How To Create a YouTube Channel for Your Business

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Youtube is one of the most popular video-sharing platforms. It is also the most used search engine after Google. With the world battling the Coronavirus, where most of the businesses have suffered majorly, the usage of social networking sites has witnessed a massive hike.

Youtube has grown considerably, where today, it has more than 2 Billion users, which is one-third of the global population. So, if you’re looking forward to creating a youtube channel but don’t know how to, then this is your ultimate guide! Through this article, you will understand tips and tricks on how to make money online via Youtube.

10 Simple Steps Build Your Brand YouTube Channel

Here are the simple ten steps. This is how you put on your director’s hat and create your brand on Youtube:

  1. To begin, begin!
  2. Showcase your channel
  3. What is your market
  4. Introduce your channel
  5. Time for action
  6. Use the power of SEO
  7. Be persistent
  8. Market your channel
  9. Create your family
  10. Observe, take feedback, Work, and Repeat!

Now, let’s discuss in detail what are the steps that you need to take to build a Youtube channel that will advance your business.

#1. To begin, begin!

Often, we just keep planning about things, but rather than starting, we keep on finding excuses. Therefore, to begin, begin! Start with the basics. To start your business with Youtube, you will first have to create your channel. Thanks to Youtube, creating a channel is pretty simple and would take just a couple of clicks.

  • Open the Youtube app or website and log in with your details. Once you’re signed in, click on the user icon located at the top right.
  • Go to your account’s Youtube settings by clicking on the gear icon.
  • Now is the moment of creation! Click on Create a new channel.
  • After creating, select “Use a business or other name.”
  • Now put your brand name and finally click on create.

#2. Showcase your channel

Now that the first step is done, let’s move on to the process, which will draw attention to your channel. This will be through your channel description and profile. Be careful about what you put because this is what your viewers will see. Speculate it as the first impression you create on the viewers. Your channel description should be a small introduction to your brand. It should tell your viewers about what to expect and what they will be watching.

Pro-Tip – Channel description is a great place to add links to your social media networks and official website.

Once you’re done with the description, focus on the large banner which displays the channel name. This is the cover for your brand. Ensure that it’s attractive. You can use graphic designing websites like Canva or also get professional help.

#3. What is your market

Since we are focusing on building a Youtube channel that focuses on boosting your business, you should have enough content to work with. The more material you have, the more flexible you will be in presenting the video.

If you are focusing on showcasing complicated products, video tutorials are a prominent way to get started. If you want to win the faith of your viewers, show reviews and testimonials of your product. Your video could also be aimed towards targeting the demographic of your business. This can turn your viewers into your customers.

#4. Introduce your channel

Before you release the movie of your brand, build a little excitement among the viewers. This is where a short video is helpful. Think of it as the trailer! Channel trailers are a great way to introduce your brand to new viewers.

Your trailer can be a mini video about the channel’s theme and what type of content your followers can see. You can use an VideoCreek intro maker to create a crisp intro for your video. Your channel trailer can be the stepping stone towards releasing your first official video.

#5. Time for action

Once your trailer is up, it’s time to show the real game! Your trailer would make you somewhat familiar with the steps of creating and uploading a video. Now is the time where your lights and camera are ready, and all you need is the “action.”

Once you have finalized your first video’s shooting and editing, it’s time to upload it. To do that, click on the upload option located at the top right of the screen.

But the story has just begun! You’re just getting started. Once you finish uploading the video, you will be given the option to fill the title, description, and put tags to your video.

A lot of beginners make an error of ignoring this step. The next step will explain why this step is crucial. But remember, this is the step that will make your video discoverable, so keep it simple yet effective.

#6. Use the power of SEO

You were previously informed of the fact that Youtube is the second most used search engine. Your title, tags, and description work together to make your video discoverable.

When you use keywords on your title and description, your SEO ranking improves, making your videos more discoverable. As you grow, you will understand the role of optimization and how it can do wonders for your channel.

Moreover, if your video meets Youtube’s optimization parameters, it can show up in the Google search. So ensure to play your cards right!

#7. Be persistent

Youtube will test your patience, much like any other platform where you can sell your business. So, if you expect that one video can build your business, don’t! You will have to be very regular with your uploads. Be consistent and remember these words by Dwayne Johnson, A.K.A The Rock:

Success isn't always about greatness. It's about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come.

Dwayne Johnson A.K.A The Rock

Therefore, after your first video, be ready with the next few videos. If you manage to use SEO properly and upload videos consistently, you will notice the surge in your viewers.

#8. Market your channel

It is the era of social media. Instagram and Facebook are hailed as the best platforms to market any brand. So do use the power of social media to market your channel.

Also, remember to create an outro for every video. You can easily create it using an VideoCreek outro maker. Outro videos may be short, but the impact they make stays for long, especially in terms of marketing the channel.

Once you feel comfortable in the game, think about investing in Youtube ads. It is not necessary, but definitely an effective way to give an extra push to your channel.

#9. Create your family

To create a channel that has loyal supporters, it will require patience, understanding, as well as persistence. But one more thing which a lot of video creators neglect is engagement. When you engage with your viewers, it makes them loyal to your brand.

You can do this by simply organizing a Q&A session, liking comments, and replying to the comments or through social media. Moreover, Q&A sessions are a great way to understand your audience and take feedback.

#10. Observe, take Feedback, Work, and Repeat!

By now, you might have guessed that success on Youtube is a long term process, and one has to work consistently to grow their business.

But one more essential step is to analyze your videos and your audience. Your observations will lead to better optimization, which will improve the quality of your video. Analytics will also give you more in-depth insight.

So, remember AOR, Analyze, Optimize, and Repeat!


Remember these above steps as they will help you on your journey to becoming a successful YouTuber. But most importantly, engage with your viewers, work on SEO skills, and be persistent.

That’s all you need to focus on, to build your business on Youtube.

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