Most Important Factors to Consider When Designing A Logo

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A logo is one of the most important element that helps to establish a brand or an organization in the market. It in many ways works as a communicator between a company and its targetted customers. Branding is the most important part that works behind the sucess of a company or an organisation. If you are a logo designer and assigned to design logo for your client company you need to be very careful. First you need to understand the purpose, target customers and the requirement of the company and their business. Second you should take care of the budget they draw for the designing job.

Logo Design Factors to Consider

On the other hand a client or an organization should also have some ideas on logo designing despite of appointing a logo designer to design the logo of the company oh their behalf. They should at least know the purpose of a logo. First they should understand well the purpose and the type of logo they want. Then only they can hire a professional logo designer or a logo designing firm. Only after that the budget, deadline or the design can be decided.

Should Symbolize Your Business

Logo Design Factors to Consider

A logo should always symbolize you and your business. Only a great logo can summarize your entire business within it. People should remember the logo at one go. If they cannot remember the logo it can be said surely that they cannot remember your business or organization. On the designer’s part, the logo should be simple yet catchy. The logo may contain design or infographics but it should clear the name of the brand or the organization. If you take a look at the logos of IBM or Coca cola you can understand how simple yet effective they are to remember. On the other hand a complex logo my look different or better but it does not at all serve the purpose.

Match with The Purpose of Your Business

While designing a logo a designer should always remember that the logo should match the theme and the purpose of the business or the company. A logo represents a company and there should be some elements and the feel which will draw the target audience towards the company. Once a logo designer underestands these things it becomes quite easier for him design the best logo for his clients. If the company represents promotes a class then their logo should contain simple yet classy colors and designs. A designer should try to avoid creating a flashy logo which may not go with the image of the company at all.

Elegant and Memorable

Logo designing is all about creativity and the logo designer should be genius and creative enough to create a logo that is different as well as elegant. Sometimes it becomes difficult to develop a unique logo. But this is the only way you can taste the sucess in the highly competitive market. The logo should be elegant and different. But do not forget the thin line between complex and different. While searching for different and elegant logo logo designers often end up creating a complicated logo which people tend to forget easily.


Logo Design Factors to Consider

Image source: Coca-Cola vs. Pepsi, Revised Edition

A logo designer should always create such logos that are lasted for years. In short the logo should be eterneal along with its appeal. You should be very careful while choosing colors for the logo. Use of colors changes every day and using bright or shocking colors may end up losing its appeal after a few years. The design of the logo should also be smart enough to be continued over the years. As the logo cannot be changed it should be designed such a way so that it can have eternal appeal.

Creation of a good quality logo may take some. It can take days or months. It takes a lot of discussion between the logo designer and his clients. Sometimes a logo designer require to work on different projects at the same time. But he is expected by everyone to produce the best logo. That is why he is being paid for. It is only possible for a good designer to saatisfy al his clients as well as himself. If the designer keep these factors in mind he can produce such a logo which can be a boom for both the organization or the brand and of course for his career.

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