A Short Guide To Promoting With Drinkware

Making your customers happy is important. Not only do you need to provide high quality service and products, but you need to provide a good experience when they patronize your establishment. Moreover you need to find ways to draw new customers in while retaining your old customer base.

Sometimes, you could do these promotions in the store. Occasionally, offering a loyalty program might do the trick. Then there’s advertising through billboards, radio, TV and social media.

But there’s one sometimes overlooked option for promoting your business and helping increase your brand recognition: using custom logo items to promote yourself. Custom drinkware

Why Drinkware Is An Effective Promotional Tool

Promoting with drinkware is a good way to get your name out and increase brand recognition. Drinkware is something that people will actually use, pretty much every day. Unlike a pen or a keychain, people will actually drink from their promotional water bottle, tumbler, or coffee mug regularly.

This means that your company’s name and logo will be seen by more people regularly. On top of that, drinkware is also incredibly affordable, which makes it an economical way to promote your business without obliterating your marketing budget.

It can also be heavily customized with your company’s logo and slogan. By adding a simple custom touch to the drinkware, it becomes a fantastic method of improving brand recognition. People are more likely to patronize a brand they recognize and trust.

Using promotional drinkware can lead to building that trust and rapport with your customers. Plus, drinkware can look elegant and be sold in addition to being used as a giveaway item.

It’s ultimately up to you to determine how you’re going to use a drinkware as a promotion at your business, but incorporating it into your routine can absolutely be beneficial when you want to generate more business.

Choose A Variety of Drinkware

When you decide to promote with drinkware, it’s important to offer a wide variety of items. Some companies like to dedicate their offerings to a single type of cup. These might be coffee cups, which makes sense if it’s a restaurant or cafe.

Other times, companies might just choose to offer water bottles because water bottles are a safe and popular choice. That’s the beauty of having plenty of options. But it might be a great idea to incorporate several different options into your business’s promotional plan.

Consider that your customers might like a variety of different drink items from which to choose. Customize wine glasses and put them up for sale. Give away free water bottles that have your logo on them as part of promotions or trade show visits.

Use custom logo coffee mugs as a promotional device in your store. Sell thermoses and other drinking vessels that have your logo on them so that when anybody sees them they can associate the quality with your brand. Add creative custom tumblers, featuring your logo and business name, to the mix.

Tumblers come in a wide variety of options including stainless steel, plastic, travel size, and with or without straws. Ultimately, offering a variety of drinkware can be a way to impress your guests and make your customers happy while simultaneously promoting your brand/ increasing its recognition.

Use Social Media

Promoting your custom drinkware online via social media is the sound strategy.. Ads can be targeted very specifically, making sure that the right people see them. Contests can create excitement and buzz, and tweets and interactions with followers can help keep customers engaged.

Using some of your drinkware as prizes for a social media contest can serve two purposes. The first is to get the word out about your brand. The second is to give followers and potential customers something worthwhile to win by being engaged with the contest.

All of these methods are great ways to increase awareness of custom drinkware and drive sales. They also have the added bonus of driving engagement with your brand. Social media engagement is incredibly important because it shows people interacting with you on a meaningful level.

You don’t want to just look at your customers as drones who give you money. They should be seen as human beings who have a need that your business is going to address. Give them the opportunity to see that you care about them and they’ll keep coming to your business regularly.

Social media is part of an overall strategy for marketing that can work out well for your business, especially if you incorporate your custom promotional drinkware in some way.

Give Drinkware Away

There are many great places to give away promotional drinkware to help promote your business. After all, there aren’t many better ways to drive interest or generate leads than giving something away. People like to receive free things.

Free items show customers that you care about their business and, if they’re high quality, we’ll go a long way to work building up a bit of trust. So where do you get them away? There are plenty of options.

Trade shows, conventions, and other events are perfect opportunities to distribute cups, mugs, and tumblers with your company’s logo on them. You can also give them away as prizes or rewards to customers who make a purchase or refer a friend. And don’t forget about employees!

A nice mug or cup with the company name on it is a great way to show your appreciation and motivate them to perform well. Basically, promo drinkware I’d like the ultimate useful gift that everyone will love.

Put Them Up For Sale

At the end of the day, you could just sell your promotional drinkware. There’s nothing set in stone with the marketing plan that says you have to give it away for it to be an effective promotion.

Since it’s so inexpensive to purchase these items in bulk and customize them, selling them at a slightly higher price point is profitable, in addition to having a few benefits. The first is that you get passive advertising we talked about earlier because your logo is going to be emblazoned on all your drinkware somewhere prominently.

So, not only are you selling a high quality product but you’re also selling a form of passive advertising as well. Whatever you decide to do for leveraging your drinkware, sure to do it with careful consideration and applicable to your organization’s before needs.

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