How to Create a Professional Job-Winning Resume

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Securing a good job in a multinational or well-reputed company requires experience and expertise in your relevant field. Landing your dream job is what you strive for every day, doing random jobs to have an ample amount of experience at the end of the day.

Whenever we talk about the job-hunting phase of our lives, one of the most significant aspects of the entire process is the resume.

It all depends on how well-curated and well-presented your resume is, how well are you presenting yourself, and how well you fulfill the criteria required to secure the relevant job.

All these aspects are covered in your resume. A potential HR manager would take 10 seconds to scan your resume and your personality overall.

Your resume should be well-defined and eye-catching, covering all the key points that are the core requirement for the job and you’re good to go for securing your dream job.

A resume is your personal marketing document that portrays your entire life on a piece of paper. One needs to carefully go through the job description and requirements of the job to understand what the HR department is searching for.

Standing out in a highly competitive market where everyone tries to be better and far better than the other person is the most difficult yet challenging thing for a person to cater to.

A good resume covers all the aspects of your education, achievements, and experiences, which further decides your capability for achieving the job position you’re looking for.

It can be frustrating at times, but everyone must work harder to get better in life. Achieving your dream job can be a long journey for you but will always be worth doing.

Moreover, in this article, we will be discussing the important sections that a resume must contain to get the relevant job for your needs.

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8 Steps to Create Professional Job Winning Resume

A good resume summarizes your entire education, work experience, and achievements in one place within a page.

One needs to understand the fact that the hiring individuals within any company are experienced to the extent that they require less than a minute to analyze your entire performance.

Make sure to read the job description carefully and add relevant information that could increase your chances of being the best fit for the role.

Make efforts to create a professional and well-curated resume that reflects your values and vision towards the company and the specific role.

Here are 8 steps that can help you in creating a job-winning resume that would be beneficial for you while applying for any job title you’re seeking.

1. Relevant Information

One needs to do their homework before applying for any job. A well-described job description contains all the information and requirements that would increase your chances of being selected.

You need to gather the relevant information and understand which phrases or keywords are being searched in your resume by the hiring department.

Organize your achievements and skills, that would be a bonus for securing the job.

2. Resume Outline

There are various templates and outlines regarding different jobs, and one needs to have a good understanding of what are the demands of your job.

There are three standard formats, each containing the same information by just organizing them differently. Your experience level decides the suitable format for your resume.

However, the chronological resume format is the one commonly preferred that highlights your work experience solely. If you have been consistent in your professional field, this is the best format for you.

Moreover, functional resumes are preferred for people applying for the first time for any job highlighting their skills and abilities that make them valuable for the company. Here’s a reference for a chronological resume.

Chronological Resume
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3. Contact Information

After getting a basic understanding of how to gather information and selecting the best format, you will be starting your resume with your personal information which consists of your name, contact number, email address, and house address.

A LinkedIn profile link would also be preferable. This is one of the important sections of the resume as your contact information will make it easier for hiring managers to call you for an interview if feel interested. All the information should be mentioned at the top of the page for visibility.

4. Objective Statement

This section briefly describes your abilities that would fit best according to the requirements of the job.

It highlights the key information regarding your experience or what type of job you’re looking for in three to four sentences.

Make sure that the objective statement is kept short and to the point with the company name and desired position mentioned.

5. Relevant Skills

There are some skills that a person possesses but there are some skills that are the core requirement for the job.

By identifying the relevant skills that the hiring manager is looking for, one can decide what skills should be mentioned to make a strong resume.

Your soft skills such as communication, teamwork, problem-solving, time management, and adaptability might not be as big to you, but these skills reflect your personality, and managers seek them at times to identify your confidence.

However, some hard skills such as writing skills, management skills, computer skills, etc. can help you in securing the position easily as these skills are valuable for the company.

6. Work Experience

While keeping in mind the objective statement, make sure to highlight your achievements and skills such as management skills or leadership skills.

Your voluntary work, internships, and self-employment experience, it is all counted as experience due to the exposure it provides.

Ensure to add relevant keywords such as enhance, improve, maximize, etc. to make it scannable. Try using bullet points to make the resume readable.

7. List Down Your Education

As much as your work experience is counted for any high-level job, your education makes you valuable for the role.

You need to mention only your highest level of education as that is usually the requirement. Add your education with the completion date.

A typical education section in the resume consists of your university name, completion date, city, and the program that you have done. With this brief information, you’re good to go.

8. Certifications and Achievements

The certifications and achievements section should be directly below the education section as most of the certifications achieved are during your educational years.

Overall, in your career be it educational or professional, certifications indicate your worth and value in the industry.

All the achievements throughout your career are mentioned in the certifications section. This section shows your dedication and passion to participate, perform, and learn at whatever age you are.

These certifications indicate your expertise in the field and should be mentioned according to the job requirements. Training programs are to be included in this section.

Importance of a Well-Curated Resume

 icon-angle-right Interview Selection

By creating a professional, well-designed resume, there are major chances for you to secure the position for the interview.

Your resume should be eye-catching and attractive for the hiring managers who reach out to you for their company.

 icon-angle-right Competitive Advantage Over Other Candidates

A professionally made resume always comes in the eyes of employers and grabs their attention. Your resume speaks volumes about your personality and that is where you get an edge over other candidates.

To steal the show, your confidence does wonders, making you the best candidate for the responsibility they are offering.

 icon-angle-right Showcase your Accomplishments

The section on achievements in the resume indicates your accomplishments that you’ve achieved over the years.

Your strengths, skills, and achievements enhance your chances of getting the job. An experienced employer would easily evaluate whether you’re suitable and the best choice for the role.

 icon-angle-right Career Opportunities

Having a professional and well-curated resume can open several doors for your career opportunities.

Keep your resume up to date, with the latest accomplishments, to advance your career and unlock better opportunities to make yourself valuable in the industry.

 icon-angle-right Attention of Employers

The resume that you’ve submitted to the company holds a significant place in the eyes of the employer.

Having a resume that is perfectly formatted, and according to the basic guidelines of creating a resume, grabs the attention of the employer at an instant.

 icon-angle-right Increased Confidence

When you’re confident about yourself, you live in a positive headspace. Similar is the case with your resume.

If your resume is well-designed, it puts you in a positive headspace boosting your confidence. You must believe in yourself, and it motivates you to perform better in life.

Get your confidence boosted up and land your dream job in a well-reputed company.


As this article gives detailed information regarding creating a professional resume, it depends on the skills of a person and how well they adapt the information.

Your resume is your entire hope while applying for any job so make sure to make it valuable for the person scanning it.

Moreover, one needs to ensure that whatever information they’re providing in the resume should be relevant to the requirement of the role the company has to offer and you’re good to go.

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