Marketers Can Get Organized with This Innovative Tool

Many organizational office supplies feel obsolete nowadays. Physical filing cabinets are usually replaced by online storage tools like Dropbox. Sticky notes and paper calendars aren’t necessary to keep track of events since most people use their smartphones for reminders. And employees don’t need a drawer full of highlighters, pens and colour-coded labels because they can make all of those edits on their computers with the click of a button. Everything has moved online.

You should add one more online tool to your catalog. If you do, you can guarantee that your marketing team is more organized and your task results are more accurate than ever before.

What’s the Online Tool?

A lightweight enterprise software like Morphio can conduct online data analysis for your entire firm. It collects data from multiple online platforms, including websites and social media accounts. Then, it sends you a comprehensive report of that online performance and notifies you whether you’ve reached your digital marketing KPIs.

You can use it to manage all of your clients marketing data in one place and to give you instant alerts whenever it detects an anomaly. So, you can react as quickly as possible when a surge of attention comes to a client’s home website or if there is a noticeable drop in social media responses.

How It Helps the Staff

Marketing data analysis is a tedious task for staff members. They have to go through multiple online platforms and track any changes in performance, record it in a report and analyze the findings. And then they have to repeat the process for every other client that your firm is working with. They won’t be excited to get to this task on their daily to-do list.

Don’t let yourself get caught up in the panic that artificial intelligence ruins jobs for hard-working employees. When it comes to digital marketing, an AI-driven prediction platform can only shift the tasks of employees — not make them useless to the firm. Employees will be relieved to have more time to complete essential tasks like contacting clients, brainstorming campaign ideas and teambuilding with coworkers.

How It Helps with Productivity

Artificial intelligence also increases productivity at work because it completes a task much faster than a human could ever do it. Manual collection is slow, and it’s limited by the staff schedule. Automatic collection is happening constantly and won’t be limited by work hours, coffee breaks, weekends or holidays.

Another way that this online tool can increase productivity in the office is by eliminating factors like human error — no matter how experienced your staff members are, they can still make mistakes. You don’t want a simple typo to spoil your reports. Having accurate results means that you don’t have to worry about making wrong predictions, upsetting clients or disrupting busy schedules.


Organize your marketing team with this AI-prediction software. Get fast, accurate results for every one of your high-priority clients. Delegate your staff to more exciting tasks. And increase productivity by decreasing the time spent completing manual tasks and responding to errors. With this tool, your chaotic work week will be so much simpler.

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