These Modern Skills are Necessary to Thrive in This Technological Age

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As a society, we are constantly evolving. People, technology, and even the environment continuously adjust to various new changes every day.

Change is happening everywhere, and it affects every aspect of our lives, including our skills. It is true that the skills that we use to overcome everyday challenges also change as time goes by.

You need an up-to-date skill set whether you are a fresher entering the workforce or experienced professional seeking promotion. Developing new skills is extremely crucial and important to stay relevant in the ever-changing modern world. Throughout everyday life, we rely on certain skills for various circumstances.

In this article, we will share some of the most useful skills you can develop to help you deal with the obstacles you face every day.

the most useful skills you can develop


In addition to your physical security skills, you should also develop the ability to protect yourself online.

With over 30 million cybersecurity attacks occurring every year, it’s shocking that very few people are aware of the risks, even if they have the right security measures to protect themselves from such threats.

Similar to any other skill, cybersecurity can also be self-taught.

You can protect yourself from several different cyber threats with something as simple as using a virtual private network with robust encryption and security protocols.

Furthermore, a virtual private network has many other benefits as well. For instance, It enables you to unblock geo-restricted streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Disney Plus, etc. Other benefits of virtual private networks include secure remote access, torrenting, and internet freedom.

As business moves more online and shifts to cloud storage, cybersecurity demand is at its peak. In order to be a successful cybersecurity professional, one must possess a wide range of skills. Here is the list of top eight cybersecurity skills:

  • Computer networking and system administration
  • Understanding of operating systems and virtual machines
  • Security controls for networks
  • Computer programming
  • Cloud Security
  • Security of the blockchain
  • IoT (Internet of Things)
  • Artificial intelligence (AI)

Knowing How To Use Technology

In a world where nearly 82% of job openings require some form of digital skill, you need to close your growing digital skills gap as quickly as possible.

World investors are making huge investments in technology, but they’re also seeking individuals who can easily grasp that technology.

Employers always look for individuals capable of keeping up with new emerging and improved technology.

There is an ever-increasing need for individuals with digital skills to help companies keep up with today’s different technologies and platforms.

As we know that it is impossible to have a deep understanding of every system or platform; however, you can have an advantage by demonstrating a solid handle on computer programming, cloud computing, the use of artificial intelligence, and the essential security tools such as virtual private networks, etc.

Web Development

Despite what some may think, web development still plays an important role in any marketing strategy. Today, many people believe social media platforms have eliminated the need for conventional websites, but that isn’t true.

With that being said, online interactions have shifted in recent years, with social media sites, mobile devices, and apps dominating the charts. It has changed how people shop, chat and find information online.

However, the Web Development industry is one of the most diverse and in-demand professions today. And if you are one who wants to become a Web Developer, there are plenty of opportunities for you in this rapidly growing industry.

Digital Marketing

Using digital marketing skills, a person can connect and communicate with existing and potential customers via a variety of electronic platforms. Only a few years back, numerous marketing trends and job titles didn’t exist. However, the marketing world is constantly evolving and has now entered firmly into the digital realm.

Nowadays, organizations across the board are actively looking for digital marketing experts to help them grow their online presence, brand awareness, brand building, website traffic, and online conversions.

By using direct marketing principles and new digital media, businesses can create an engaging customer experience and encourage real-time interactions that are fully measurable.

Today, even marketers in traditional marketing positions are expected to have a basic understanding and appreciation of online marketing channels. And if you’re currently looking for a marketing position, you must have a good knowledge of digital channels in order to keep up with the competition.

Inspiring leadership

Leadership skills don’t belong to any particular group. Regardless of your occupation, you should develop and hone your skills as a leader.

It does not mean just having good management or supervision skills. It means being able to implement your ideas, methods, and processes while encouraging and embracing others to do the same.

Developing your self-awareness and holding yourself accountable is another important characteristic of good leadership. When a crisis happens, it is your duty as a leader to take responsibility and hold yourself responsible.

Effective leadership requires you to understand public relations, negotiation, research, and management.

Analytical Thinking

The Society for Human Resource Management conducted a study that found 37% of employers felt their candidates had difficulty with analytical thinking.

With the availability of untrusted news and data in today’s world, it is imperative to think rationally to ensure a fair evaluation and make informed decisions. Analytical thinking is inherently part of what we all do every day to dig further into things to understand them better.

To succeed, you need to understand the given project, task, or assignment.

Innovation and Creativity

Machines and artificial intelligence have already taken over many analytical and other operating systems roles. However, one advantage that humans still possess is the ability to think outside of the box.

Don’t mistake creativity for only being part of the world of art or costume design. On the contrary, creative thinking is essential to almost every profession.

As human society constantly evolves and adapts, everyone must become creative in order to overcome obstacles and challenges.

Preliminary Judgment

As social media usage has grown and our understanding of mental health issues like depression and anxiety has improved, we should be less judgmental of people based on their first impressions.

Rather than judging people on their profile picture or based on things they said on Twitter decades ago, you should try giving them a second chance. You reap what you sow; how you treat people determines how they treat you.

Empathy and Compassion

Empathy and compassion get pushed to the back burner in our digital age. Yet, developing empathy and compassion requires reading non-verbal emotional cues in real-time and feeling what the other person feels.

Today, young people’s capacity for empathy has diminished, and texting does not provide them with the necessary training to develop this essential human skill.

Texting cannot provide nonverbal feedback immediately as a real conversation can. When a person is communicating by screen, there is no eye contact, no reading facial expressions, and no subtle cues.

A person would easily offend a friend and not even know it. As more communication occurs on screens, that empathy muscle gets less and less exercise.

We are all equally distracted and choose “Likes” over compassion.

The ability to have empathy is very useful, as it often helps us understand others so that we can help them or deceive them, but there are times when we need to switch off our empathetic feelings to protect our own lives and others.

Get Ahead or Get Left Behind

The digital revolution is ultimately defining the personal lives of individuals increasingly. So as they look to grow professionally, the brands they most identify with will be ones that are digital-first, ethical, sustainable, and offer a flexible work-life balance.

Likewise, technology is constantly changing, and you need to keep up with the technology and develop the right skill set to stay relevant.


We must know ourselves before engaging with others, and most people do not have the time or space to identify who they are. Therefore, despite what they seem to be on social media, their digital persona is not who they are.

Social media is an artificial construct designed to get feedback and validation from its “audience”; however, it takes so much effort in creation and maintenance to discover their true selves.

Having self-awareness helps us make better decisions. It gives us a greater sense of self-confidence. As a result, we communicate with clarity and intention. It allows us to see things from multiple perspectives. It liberates us from our preconceived notions and biases. It helps us improve relationships.

Closing thoughts

We think it would be interesting to rate ourselves on each of these (say on a scale of 1-10) to identify which ones we need to improve. To avoid this being a completely subjective assessment, you can reach out to colleagues and friends and ask them to rate you on the same scale.

Thanks for taking the time to read. Do you think there are other skills we should include? If so, We would love to hear your thoughts and comments.

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