How Promotional Merchandises Helps Your Business To Promote

Promotional Merchandises are the most economical way to promote business and drive instant customers attention. Nowadays, almost all big business corporations are well known for giving free gifts to customers to keep brand name alive in customer’s mind. So, if you too started a new business or running an existing business one, promotional merchandise is the best way to impress your target customers. These products provide a specific objective to people to visit your place or enhance the curiosity about your new products or services.

Type of promotional merchandise when you are starting out with promotional products, the array of options might be totally overwhelming, but it helps to identify them by the group first. Following are given below options:

  • Apparels
  • Pen /Stationery products
  • Desk/Office/Business accessories
  • Calendars
  • Bags/ Travel Gear
  • Glassware/ ceramics
  • Mementoes/ Trophies
  • Clocks/ Watches/ Emblematic jewellery
  • Magnets/Buttons/Badges/Ribbons/Stickers/Lanyards
  • Automotive accessories
  • Sporting goods/Leisure products/Travel accessories
  • Computer / IT products / Accessories
  • Games/Toys/Playing cards/Inflatable items/Soft toys
  • House-wares/Tools/ Utility products
  • Textiles
  • Electronic devices/Phone cards/USB sticks
  • Personal pocket/Purse products
  • Food gifts
  • Retail vouchers
  • Corporate hospitality events/ days out

Now, let’s know a bit more about how promotional merchandise help your business to promote:

#1. Enhance Brand Recognition

Brand recognition plays an important role to promote a business or to boost the company’s sale figure. Higher the brand recognization, the more business opportunities you have. So, promotional products are the best way to boost your brand value in the market and help in remembering and recognizing your business for the long run. This is the basic reason to give away promotional items. As per the study, 89% of people call the advertiser of promotional merchandise on the basis of the past two year’s gift.

Most of the useful gifts became part of the gift holder’s home, office or cars for long-run. So, the next time when a customer sees your logo, he will instantly recall your gift and your brand. The business can be more in the good books of customers if he received any branded or a high-quality product from you.

#2. The Best Alternative For A Business Card

Business cards work as a great representative of the business. The same way your promotional products works. They represent your business but in a better way than sole business cards carrying your name and address. So, when you are distributing the free gift to your customers, you are actually introducing them about your business. As per the survey, approx 72% of the people remember your business name when they receive any useful gift from you. So, while using promotional products don’t forget to mention the name, logo, and contact information (if possible) on it. Many social welfare societies also use slogans defining their noble cause or for spreading some typical message. These tangible items work great on business promotion and well known for a business alternative.

#3. People Appreciate It More

Distributing Flyers, brochures now become part of a traditional marketing campaign. People hardly notice your advertisement on these platforms. But, on the other side, useful and high-quality promotional products are highly appreciated by people. As per research in America, 83% of people over there prefer to receive promotional products. And the most common parameter among them is that they all like useful gifts.

#4. Wider Your Customer Approach

As the power of the promotional product is not limited to the receiver, but it has a much wider scope. First, when the person its self uses your product the image about your brands get deeper into his mind and whenever require he prefers to take your services from the concerned company only. Second, when other people see the receiver using your product, they always consider it the best quality. So, they themselves want to take advantage of your services.

#5. Economical Strategy

In a cutthroat competition, all business wants to win an advertisement race, but at a minimum cost. They all dream of conducting an overwhelming advertisement campaign that spread all over divergent media. But, at a very low cost. So, to deal with their issue, there are many low-cost promotional products available in the market for startups.

Many manufacturers of promotional products keep their product price at a very low for mass distribution. As the price of these gifts is low but their impact on customers will be definitely high. As per the survey, 57% of the startups use daily use durable items for their business promotion, that put a great impact on customers.

#6. Create Customer Loyalty

It does not matter the size of your business, but your customer loyalty is more important. As per the survey, repeat customers spend up to 67% more than the new customers. Additional, acquiring a new customer is ten times more expensive. But, acquiring new as well as maintaining existing customers both are important for business.

So, make your promotional product of fine-quality, preferably use branded products. People compare the premium quality of the gift items with your business quality. This will help you in keeping the customer from the first time to forever.

Bottom line

For the new business startups, it is crucial to find out an appropriate promotional product. It would be great if you add promotional products in your marketing mix. Moreover, branded promotional products create buzz for your company and brand. But, be ensure that gift item must be innovative and well-planned. It will create a great impact on the target audience and will help raise your brand’s profile.

About the Author!

Ethan Lee is an entrepreneur and marketing specialist at Logopro which is one of the best supplier of corporate gifts & promotional products. He is a part of team for developing new marketing solutions for business clients. When he finds a time for writing, he loves to share his experiences about creativity, teamwork and related business topics.

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