Powerful Marketing Campaign Ideas for Healthcare Businesses

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Given the increasing competition in the healthcare industry, your organization needs to employ powerful marketing strategies to deepen relationships with its patient audience and stand out from the crowd.

Like most businesses, a healthcare business should pay special attention to its marketing tactics in order to thrive. Consumers nowadays, including those seeking healthcare services, are increasingly preoccupied with how an organization advertises its services and its overall brand image.

That 78% of consumers used Google and 27% WebMD to search for healthcare information or facilitates is clear proof that digital presence matters for healthcare companies.

In other words, the time when word of mouth was the only marketing tactic to lure consumers is long past, as people now have choices. And you have to do your best to fall into their list of favorites.

Jumping on the latest marketing bandwagon won’t be simple. But if you take baby steps and consider out-of-the-box marketing ideas of the likes mentioned below, your chances of being the first in the mind of patients are higher than you think. Read on to find out what we’re talking about.

Set up digital signage

Digital signage, i.e., displaying multimedia or video content for marketing purposes, is one of healthcare’s most relevant and successful advertising strategies.

Several clinic facilities and hospitals have employed this method to retain their actual visitors and attract new ones, and it has proven its relevancy over time.

Digital signage’s main benefit is that it allows organizations to show their own content, as well as update it as often as they consider is needed. Some of the many things on-premise signage screens can display include:

  • Infotainment content such as weather feed and news feeds, as well as videos from live TV channels and YouTube (or any other preferred channel)
  • Patient queue status
  • Direction signs and maps
  • Physician’s list and physician availability

Using digital signage is like having your own private television channel – it’s up to you what it’s displayed on the screens and how content is going to reach your patient base.

Start a healthcare blog

Healthcare blogging is a real thing right now as more and more consumers are interested in educating themselves on various health topics, including signs and symptoms of a particular disease and related prevention methods.

If information is researched and provided by medical professionals, people tend to trust it and further look for an appointment or a product purchase.

Blogs are among the most useful long-term content, and it’s essential for organizations to employ such content forms. Not only does it help enhance your brand reputation and credibility, but it also boosts P2P sharing.

Use message texts without fear

You might think that messaging apps are things of the past since there are so many means to express your voice these days – social media, emails, radio and TV ads are just some of the noisiest ones.

But no matter how powerful these are, there would always be a slight chance for them to be blocked out or unnoticed. This is not the case with classical text messages.

These are likely to be open by all receivers, so consider using this as a means of communication with your patients. Inform them about critical things such as an upcoming appointment, a seasonal vaccination, or a deadline for a treatment.

In the same manner, you can make use of messaging apps like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp to provide periodical tips or updates.

Leverage social media

Social media is, without a doubt, the most powerful marketing instrument, and the increasing digitization only strengthens this perspective.

Many healthcare facilities are already leveraging social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and even the new kid on the block, TikTok.

Pinterest, for example, has proven its value in healthcare marketing, providing customers with a user-friendly experience and medical information accompanied by quality, relevant pictures.

TikTok, on the other hand, is used more by the younger generation, so if you choose this path, ensure your products and services address this audience.

Suppose you sell medical-grade skincare which would likely require help from a brand identity agency. Then, consider creating TikTok explicative and educational videos on how to use different products for different skin conditions, including acne, which is so common among teenagers.

Nonetheless, if your business focuses on telehealth services, your place isn’t on TikTok but rather on a channel more prevalent among older generations – Facebook and LinkedIn are excellent in this regard.

It’s essential to advertise telemedicine for nursing homes or independent patients on a proper channel, as this can decide your business’s level of relevancy.

Consider video marketing

Written content can indeed help a lot, but video content can capture the attention of more customers. That’s because people are more likely to stop and watch a two-minute video than read a 5-minute article. Plus, videos leave no room for uncertainties.

In the case of healthcare advertising, this means of communication provides audiences with a behind-the-scenes look at your healthcare facility.

Video content could also be used to share patient stories and testimonials and thus instill trust in prospective customers. This is one of the most credible forms of digital marketing, so ensure you add it to your advertising strategy right away.

Segment email lists

Never underestimate the power of email marketing. Although many forms of advertising have emerged recently, emails are still crucial components of any successful marketing campaign.

The catch with this communication format is that you have to personalize your messages so as to match each patient’s interests and needs. A helpful piece of advice in this sense is to segment email lists.

You first need to gather information about customers and then separate them into appropriate email lists.

Thus, when you have to send that message about kids’ first visit to the dentist, you will send it to parent audiences instead of all audiences, which most likely don’t need that information.

Healthcare advertising shouldn’t be a burden, all the more so since there are so many marketing ideas to leverage. Apart from the ones aforementioned, you could also:

  • Build a physician referral
  • Use healthcare IoT devices
  • Develop strategic partnerships
  • Create lead buckets

In addition, you can also use marketing mix modeling software as a service to help you determine which of your marketing strategies are contributing more to your business goals.

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