How to do Mobile App Remarketing through Google Adwords?

Coming in front of clients repeatedly or more than once is sometimes crucial for making some potential clients react or take a decisive action. Often the first campaign only facilitates an initial interaction and for grabbing their attention. But that often does not help in engaging them further until you continue reminding them about your brand presence. That is precisely where the importance of remarketing is felt more than ever.

In many cases the benefits of the initial campaign is not realized at all until you come up with a remarketing campaign. For a tremendously competitive digital field like mobile app it is more important. Remarketing campaign lets you show your brands and advertise your app to people who already visited the app. This is one great way to lure good number of people back with a renewed campaign. In nutshell, remarketing ultimately welcomes you back at the competition for visibility and grabbing attention with more vigour.

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Now based on the experience and response created by the initial campaign this time marketers can even fine tune their effort with analytical approach. In the one hand, this renewed campaign will let you take your app to the attention again and on the other hand, the remarketing campaign by taking notice of visitor’s behaviour within the ad or attention received by them can further target different audiences with separate ads. This target based messaging ads can further make your campaign dynamic and fetch more results.

Benefits of remarketing campaign

For driving app download or for increasing discoverability and visibility of your app remarketing can be a great strategy with more focus on increasing the return on investment (ROI) for advertisement campaigns.

  • Reaching people who shown interest: Through remarketing you can connect people who earlier visited your app or description page on your website or on the app store. You can readily assess their interest when they are looking for your app, visiting your website or other web pages, commenting and asking regarding the app or coming to your app page from another similar app. People showing interest, are more likely to download it. But you need to strike the iron when it is hot and remarketing is the best tool to reach them.
  • Objectively driven remarketing campaign: Unlike first time campaign, a remarketing campaign has the advantage of knowing what works for a kind of people. You can tailor your remarketing list of potential customers as per the earlier feedback from the campaign and set objective goals.
  • Larger reach with tools like Google Adwords: When driving the remarketing campaign through large scale tools like Google Adwords you can reach millions without losing focus on campaign directed towards potential customers.
  • Dynamic campaign ads for different customers: You can make the remarketing campaign dynamic by creating different types of ads for different potential customers. With different advertisement copy, images and video you can tailor-make ads.

Reach wider audience with Google Adwords

Google Adwords remarketing lets you connect potential users who have shown interest in your app or visited your app initially but then could not make up their mind. Generally remarketing helps in reconnecting people who just went away after the initial footfall. By relevant reposting of ads through Google Adwords you can connect people on various digital platforms including web, social media and mobile apps.

Google Adwords has more than 2 million active monthly users per month and that is why reconnecting the previous visitors is extremely high. Naturally, for connecting the potential people who already shown interest in your app there cannot be a broader and better platform than this.

Here below are some effective steps to begin with the Adwords remarketing campaign for your mobile app.
Step 1
At first for the respective mobile app you need to generate Google Adwords remarketing code and this requires following simple procedures as mentioned below.

    After going to the site you have to open the Shared Library in the left menu option.
    Now after setting up the remarketing provides an email ID where you want to receive the remarketing code for the mobile app.

Step 2
Now through the Tag Manager you have to add the remarketing code to your mobile app. Here below we mention the procedure in detail.

  • You can integrate Google Tag Manager in your mobile app. It facilitates ease of integrating and working with various codes.
  • Now after integrating Google Tag Manager to each and every one of your app screens add the remarketing code.
  • On the basis of the variety of in-app user actions you can create a detailed custom remarketing list now.

Step 3
Many apps actively use Google Analytics in their apps. The apps using this analytic tool need to enable the advertising features respectively in the Google Analytics SDK V4 for Android and Google Analytics SDK V3 for iOS. To enable this you have to collect the advertising ID and for that you have to modify the tracking code.

Step 4
Now it is time to create a remarketing list for your campaign. This requires you to go through simple procedures as mentioned below.

    Go to Shared Library option in the Adwords account and then select audiences.
    Now prepare the remarketing list and give it a name.
    When the list is created, provide remarketing conditions and save the entire changes.

Step 5
Do you feel the need for a fresh campaign for remarketing? Here below are the procedures for creating the ad campaign.

  • In the Adwords account go to the ‘Campaign’ option and offer a proper name for the campaign.
  • Now select remarketing option and campaign budget.
  • Finally it is time to fix the parameters for targeting.
  • In the end save the campaign you have just created.

Tips for a successful app remarketing

Having provided the technical steps for setting up your Google Adwords remarketing campaign we should also draw your attention to some strategic considerations for ensuring success. Setting clear objectives and devising a well planned strategy these two things are equally important.

Clear objectives to meet client expectations

Like in other digital marketing manoeuvres you have to set the objectives clearly before all. Obviously the ad campaigns are targeted towards potential customers and they look forward to get answer for their queries. Naturally, your campaign by providing the answer to what they want to know can connect them better and lure them downloading the app.

Remarketing will only help reinforcing the brand with renewed interest and by doing that may increase discoverability for your app to a great extent. The potential users who already visited your app earlier can be lured again with well targeted remarketing campaign.

  • Make a detailed and priority based list of target customers.
  • Give priority to customers who already visited your app or shown interest in it.
  • Now figure out different expectations and queries of customers in relation to your remarketing campaign.
  • Figure how to address each different query through your remarketing campaign.
  • Lastly ask whether the campaign is set right to increase discoverability for your app.

Well planned remarketing strategy

Before setting up the remarketing campaign you have to go through a careful planning regarding the remarketing target lists and how you can segment the campaign as per the user data analytics and responses of previous campaign you already have. Every aspect in the campaign should be a well guided one with proper analytics backing it. The list of addressee is a too important factor for the outcome of the campaign and so while preparing this do not haste.

  • A remarketing strategy involves several steps including feedback from analytics tools and your earlier campaigns.
  • Figure out which particular metrics in your app analytics are essential to know the potential target customers for your campaign. All the metrics may not be useful and following all of them can be confusing as well.
  • After coming with the list of target customers divide them into different segments as per the metrics. For example, customers visited your app earlier just through an in-app advertisement can further be segmented according to the level of interests shown. A handful of them were on the verge of downloading it, many of them found it intriguing to stay longer on the description page than others and rest of them just visited once showing a casual interest. Now for these three segments you are likely to have different strategy.
  • The campaign should be planned according to the interest, focus, purpose and other user specific data of each group of users.
  • More specific you can make your campaign in addressing different segments of users, higher you have the chance of conversion.
  • From making a gross list of potential customers to segmenting the list in different groups according to analytics metrics, it is an involving process and should not be hurried.


Finally, everything planned properly and done as shown in steps mentioned above your Google Adwords remarketing starts automatically and the campaign becomes live in few hours the potential users continue go get reminded of your app. Remarketing is really a powerful and dynamic marketing strategy to reconnect users and potential people on digital platforms. Particularly for mobile apps it is an ensuring way to stay discoverable and prominent on the mind of users.

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