customer feedback.

#2. Toyota Financial Services

The Toyota Financial Services company want to improve the customer experience as well as the dealer’s experience too. The company has launched various app according to their brand version i.e.

  • Toyota – myTFS
  • Lexus – myLFS
  • Scion – Scion Solutions

Now customers are able to set the billing process for their respective vehicles. With the help of the barcode provided by the brand in the email, they can proceed with the payment process and have option for the digital payment.

The feedback of the customer has increased in a positive manner.

#3. Ustwo Games

Ustwo games are the game developer, they have launched their own application in the April of 2014 named Monument Valley.

They want to build something that will give them the profit but also free for the customers because we know that there are a large number of users who doesn’t want to spend money. The company has revenue of $1.5 million before the application but they are earning $6 million.

The growth of the company is just so rapid. The application has 30 million+ downloads. The Monument Valley has shown a great number of increment and its story is worth sharing.

#4. PitchBook

PitchBook helps to analyse the business, it is a place for investors to find other companies or organisation’s information before making a commitment.

There are several services offers by them:

  • Networking
  • Fundraising
  • Private Marketing Intelligence
  • Business Development
  • Deal Execution
  • Souring Investments

The company has felt that there is a demand for mobile applications in the market is high then they want to know more about it and found that there is 30% of the users increased in just month so the PitchBook decided to develop their own application.

They found it a profitable decision and have got benefit with $225 million in October 2016.

Know the cost to develop the application

After the understanding of the essentiality of the development of the application and showed the companies are getting the profit because of the app development. Let’s just not go through the basic principals when you’re actually going through the process.

If you are developing app then you should know the money you are spending on your plan should be worthy and you also have to generate the amount you have invested along with the profit. Don’t just cut the process, go with the process, hold it, realise it, and then show it.

Speed should be maintained in the app as its the demand of the user experience.

The cost totally depends upon the development of the application, how you want to develop it?

I’m mentioning some of the options and will also explain it one by one.

  • Custom development shops
  • Learning how to code yourself
  • Use an app-building service

Based on the functionality and the time frame you have to come up with the best choice for your business.

Custom Development Shops

Initially, you would like to build your application by someone. If we talk in the average then it would be $250,000 to develop an application with proper functionality and the process took a minimum 7 to 12 months.

Although I have already mentioned that it totally depends upon what kind of development and from where you are considering it.

There are always two option open for everyone, go with the freelancer or with the agency.

A freelancer will be easily affordable between the two choices. But if you’re working with an agency then it will for sure that the process will go in a systematic way. The dependency increased when you’re working with a freelancer as if you have too many projects to handle then the single person can be overwhelmed and things can go out of the hand.

The project could take more time to complete. If you’re in a hurry to take your business into the next level then you can go with the company because they provided you with the security as well as commitment. If you know the reputation of the person and working with an impressive design then you can consider it as it’s not the worst option to choose.

The selection process also depends upon the cost you’re investing because the way with the company can cost you higher or you can find a small enterprise for the development that has a team of 5 to 10 developers.

The reason to invest in the high agency is if they are costing you higher they will definitely provide the quality and the experience in the return.

So is it worth for you?

The companies are taking the business into the next level with the help of mobile applications. Many companies are finding it beneficial and have also decided to figure out.

Above I mentioned the companies having benefits with the mobile application and not to only them in fact thousands of are getting revenue.

Before started, you just have to clear your goal. There is no viable reason to start your own mobile app.

But if you think that you’re lacking in saving money, earning money, increasing sales and would like to increase user experience then might be launching an application would help you to come out from all these problems. If we think about the companies mentioned above then one question in everyone’s mind came that, Not all make millions in just one night.

Agreed, totally agreed but the percentage of developing an app with no profit is too less or might be there is no space for the failure. As time passes you’ll definitely get a chance to feel the benefits of having an application.

Once you find the worthiness of having an app then the next step is to finally go with the development process. You can outsource it to freelancer or small enterprise or large enterprise but this step is very important and your investment relies on this. So, you have to be patient with this step.

Or you can just learn the codes and built it from scratch by yourself but this is not the best option for all the businesses. I hope you’re very much clear with the title that how launching an app in this era is a good decision for your business?

About the Author!

Aman Mishra is the CEO and co-founder of a company; TechGropse Mobile app development company. He is an active participant in the open-source collaborative ecosystem with many years of experience in mobility solutions and implementation. You also can follow him on LinkedIn

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