5 Reasons You Need to Up Your Content Marketing Game

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If you are in charge of the success of a site for a business, chances are good you know quite a lot about search engine optimization or SEO. SEO is the name that experts give the work that people do in order to make sure their sites are ending up on the top of Google’s search engine result pages (SERPs).

If you’re not already aware of how important key word and long-tail keyword ranking is when it comes to getting clicks, consider these statistics.

If your page ranks No. 1 on Google for a major keyword, chances are good your page is going to receive MILLIONs of click throughs. Upwards of 40 percent of unique users who search for that keyword. If you rank No. 2 on that same results page, you are likely going to bring in around 11 percent. No. 3 gets about 8 percent.

If you look at page two? You’re getting about .66 percent of the clicks. So quite literally, the way you rank on Google can be the difference between millions of clicks per search, versus less than one percent of the click throughs. It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there and only so many clicks to go around.

That’s why people are constantly looking for new ways to get the upper hand. Guest posting, for instance, is also one of the best practices, which you can find the solution for ranking your pages. Just make sure the length is right so do so by click here or try this here can decide whether your business is flourishing or failing.

While there are a lot of different great ways to approach SEO based on who you are, one thing that every person whose opinion is worth anything will tell you that great content on your site is crucial. Not good, not pretty good, great content. It’s not only the way in which customers or potential customers learn about you and your business, they are also a great way to show Google that your site is active, being taken care of, and would be a great place for people searching for the keywords you use to end up.

What are some other important things to know about why you need to up your content marketing game? I’m glad you asked! Let’s go over some right now.

#1. Helps build brand awareness

Without a doubt, content marketing is the best and most effective way to build brand awareness to a new audience at a very low time and monetary cost. While there are certainly other ways to do it, such as purchasing ads, purchasing sponsored posts, and more, those cost money.

Creating fantastic content on your site is one of the only free ways (if you do it yourself that is) that you can help get the word out about your business.

Remember, don’t restrain yourself with content either. Written blog posts are crucial, but video content, images, and more are more than welcome.

#2.Helps you build links

Building links that direct potential customers to your site is crucial. Building links is essentially the act of having other valuable sites within your niche and market linking to your site. It’s either usually because they learned something on your site, got a great idea from your site, or simply want to introduce their visitors to another cool website.

How do you convince other sites to link to yours? You guessed, great content.

The benefits to link building are massive. Not only can it help grow your organic traffic in no time, it is also one of the biggest impactors when it comes to domain authority.

The stronger domain authority, the better the chance that you are going to start ranking really well for valuable keywords and long-tail keywords. And you know what happens after that!

#3. Text content remains evergreen

There’s no doubt that some of your content is going to be time-bound. That is, some of it is going to be very popular for a short amount of time because it is related to something that is in the news.

However, aside from that kind of content, you can also create loads of content that remains current regardless of what’s going on in the news. This kind of content is referred to as evergreen content and it typically provides knowledge to an audience that may have a basic query. Can you think of any good examples of evergreen content? (Hint: you’re reading some right now).

#4. It creates a strong bond with your customers

Have you ever wondered if there’s a way to improve the way that you interact with the people who patronize your site and products or services? One of the very best and easiest ways to do that is through great content on your site.

Think about it, the people on your site are there because they love what you offer. Chances are good, if they are purchasing your product, they are always looking for new ways to use it. That probably means they’re going to want to learn more about what it offers. The best place to do that is of course your site!

But what if they have more questions, or an idea that you haven’t covered yet? That’s where the comments section at the bottom of every post you publish comes in. Your audience can contact you. Even better, you can answer back. That creates a direct line of communication between you and your customer base. That strengthens the bond in a huge way and only improves the likelihood of brand awareness and loyalty.

#5. It’s great content for your social media pages

You’re likely well aware of how important social media is to the success and outreach of your site. Afterall, it’s basically just free advertising. Do you ever have the issue, however, where you are not sure what to post? Of course you want to stay consistent to remain top of mind with your followers, but you also don’t want to come off as spammy.

To avoid that, create some great new content on your site and then build a social media post about it. You can add the link to your new page in your bio and help funnel organic traffic right there to get some fresh eyes on it right away!

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