How Your Small Business Can Benefit from Security Systems

In previous decades, the grainy, black-and-white, digital video surveillance systems depicted a significant breakthrough in enhancing security and monitoring measures for businesses across the globe. But as technology progressed over time, so has the quality of video security systems.

Today, video surveillance systems like closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras have come a long way towards protecting people. Time and time again, they have proven their vital role in keeping the company assets of both big and small businesses protected.

Through key functions, including deterring vandalism, theft, and other criminal activities, this type of security system ensures not only the safety of your business’s infrastructure but also the well-being of your employees.

Apart from safety, digital video surveillance systems offer a number of other benefits to businesses:

  • It helps boost the productivity and efficiency of your business as it enables owners and managers to monitor and manage their employees and how they do their tasks more effectively, allowing them to focus more on core business functions.
  • It can assist in resolving internal disputes as it gives business owners an unbiased perspective of any reported wrongdoing including workplace discrimination or even sexual harassment. In knowing what really transpired in the office rather than hearing out multiple people and relying on hearsay, managers can draw conclusions and resolve incidents based on actual footage.
  • In the case of criminal activity, it provides business owners reliable evidence of the crime committed within the premises while also helping authorities identify the suspects.
  • It can help keep operational costs at a minimum as business owners don’t have to hire multiple security personnel to monitor critical areas around the office at all times. Surveillance cameras can easily be installed in strategic areas, giving security officers a bird’s-eye view of key areas for more efficient surveillance.
  • It can improve customer experience. Aside from providing a sense of security, video surveillance systems allow business owners to observe the behavior of their customers. This gives them crucial information to better serve their customers and make things more accessible and convenient for them.

With the right system in place, video surveillance can be one of the most powerful tools in ensuring your business operations run smoothly. There are several crucial features to look for in a good video surveillance system depending on the industry you operate in, such as coverage, day and night recording, remote access, and video quality.

Additional features you may want to consider include motion sensors, night vision, real-time transmission, facial and voice recognition, automated security alerts, and mobile-enabled systems.

If you are considering getting a digital surveillance system for your business or looking to upgrade your current systems, check out the latest security system facts and emerging trends, weigh the advantages and disadvantages, and explore the various options available in the market today. This way, you can make an informed decision and install the right system that fits your business’ needs.

How exactly can security systems like real-time video surveillance help small businesses?

Just like protecting your online assets from vulnerabilities and threats or installing a strong data security system to fight against cybercrime, it is vital to have a complete arsenal of tools and tactics in place to keep your place of business from security threats.

Security System Benefits for Small Business
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Here are six other benefits and reasons why security cameras and surveillance systems are an excellent investment both for big and small businesses:

#1. Increase overall office or store safety

With businesses being four times likely to experience break-ins compared to homes, it is crucial to install high-definition CCTV cameras that are positioned strategically across your office or store. This way, you decrease the chances of being hit by robbers.

Apart from that, digital video surveillance systems throughout your establishment can also deter workplace violence and even stop sexual harassment in the office. If such incidents happen within the premises of your business, you can present substantial evidence to the authorities against the accused and protect your employees.

Knowing there are CCTV cameras in place can also empower employees to report workplace violence and harassment.

#2. Prevent fraud, all forms of vandalism, and theft

It was reported that typical establishments lose up to 5% of business revenue to fraud, but quality surveillance systems have been proven to reduce this threat dramatically.

According to a report led by the U.S. Small Business Administration, a single incident of vandalism or defacing of property results in business owners paying an average of $3,370 for repairs and may sometimes lead to more losses if the repairs interrupt regular business operations.

In terms of theft, a Bloomberg study of 392 restaurant participants revealed that operational surveillance cameras installed strategically and conspicuously decreased theft by at least 22% while boosting business sales and profits by at least 7%.

On top of all that, video surveillance systems are scalable. You can further increase sales and leverage the benefits of surveillance systems by installing more cameras into your system network and adding in more features as your business grows.

#3. Recognize shoplifting and proactively deter threats before they even occur

According to Cox BLUE, 60% of shoplifters were reported to hit the same retail chain in at least two different locations, while 20% were detected in the same retail chain in three or more locations.

With an integrated digital video surveillance system enhanced with facial recognition features, business owners can effectively identify shoplifters and report them to the authorities. In having videos on hand of the suspects caught in the act, business owners can easily provide admissible evidence in the event of a legal case.

Apart from reducing company losses from shoplifting, video surveillance cameras have also been proven to help with business strategy as they make it easier for business owners and managers to track customer behavior within the store and determine high-traffic locations across the establishment.

This allows companies to leverage the data to make well-informed decisions in terms of the placement of goods, counters, and other key assets.

#4. Improve brand perception and brand loyalty by boosting customers’ sense of security and care for their well-being

The presence of a quality surveillance security system highlights that you care about your customers, which can ultimately help create a good impression for your brand.

Brand loyalty can stem from various things, including building trust by ensuring that you as a business owner show that you genuinely care about your customers’ safety. This can substantially increase the likelihood of repeat customers and purchases that will eventually lead to loyal customers.

CCTV cameras aren’t just investments to protect your business but also encourage customer loyalty. But why should you prioritize and invest heavily in creating customer loyalty around your business? That’s because loyal customers’ purchases can provide up to 80% of your business revenue and increase profits by around 25 to 95%.

Taking into account that it is five times easier to retain a repeat customer than acquiring a new one, installing surveillance systems to improve your customers’ perception of your business is indeed a good investment.

#5. Provides your small business an added layer of protection against lawsuits

In the event that a customer, another business, or a competitor is suing you and you strongly believe that they are wrongfully accusing your company or any of your employees, you can review your CCTV footage and provide evidence against the complainant.

For instance, there have been many cases of fraudulent compensation claims within the manufacturing industry by employees for accidents that occurred in the workplace. Often, they’ll report a forced or fake injury to make money.

With video surveillance cameras spread across your facility, you can easily discredit their claims and accusations while discouraging others from repeating the same transgressions. In addition, in case actual accidents happen in the workplace, you can confirm the claim and examine the footage to take immediate action and make changes to prevent any more of your employees from getting hurt.

#6. Conspicuously placed CCTV cameras with burglar alarm systems prevent break-ins

It has been proven that over 60% of store burglaries are forcible entries—meaning culprits take their time to plan when, where, and how to strike. With a good surveillance system in place, you can stop these kinds of activities before it even happens, as long as you conspicuously place your CCTV cameras.

In making things complicated, burglars are more likely to be discouraged from targeting your store as they know your cameras are strategically placed.

Key Takeaway

When considering CCTV cameras, it is important to note that you can’t reap the actual benefits if they’re not strategically installed throughout your business establishment, no matter how high-definition your CCTV cameras are.

You need to create a well-thought-out plan for where you should place your surveillance cameras—but where should you put them to maximize security within your store?

It is recommended to install your CCTV cameras in the following areas: (1) Points of transaction; (2) entrances and exits; (3) reception; (4) storage areas; and (5) exterior, including parking lots and nearby streets and other outdoor areas.

About the Author!

Michael Hrinishin is a technical sales manager at Industrial Video & Control (IVC) and focuses on customer project management. In his role, Michael evaluates customer video application requirements and recommends appropriate technical solutions including conceptualizing the architecture and components of IVC camera systems.

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