Infographic: Why You Should Use Pinterest for Marketing in 2014

Well, you know that all the marketer nowadays using social media for they business, but do you know what social media will dominate in 2014? I guess the first social media appear in your mind is Facebook, but you are wrong.

Based on the research of digital marketing Omnicore revealed the quite surprising results, one of which Pinterest users worldwide are 70 million people and Pinterest can attract 1,090 visitors per minute. Amazing right? Today’s using Pinterest to grow a business is promising enough. This article will explain to you How to start use Pinterest for your ecommerce business article. So you can utilize it to the maximum.

Almost all users perform activities using this medium. As you can see in this infographic that originally published on, categories such cooking and dinning as much as 66% of users will share it in Pinterest than be compared share on Facebook or Twitter . This is because based on the results of the survey showed that as many as 73 % of people will feel entertaining in taking his time pass on Pinterest . Of course the results of this survey will contribute to the development of commerce; it also supported the fact that average Pinterest user has a household income of over $ 100,000 per year.

Let’s take a look at the infographic below to find out more tips about using Pinterest, in these tips you will easily understand because it described with simple and quite detailed.

[Click on the image to enlarge]

Pinterest for Marketing Infographic

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  1. Andy says

    I don’t understand these charts.

    “Top categories of activity by network”: these percentages don’t even add up. What do these numbers even mean? Was it from a survey? What was the sample size and audience?

    That is just one example do how poorly this info graphic attempts to communicate the value of using Pinterest for marketing.

  2. […] Infographic: Why You Should Use Pinterest for Marketing in 2014 […]

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