How To Enhance Team Productivity With Project Management System

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Being a project manager is like being an artist, you have the different colored process streams combining into a work of art. – Greg Cimmarrusti.

It’s true. The project manager performs multiple tasks while coordinating with the team to keep the ongoing project progress aligned with the client’s expectations.

The project manager sets the goal, assigns priority-based tasks, creates a positive culture, ensures seamless communication and collaboration, keeps the team motivated, and leads the team to ensure high productivity, and stays up to date with new disruptive leadership trends.

However, making the project a great success with conventional project management is a hard nut to crack. Especially, remote working- the by-product of pandemic time has made it a little more difficult for the project manager to ensure high productivity.

It’s because identifying whether team members performing their job or sitting idle/busy in the chat is implausible. This is why project management failure rates are increasing.

The missing ability to assess team performance at micro-levels makes the project suffer or fail. Brushing up the project manager’s leadership skills is not the only solution to get the work done efficiently.

Instead, embracing the right Project Management Software is the excellent solution that unearths productivity issues easily and fosters team members to give their best shot across all stages of project development.

What is project management software?

A Workast project management system is a powerful tool in the development company’s arsenal that ensures the best project management.

It allows the project manager to best handle the project with project planning, task scheduling, timeline setting, resources management, and insights into team member performance centrally on a single platform.

Not only the manager, but it encourages all the employees to complete the work on time as the project management system facilitates seamless communication and collaboration with other team members and clients.

Undoubtedly, with the best project management, the team can exploit the full potential of the team and exceed the client’s expectations.

How do project management tools help in enhancing team productivity?

The project management system is bundled with a bouquet of features and functionalities that helps in taking productivity to higher levels.

How do project management tools help in enhancing team productivity

Here is the list of project management system tools that help project managers lead the team and get the project delivered successfully.

 icon-angle-right Create a strategic plan, that’s qualitative

Crafting the project strategy and its documentation lays the foundation of project planning. The detailed documentation is done alongside crystal-clear communication with the client to ensure both- client and team are on the same page. Project SWOT analysis helps in knowing that the team has all the capabilities and resources needed for the project.

The project planning done at the initial stage won’t make the job over because it’s an iterative process where the plan is revised multiple times as the project advances.

Project management system makes strategy creation and sharing with the team damn simple as every team member has access to the project management system that helps them understand how project tasks will execute.

Besides, the project management system excels in documenting the changes made to the plan and notifying the same to the team members. Documentation makes it easier to review the series of changes made during the project audits.

 icon-angle-right Guarantee stellar communication

29% of the projects failed due to poor communication.

Traditionally, miscommunication is cited as the biggest reason for project failures by the employees. The unwanted confusion and stress negatively hamper the team’s productivity. The challenge of the absence of transparent communication among team members is best addressed by the task management tools.

79% of team members use the comment function on the task management system for improved coordination. The software allows team members, managers, and clients to connect and communicate smoothly. The glitch-free collaboration keeps the members satisfied and allows them to bring winning outcomes.

The remote access, custom access to data, and file sharing facility enable the team to have a clear idea of project scope and discussion topic that makes them actively involve and share the feedback. Also, it prevents unfortunate disputes and the chances of over/under expectations.

 icon-angle-right Systematically enlist what to do

The team members working on different parts of the projects often get engaged in solving multiple things. It becomes difficult to set a clear vision for the short-term projects and track the goals.

The inadequate vision or goal illustration makes 29% of the projects fail. The task management software like- Tudu’s data visualization helps a ton.

The manager can update the tasks in the Calendar from where the team members can view and manage the allocated tasks. The Timelines and Gantt view enable tracking project progress and deadlines in easy-to-view formats.

 icon-angle-right Smartly allocate tasks and their priorities

Every member of the team has different skills and expertise that makes them perfect for different parts of the project development.

The project manager delegates the tasks as per the experience and capabilities of the team members. The recurring task management allows managers to create tasks on the board, assign team members, and update their priority while ensuring zero error.

The tasks prioritization is reset depending on the circumstances so that team members can seamlessly switch between tasks according to their priority.

Otherwise, the change in project objectives and inaccurate explanations to employees make 37% of projects fail. The efficient tasks allocation, priority ranking, and notifying the members of any update in task priority to improve the team productivity.

 icon-angle-right Bring a sense of commitment

It’s experienced that team members perform actively on the project at the beginning, but after some time, the performance goes southwards.

Making the team works energetically on the project is a difficult task for the project manager. However, the manager when makes the team feel responsible for project success. The sense of belongingness channelizes the energy towards project goals.

The project management system helps in collecting and analyzing the past year’s performance and capabilities of all the team members.

This, in turn, helps the project manager in creating the relationship among team members according to their performance evaluation that further lets them work together collaboratively. The automated procedure makes the decision bias-free.

 icon-angle-right Making the development intuitive

The team members who started the project not necessarily will remain the same till the end. The existing members leave the company and new members join the board.

The situation becomes difficult for new players as it’s difficult to make them understand the project from the beginning when they have joined the project halfway. The confusion let the new members down and hurt productivity badly.

With user-friendliness and easy-to-navigate elements in the project management system, the new members can easily understand procedures and working system, which allow them to keep up with the ongoing project at ease.

 icon-angle-right Reports & charts generation

The project performance evaluation is a daunting task conventionally. The project management system is an answer to this problem that enables managers to generate project performance reports daily, weekly, or monthly.

Also, the time reports allow digging deeper into the performance of every member by providing a detailed view of the time spent by every employee on the project.

The interactive Gantt charts help in viewing resource allocation, task management, dependencies, and project performance from the bird’s eye in the form of bar graphs, pie charts, statistical views, and others. 60% of project management professionals said they use a Gantt chart for 50% to 100% of their projects.

 icon-angle-right Resolve remote working challenges

58% of project management professionals work remotely while only 14% work together in a central office.

Remote working has become a new norm post-COVID. Increasingly, organizations shifting the office work to a remote work style to trim the expenses. Hiring and managing the virtual project team-related issues are resolved by the project management system.

The software allocates the tasks, updates the priority, and notifies the team members, which makes them fairly work on the project. The improved access to information keeps all the members on the same page, which eliminates the chances of miscommunication that negatively impact productivity.

The real-time information allows the manager to overcome the challenges and make the right decision at the right time. The custom role defining and limited data access ensures the project information remains safe.

 icon-angle-right Identify and eliminate unproductive tasks

The big picture of the project from start to final delivery allows team members to know the project objective, set various objectives, and remove less productive activities.

The app’s workflow assessment unveils if the efforts are heading in the right direction or taking the team away from the project goal. The standard working hours are set for the particular task to ensure the valuable time won’t get wasted.

The project management system is jam-packed with tools that run tests and analyze results with complex data processing methodologies to create the standards for time and resource utilization for a specific activity or task.

Plus, some functionalities randomly capture screens and block sites automatically to keep the employees focused on the tasks and perform to the peak efficiency.

Embrace the Best Project Management Software!

The project management software industry is a whopping $5 billion and is expected to hit nearly $6 billion by 2027.

The alarming figure states that companies have started giving more credence to project management systems. However, spending bundles on a project management system is a big thing, but its enormous benefits pay off to companies in dividends, which makes it worth enough.

The project management system is turning project management into a collaborative effort that brings project success with improved team productivity. It makes perfect sense to integrate a project management system into project management DNA.

Get in touch with the right project management software provider to know more.

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