Latest Updates For Shopify App Store Optimization: Complete Guide

Shopify is a leading eCommerce platform. And being the leader in the industry, it is always searching and implementing ways for app store optimization. Shopify wants merchants and business owners to thrive using their eCommerce platform.

Recently, Shopify launched a few new features that will enable Shopify developers to optimize their apps in a better way.

This blog will discuss the latest Shopify app store Optimization updates. We will also cover how to leverage these updates when you hire Shopify developers to ensure your app is optimized for the Shopify app store.

Shopify’s Latest App Store Optimisation Updates

 icon-angle-right Reinvent Your App With Built For Shopify

Minimal constants and easy access to Shopify functionality translate into the creation of high-performing and powerful apps that seamlessly integrate within the Shopify admin.

Shopify’s new App Design Guidelines give developers a precise understanding of how to develop a state-of-the-art Shopify app with an optimal look and feel.

Shopify app design guidelines encompass insightful recommendations highlighting what it takes to build an app that merchants and customers will love. These guidelines also cover design guidance in realms pivotal to user experience. The major components of the guide include:

  • App structure
  • Layout
  • Visual design
  • Content
  • Navigation

Apps that fulfill Shopify’s enhanced criteria to become eligible for promotion on both Shopify Admin and App store’s highest converting platforms. Therefore, when you hire a Shopify app development company ensuring to follow the app design guidelines enhances your Shopify App visibility.

Polaris is a UI library that is home to several pre-built app components that help you create an app that looks, functions, and feels native to the Shopify interface.

However, “Built for Shopify” takes an enormous leap towards advancement by offering guidelines that precisely explain how your Shopify developers can develop components that align with Shopify’s UI. This new release also embodies best practices for structuring your app and improving overall User experience.

So what’s the difference between Shopify App Store requirements and the “Built for Shopify” update?

Simple differences the simple difference is that Shopify’s App Store requirements are mandatory to get your app listed. However, the new design guidelines are typically optional but highly recommended to enhance User experience and improve visibility within the app store.

Therefore, when you hire Shopify developers, ensure to integrate these design guidelines during app development.

 icon-angle-right Mobile Loading Optimisation

In the current century, a significant volume of online audiences depends on smartphones to browse through eCommerce stores and applications. And therefore, from search engines to app stores, mobile loading is becoming increasingly important for any eCommerce Store.

And Shopify is no exception. To give the store visitors an easy and smooth experience, your Shopify developers need to focus on mobile loading and optimization.

Here are simple and easy ways to get started with mobile optimization:

  • Reduce any unnecessary CSS or JavaScript files.
  • Ensure all links load quickly.
  • Don’t forget to evaluate the page height, width, image size, and resolution.
  • In the final step, test your application for store performance on various mobile devices and determine which works best for you.

 icon-angle-right Build Shopify Apps Quickly With New Developer Experience

Shopify’s launched new CLI 3.0. This has significantly simplified and streamlined the app/store development process by minimizing the number of commands required to get started with app development. In fact, the number of commands has been reduced from 13 down to just 5.

Furthermore, you can now utilize a single project for your app/store and extensions and then push your whole project together.

 icon-angle-right Data Protection Will Remain An Integral Component For Futuristic Shopify App Development

Shopify gives customer satisfaction top priority. And that’s why Shopify ensures that every shopper visiting any eCommerce store developed using the Shopify platform offers an optimized and safe shopping experience.

Shopify data protection solutions will protect and safeguard your applications from unauthorized access and data theft. Consequently, your eCommerce platform will become a safe solution for you and your users.

 icon-angle-right Leverage “Functions” In Native Shopify Features To Fulfill Unique Business Requirements

Functions provide a powerful way to extend Shopify’s backend logic, enabling your developers to configure them according to your store requirements without ever touching code.

For instance, you can develop and deploy discount customizations, configure them in the admin and distribute them in the Shopify App Store.

 icon-angle-right Analyze Critical Data And Generate Valuable Insights From Your App Using Shopify

With the new GraphQL Admin API, you can directly extract Shopify’s analytical data to render valuable business insights without the hassle of dealing with data transformation.

