Online Reputation Management (ORM): The Definitive Guide

Managing the online reputation of your brand is one of the most important and ongoing tasks, which is responsible for creating, cultivating, and maintaining the brand name. It is almost like managing reputation traditionally. In the case of online reputation management, you have to concentrate on building a digital image, so that whenever any target customer is looking for your brand, he comes across only positive reviews that have been given by the best customers.

Consider yourself to be a public relations officer for any rock star. If you are trying to keep the bad press at length and grab positive coverage from the media, you have to concentrate on burying stories associated with scams and other negative stories. You have to concentrate on leaking good news like working within the local community or charitable donations. This is traditional reputation management.

Online management of reputation differs in the sense that you have to concentrate on generating, improving, and responding to reviews that customers leave regarding your business. You should focus on popular sites like Yelp, Google My Business, Angie’s List, etc. According to, reputation management is undoubtedly vital in the current internet age.

What Online Reputation Management Involves

Given below is a list of the important things that online reputation management normally involves.

  • Deploying reputation management software for soliciting reviews from different customers and working on distributing them to different review sites.
  • Adding schema markup to the website.
  • Remaining proactive and requesting customers to leave reviews regarding the business.
  • Respond to positive and negative reviews.
  • Promoting all positive customer reviews with the help of paid and owned channels.

Why ORM ought to be a key piece of any Online Marketing Strategy

Here are some regular advantages of compelling on the web notoriety the executives for E-business brands

Consumer loyalty Improve the fulfillment of clients by picking up input about the upsides and downsides of items and administrations from different clients and important activities are taken by the brand.

 icon-arrow-circle-right Create Brand Advocates

Better social tuning in an ideal reaction helps to expand positive input of the brand by starting chances to talk about and tune in with purchasers on the web.

 icon-arrow-circle-right Contender and Consumer Analysis

Provide significant bits of knowledge with respect to the opposition and increment mindfulness about the impression of clients about a specific item or administration.

 icon-arrow-circle-right Reinforce Company Internally

Increase the estimation of partners by essentially decreasing the potential danger of not monitoring the popular assessment of the business.

 icon-arrow-circle-right Showcasing Integration

Integration of various promoting channels and creates associations with the conventional types of online media with client produced content.

 icon-arrow-circle-right Aides in Public Relations

Online Reputation Management helps a great deal in Public Relations since it can give early admonition signs and you can control the general brand message on practically all advertising channels.

Limit Internal Cost-Effective usage of ORM instruments can essentially diminish the inward expense of recognizing escape clauses for items and administrations that can be adjusted at an early age contingent upon request and purchaser conduct.

Importance of Online Reviews

Earlier, disgruntled customers did not have a lot of audiences and when negative experience sharing was concerned, they could only discuss with their immediate friends and family. Back then, widespread dissemination of reviews was unlikely. However, this has completely changed in the current age that you are living in.

Almost 8 in every 10 customers believe in online reviews, which suggest that every new consumer is going to go through online reviews before he decides to finally make a purchase.

Given below is a list of important reasons as to why online reviews are so important.

#1. They are present everywhere

If you have noticed, there are more online review sites right now in comparison to what there were earlier. This means that online reviews are now present almost everywhere. Suppose you are a customer and you are interested in purchasing a particular product from a particular brand. If you Google, you will come across both types of reviews regarding the product and the brand.

More positive reviews will boost you towards purchasing the product while negative reviews will make you look for another brand. Therefore, it can be stated that reviews are almost everywhere and you need to be careful about what you are doing with your brand to make sure that you are successful in bringing in new customers. You need to understand that as a business you can never shy away from reviews.

#2. They help businesses rank

Several studies conducted have confirmed that any online review is undoubtedly one of the most important ranking factors and it has a correlation with the volume of responses, reviews, and local search results.

#3. Reviews can act as social proofs

You cannot deny that social media is one of the most important parts of the purchasing methods right now. Whether your products are good or bad, they are going to be reviewed by customers on their social media accounts as well. Therefore, it can be stated that reviews are acting as social proof of whether your products are worth purchasing or not.

#4. Reviews can be used as trust signals

The reputation of your business is the most important thing that you should be concerned about. Potential customers keep looking at reviews so that they can make purchase decisions perfectly. When you display 5-star reviews on the website, potential customers will get a trust signal and their decision of doing business or purchasing services and products from you is validated. For more information on this, visit the reputed website of

Best ways for monitoring reviews

To manage your online reputation, you have to concentrate on monitoring the online reviews that you are receiving. Several studies have stated that if you are not responding to comments, it can have an unwanted and negative impact on your ranking and most importantly, your business reputation. Moreover, if you are not attending negative reviews, it can be extremely detrimental to the online reputation. Therefore, managing online reviews is a must.

You can use reputation management software; however, general sites like Google, Yelp, and Facebook have to be monitored by you. You have to go through all the reviews and make sure that you are replying to them. If you are not, it is not going to be good for your brand. You can tackle reviews in the following ways:

#1. Create Google alert:

This is an automatic notification, which is going to arrive in the inbox in case if the company name has been mentioned anywhere.

#2. Conduct a brand search:

You can conduct brand searches for the company name across social media sites to make sure that your name has not been mentioned anywhere in a negative way.

#3. Use Hootsuite:

Apart from making use of Hootsuite for scheduling posts, it can be used for monitoring what your customers are discussing about you. You can set up streams for Twitter, Facebook, and other networks, which will show the mentions regarding your brand.

Online Reviews – Written by Whom

Given below is a list of the five categories of consumers who write online reviews.

  • Consumers who are interested in sharing their frustration after any negative experience.
  • Customers who are interested in praising a particular brand after a great experience.
  • Customers who are interested in feeling empowered by showcasing their opinions and views.
  • Customers who are interested in being recognized for the knowledge that they have.
  • Customers who are interested in becoming a part of the community and want to give something to the entire community.

Managing the online reviews that you receive is extremely important because your reputation depends on that.

Basic Tools for Online Reputation Management

#1. Radian6

Radian6 is an astounding apparatus that permits you to successfully tune in and draw in with a discussion via web-based networking media space. In the event that you are a notable brand and a lot of online networking discussions are going on around the globe or a particular area about you and in the event that you might want to gauge advertise estimations about your image, at that point this is an extreme device that offers such a significant number of fascinating highlights.

Radian6 is a paid apparatus and thinking about the cost factor, it’s not the best wagered. In any case, on the off chance that you have a necessity for enormous scope observing and you likewise have the spending at that point clearly take the plunge.

#2. Assumption Metrics

Assumption Metrics is another apparatus for online notorieties the executives that give you profound bits of knowledge into what is being said about you on different stages in a convincing visual structure.

The center advantage of utilizing this administration is that you get email makes sent aware of you at whatever point you have a terrible press. It’s a paid apparatus

#3. Mentions

Mentions are one of the most usable on lie notoriety the board instruments. It checks the entire web including every single social medium channel and tells you progressively at whatever point somebody specifies your image name or even objective keywords.

At Scroll Mantra we are utilizing mention to follow online discussion out our image, our customers’ image and most focused on keywords or even contenders. It’s easy to understand interface makes it exceptionally simple to utilize.

Then again, you can get everyday outline cautions, which show you the mentions for a specific day. It has different designs for a free arrangement and different plans are the paid ones (light, ace, and undertaking).


Irrespective of what you are doing, you need to constantly keep track of your online reputation. Without a perfect reputation, customers are not going to come to your brand for purchasing services or products. Therefore, you need to ensure that you are being extremely careful when it comes to online reputation management.

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