How To Build Links Using Testimonials and Reviews?

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Most companies use testimonials and reviews as a way to gain their customers’ trust and learn more about what their ideal customers need. Feedback and reviews are also a great way to find out what changes need to be made to your product or service.

However, using best SEO testimonials as a link building tactic is often overlooked. But testimonial link building is such a simple and understandable method, which for some reason, is ignored by a fairly large number of specialists.

If you want to make your product sellable and in demand, use the addition of this tool! Of course, it’s simple and as effective as possible, which is why your business should build website reviews. What is testimonial link building and how to use this method? We will find out further in the article.

Why do you need to focus on testimonials and reviews as a link building tactic?

There is no doubt that online shoppers today have a vast range of options to choose from. For this reason, companies should take a responsible and detailed approach to create the best-structured sales funnel.

Positive Recommendations / Reviews
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In this post, you can find out more detailed information on this topic.

 icon-angle-right Establish trust and authority

The testimonials page on your site is not only helpful for the customer in the decision-making process, but it is also one of the best ways to build trust in your business from customers. Thanks to these reviews, your company will be able to become an authority among buyers.

A study by Bright Local found that 68% of consumers are more likely to buy from local businesses with positive reviews, and “91% of consumers aged 18-34 trust online reviews as much as they trust personal recommendations.” And this is not the only case. There are several more examples.

 icon-angle-right Improve SEO and Ranking

It’s worth adding that search engines (like Google) know that your site has been updated with fresh and relevant content for every new feature or review you receive.

When your business website is updated, a new crawl opportunity is introduced, which means your page may rank higher depending on the quality of the new review. But how can testimonials and reviews also improve your chances of ranking for long-tail keywords?

By analyzing customer comments, you can discover new phrases that you can use as keywords to optimize your website. With every testimonial or testimonial you submit, search engines will see your company name and website alongside relevant keywords and phrases, which can help build website authority.

 icon-angle-right Earn backlinks and unlinked mentions

Reviews benefit three parties: the consumer, the business in question, and the reviewer. Writing quality reviews for free increases your site’s visibility and visibility through backlinks or unrelated mentions.

By the way, if you are wondering what mistakes you can make in creating and implementing a strategy, read the following five bad SEO practices associated with different ways of link building.

4 Steps to Link Construction to Reviews

Do you want to build site reviews as efficiently and safely as possible? These 4 life hacks will help you with this.

4 Best Ways To Acquire Backlinks for Your Business Website

#1. List Relevant Sites

Make a list of products or services that you use on a daily basis, especially in your business. Consider their relevance to your company.

If you are a content agency, a backlink to your review of the editing tool will be more helpful than a backlink to your review of a new pair of shoes. If your review is published on a company website, domain authority or Alexa rank is another thing to consider.

#2. Check out the possibilities

Not every company offers a way to submit reviews directly on their website. If there is no local place to post a review, check the company’s contact information to find the email address.

Review sites like Yelp and Foursquare also offer the ability to leave reviews and rate businesses, although they’re not personal. If you use a review site, make sure to include your company name and website on your profile. You also have the option to share the review on your website as a blog post.

#3. Write or create a unique review

Create an authentic review with good personalization. Inspire trust and authority and use multiple relevant keywords in the text.

The presence of keywords and phrases alongside your business name in your review can increase your business’ relevancy to those keywords in search engine crawls and increase your brand awareness online.

Here’s a unique way to create a review that isn’t just text but ends up being a cool little video example of how we use a particular software application every day.

If there is a product or service that you particularly like, you should take it a step further. Share your review or mention the company in a blog post on your website and add a backlink.

#4. Lend a helping hand

What does this mean? That means it’s time to contact the company! Be sure to include your company name and website when submitting your review to provide an opportunity for a link back to your site.

If the company doesn’t link to you, they will probably still include your company name. This is also quite useful because even unrelated mentions can be useful.

If you wrote a review or mentioned it in your blog post, be sure to include a link to the post when contacting the company. You can even use an excerpt from your content as an official review.

Off-Page SEO Strategy

Among other things, we want to draw your attention to off-page SEO. This thing is responsible for your reputation and can greatly affect the ratings.

In 2021, this approach was being praised by website owners and Google as a way to boost domain authority and improve overall domain trust.

Also, the more SEO backlinks that drive traffic to your site, the more leads, readers, and buyers you get. Improving off-page SEO will show significant results if you do it right.

Grow B2B Relationships with Testimonials and Reviews

There is no point in hiding the fact that building genuine business relationships can be a very difficult task.

It is important to consider that modern people quite often write a review while mentioning one of their favorite products or services (on their own blog or on their social media page). But this should be done as sincerely, objectively, and tolerantly as possible.

By the way, new companies that have recently entered the market will especially appreciate this gesture. To further develop your relationship, follow the news of the company and communicate with them on social networks. Once your review is posted, share it on your social media and tag the company.

By establishing a trusting relationship with other companies, you will have a lot of additional opportunities for backlinks. In addition, you will have a chance to cooperate with a certain company in the near future.

Brand photography

By the way, in addition to reviews, today, a high-quality corporate photograph plays a huge role in the promotion of a brand.

The rapid development of technology, the introduction of artificial intelligence into everyday life, and the rise of e-commerce contribute to the fact that brand photography will be of great importance in the next few years.

Once you learn a few photo tips, you can use them to promote your own products or services. In addition, you have the opportunity to make this thing an integral part of your marketing campaigns.

High-quality, modern, bright photos will help emphasize the individuality and features of your brand, product or service. In addition, they can directly affect the emotional background of a potential buyer.

These photos will create a certain image of your brand in the mind of the client. It is worth considering the fact that many people perceive information in the best way it is visually. That is because they process it much faster than some boring text.

Besides, high-quality pictures break long reads into several parts and make texts more comfortable to read.

Update your link building strategy

Testimonials and reviews are an easy and effective way to build quality backlinks and build credibility with customers and other competing companies. In addition, these two tools can significantly improve your site’s visibility.

Of course, writing or requesting certain reviews is, in many cases, much more convenient than any other standard, hackneyed and far from always effective link building methods! You should update your link building strategy to include testimonials and reviews.

Moreover, it will only be a great bonus if you decide to build an authentic, long-term and truly trusting B2B relationship. After all, they are an excellent investment in your business for the long term.

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