WordPress is The Best Business Web Design Platform: 7 Valid Reasons

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It doesn’t matter whether you are an entrepreneur, have an established business, or just about to begin a startup. These days, when businesses are transcending boundaries, your website will be the most important representation to the customers. Having a great website is a necessity and using the appropriate web design platform in this regard is almost half the job done.

It brings us to a very pertinent question. Which is the best website builder software that we can use to easily develop our project? The answer is pretty simple: WordPress. It’s one of the most widely used web design platforms to build stunning websites.

Let’s take a look at what makes WordPress the best small business website builder:

#1. Open Source and Financially Viable

WordPress is a free, open source web design platform. It’s not owned by any individual or an organization. Each version of WordPress is created by a community to be shared publicly. It allows users to improve the content management system (CMS) constantly. WordPress can be downloaded for free. You simply need to pay for your domain name and hosting. There’s no licensing fee involved. While a developer is likely to charge a hefty amount to build an HTML website, the same money can be used to host and support a WordPress site. The features of WordPress make it ideal for small and midsized businesses. Even several large organizations use the platform because of the functionality it offers.

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#2. Easy Website Management

Today, content marketing is highly important and involves a lot of work if running the website earns your bread. Websites these days have to be responsive (mobile-friendly), updated, and well protected from hackers and spammers. While you have to hire a professional to maintain an HTML website, even non-technical individuals can own and operate a WordPress site. There’s no complex coding involved in WordPress. A WordPress website can be easily optimized with some basic codes, the majority of which are available freely over the internet. These codes can be modified to suit the demands of your WordPress site.

#3. Exhaustive Themes and Plugins

Among the biggest benefits of WordPress are the exhaustive availability of various themes and plugins. That’s one of the major reasons why small businesses consider WordPress as the best web design platform. WordPress helps you access both premium and free themes and plugins to build an ideal website. It becomes easier for developers to come up with a beautiful website if they have a vast choice of themes that can be customized according to the need of the client. Similarly, there’s no shortage of WordPress plugins. A plugin helps in increasing the functionality of a website, automate various search engine optimization (SEO) activities, implement security features, and develop the project quickly.

#4. User-friendly Interface

You are not required to be a professional web developer or a programming expert to work on the WordPress platform. The WordPress CMS has a user-friendly interface that allows the entire management of the website from a single admin panel. The website owner can write and edit posts with the built-in blog, create new pages, and insert pictures and infographics from the admin panel by using an editor. The look and feel of the website can be customized by adding widgets, menus in the Appearance section. Moreover, WordPress gives the ability to allot separate roles for individuals working on the same website. For instance, an administrator can access all the administrative functions of the website. The editor/author, on the other hand, can manage and publish posts. Members can write posts but are not allowed to publish them, while a subscriber can only manage his/her profile.

#5. Easy Installation and Scalability

WordPress offers easy installation and scalability. You simply have to build and configure the WordPress MySQL database, enter the service data and implement some primary settings to install your website on the hosting server. These activities can be done within a few minutes. While installing WordPress, you simply have to connect to the MySQL database and copy all files to the hosting server to get the website live. Many hosting companies offer pre-installed WordPress services. Simply select the control panel for hosting, carry out the installation, and the website goes live immediately. WordPress, at the same time, offers great scalability features. You may have to expand the website if there’s a large customer base. The WordPress Multisite allows running multiple websites from a single admin page.

#6. SEO Friendly

The WordPress web design platform is easily the best for SEO. Even hardcore SEO professionals have to crack their brains when Google implements an update in its core search engine algorithm. Most of these updates are targeted at low-quality sites to weed out irrelevant content from showing up in a Google search. Only competent professionals are able to contest for high Google rankings in the search engine results page (SERP). Various SEO plugins in WordPress allow professionals to insert the appropriate tags in the meta description, subheadings, and optimize the website’s pages for keywords that return tangible results during a Google search. Even nontechnical individuals can install and use a WordPress SEO plugin for on-page optimization.

#7. Secured Platform

Website security is perhaps the most important issue for small businesses that can’t afford to hire dedicated professionals for the purpose. The web design platform you choose should be as secure as possible. While no platform can be 100 percent impregnable, WordPress has a number of advantages regarding data protection and keeping hackers away. Being the world’s most popular web design platform, there’s an army of security specialists working tirelessly to ensure that all updates are free from vulnerability. The security features of WordPress, available through plugins, protect your website from threats.

If you are hunting for an easy web design platform to launch your business website with ease, then WordPress should be your ideal choice. More than 27 percent of the world’s websites are built on WordPress, which probably explains its popularity. Easy to host, install, and manage, WordPress is the most user friendly web platform today.

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