Infographic: How To Build Your Own Marketing Funnel on Social Media

Have you ever heard about social marketing funnel? If you’ve never heard before, than this article will explain to you n more detail with simple and make you sure why you should have one.

Infographic belongs to explained that the use of social media and email to flip the sales funnel, turning existing customers into your greatest advocates and sales people. This is because there is a difference between traditional marketing and social media marketing.

What you have to do is understand facts that 92% of consumers trust word of mouths above all other advertising and that is a little surprising that as many as 82% of small businesses say a word of mouths marketing is the most effective way to find new customers.

This infographic also explains the word of mouths marketing by social media platforms as much as 68 % likelihood to buy in twitter and email, this figure is much higher than the likelihood to buy in Facebook which only 51%.

Curious how to build a social marketing funnel? Wondering how you can measure the impact of this social marketing? Scroll on down and make yourself become the lucky marketing.

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Social Media Marketing Infographic

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