Discrepancies between your business reports and Shopify’s data are now a thing of the past. Now Shopify app development company can deliver analytical experiences with minimum effort.

You can also use the GraphQL Admin API for end-to-end management of segments in Shopify’s customer database. Extract, create, and update segmentation data in your Shopify app.

Enhance customer engagement through segmentation based on purchase behavior, geographical location, etc.

 icon-angle-right Enhance App Functionality With Embedded App Improvement

The latest App Bridge improvements allow direct embedding of your app within the Shopify Admin. The full-screen mode displays advanced functionality. It also highlights app features in the admin for sophisticated use cases.

 icon-angle-right Direct Integration Of Your App’s Navigation Into The Admin

The App Bridge allows Shopify developers to integrate your app’s navigation directly into the Shopify Admin using the new App Nav functionality.

Make your embedded apps look and feel like they’re genuinely a component of Shopify while also making the process easier for users to discover and use your app.

Why Choose Shopify For Ecommerce Development?

Why choose Shopify for eCommerce
Image by jcomp on Freepik

 icon-angle-right Diverse app store with extensive tools

Similar to iOS and Google Play, the Shopify ecosystem is also powered by an App Store containing 1400 free and paid apps designed to enhance the functionality of your online store.

In fact, some of the available tools help with shipping, reporting, social media management, customer service, inventory management, understanding visitor interaction, etc. You can use these metrics to improve overall customer experience and store functionality.

 icon-angle-right Easy to develop and use

With Shopify’s “plug and play” solution, you can easily design a store without getting into the intricacies of technical development from scratch.

Shopify offers over 100+ professional, desktop, and mobile-ready storefront ‘themes’ to select from.

First Impressions are important, and these themes help you develop an online store that looks aesthetically appealing and makes it easier for you to build trust and credibility with visitors.

You can select from a wide variety of both free and paid themes available in the library. The paid or premium themes also offer various customization options.

 icon-angle-right Marketing and SEO benefits

The effectiveness of Shopify SEO is a combination of the flexibility of the software itself coupled with the marketing and SEO knowledge of your Shopify expert.

Shopify offers exceptional SEO functionality, offering you the feasibility and functionality to edit meta tags, place collections, products, and descriptions in an SEO-friendly way in the browser.

Typically, Shopify gives the online store owner a great way to optimize the site’s content. However, as mentioned previously, some understanding of SEO is required to get optimal outcomes.

 icon-angle-right Franchise Friendly

Your Shopify webstore can be optimized for growth, leveraging the in-built enterprise-level support. Adapt your Shopify online store to accommodate a greater number of locations and international expansion. Increase your user’s options for currencies, payment methods, and more.

 icon-angle-right Payment Options

Shopify is home to 100+ payment gateways offering you and your customers immense flexibility. With an integrated gateway called Shopify Payments (available in specific countries), no transaction fees are charged apart from standard credit card fees.

 icon-angle-right Store Insights

Shopify’s advanced eCommerce analytics is critical for measuring the success of your marketing campaigns. Assess your performance in real-time and get detailed data and reports on your sales activity to improve your marketing strategies.

 icon-angle-right Support

The platform offers unparalleled 24/7 support. You can also join discussion forums in the Shopify Community and directly learn from a Shopify SEO expert about SEO improvements on Shopify and boost your sales.

 icon-angle-right Cross-channel selling

Shopify has made it extremely simple to sell across various channels and platforms, specifically via Facebook using the Shopify Facebook App.

Furthermore, Shopify also offers capabilities to sell on various other platforms, like Twitter, Houze, Pinterest, Wanelo, etc. All of this is essential for online stores to grow their potential audience base and improve sales numbers.

Wrapping Up

As the world’s leading online shopping platform Shopify always tries to ensure that its users have the best possible shopping experience. To do this, this eCommerce key market player launched various updates within its app store.

From extending native Shopify features to improving data privacy and rolling out “Build for Shopify” recommendations, Shopify has come a long way to make the shopping experience convenient and enjoyable, translating into more conversions.

In simple words, Shopify’s latest app optimization updates are crucial to follow when you hire Shopify developers to work on your Shopify project.

Elsner has experienced developers to help you unlock the best possible chance of success with Shopify development.

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