6 Logo Designing Tips for Professional Logo Design

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When it comes to designing a professional logo, you need a few tips to keep on top of your mind. These designing tips will always help you to come out with a winning logo design.

1. Know what you’re doing

Professional Logo Design Tips

Image Credits: We are drawing by nkzs

The first and foremost important factor is designing a logo. If you really know what you’re doing it will always help you to come out with exceptional quality logos.
First off, you should keep in mind what a logo really is? When you’re pretty confident you know what a logo is actually. Then the second step would be learning more about the business. Whoever is designing the logo should know about the business, their approach, ethics and what they are trying to achieve.
Using this approach will always help you to keep yourself very focused.

2. Four basic rules of logo design

Professional Logo Design Tips

Image Credits: types by skwar

Many people may have different opinion about the basic rules of a logo design. However, it all comes down to 4 things in my opinion. The very important, font, color, style and feel; these logo design rules can simply make or break a logo design. The logo must also fit to put on printed media, like postcard printing or the other.

3. Keep visitors in mind

Professional Logo Design Tips

Image Credits: visitors only by Shune

Some of the logo designs maybe really good but they lack at keeping in mind the visitors perspective. For making everyone happy with the logo design, your company logo should be very self-explanatory, memorable, effective without color and finally scalable. Most of the logo design firms or logo designers achieve two of them well but do mess with any of them.

4. Learn from successful designers

Professional Logo Design Tips
As they say, human never stops learning. That’s really true for designers. If you are in to logo designing, then be sure to spend a few hours every week for design inspiration. This inspiration will eventually definitely become a very good designer.
My personal suggestion would be to also have a look and review best logos of all time. It helps you grasp very unique ideas and sometimes very good inspiration as well. Sites such as Logo Reviews, reviews the most successful logos of all time and help you with an in-depth research and study of logo design.

5. Paper and Pencil

Professional Logo Design Tips

Image Credits: drawing by alesia17

Before you actually get in to logo designing with software, take a pencil and paper. Draft out all the ideas or logo mock-ups you have in mind. It’s a very necessary step and those who directly try to design logos with software, sometimes fails badly.

6. Logo Designing with Software

Professional Logo Design Tips

Image Credits: Writing on laptop by cvukom

When you are done with the research and have designed your logo on paper. Then it’s about time to use the logo design software you want to. Always use vector based tools for logo designing, I’d prefer Adobe Illustrator, and it’s a really good tool and does the job cleanly.
If you are a logo designing professional, it’s always a good idea to take expert level lessons on the tool you’re using. Otherwise, take special time out to learn the expert design tricks using a few specific tools. It will only help and further advance your career.


We hope the tips above would be useful for you and can help you in designing your own logo. Or maybe you have another great logo design tips, don’t hesitate to share with us in the comment below.

Cover image credits: color pencils by gabrielaaa

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    These are useful tips, but it would be better if you had a copy writer look over the article before posting it. There are grammatical errors abound that make it difficult to understand. I do appreciate the post though!

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    I have problem with color theory. I can’t understand witch color to use for unique logo.

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