Start Your Computer Network Specialist Career Journey with Microsoft 70-740 Exam and Practice Tests

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Every worthy career begins with starting small and building it to advanced levels through learning and practice. This includes the career of a computer network specialist. And if this is the direction you’d like to take, then you need to read this article further. Microsoft’s Windows Server system has features and capabilities that necessitate the presence of qualified professionals to ensure their efficiency.

The first step towards becoming a computer network specialist includes learning and mastering how to perform installation, compute, and storage functions of the Windows Server 2016. This involves a proper preparation process that involves the most updated prep material for the Microsoft 70-740 exam. Let’s learn more about this test, how it can help you start your networking career and how you can pass it on your first attempt.

More About Exam 70-740 is the first among three needed to earn the MCSA: Windows Server 2016 credential. Besides exam 70-740, you will need to pass Microsoft exams 70-741 and 70-742 to earn this MCSA badge. Exam 70-740 will have 40-60 questions to be answered within 120 minutes. The test questions include differing formats like short answer, active screen, best answer, fill-in-the-blank, case studies, review screen, and multiple-choice among others. You must reach at least 700/1000 points to pass the test. Before taking 70-740 test you’ll need to pay a fee of $165.

Experience Needed for Exam 70-740

The Microsoft 70-740 exam is to test a candidate’s ability to carry out general installations as well as create and manage images meant for deployment. Having skills to complete the following tasks will boost your chances of performing well in the test:

  • How to configure disks as well as volumes?
  • Data deduplication
  • High availability
  • Disaster recovery
  • Storage Spaces Direct
  • Solutions for failover clustering
  • How to manage Hyper-V as well as containers?
  • Maintenance and monitoring of servers both in physical as well as compute environments

Reasons to Pass Exam 70-740

The test helps you to begin a great career as a computer network specialist. As the initial step, conquering it will imply you can now move to the next required step with confidence. Passing 70-740 exam demonstrates your capability to study through difficult topics and deal with challenging questions. This will increase your confidence in pursuing your career goals further.

Another good thing that comes from passing the exam is in how you’re going to be trusted to deliver quality in your position at your workplace. This is because, Microsoft is a globally recognized vendor and passing its tests, as well as getting its credentials is a real mark on your CV list. This increases your chances of getting a better job position and even receiving a higher salary in comparison to your uncertified colleagues. The reason is that you are a more efficient employee and complete the most difficult tasks in a short span of time.

You also will be trusted with more responsibilities that attract better pay.

Passing exam 70-740 also makes you a professional who others can look up to. You’ll be encouraging them to pursue even bigger goals since they’ll now understand that they can grow in their careers through hard work and diligence. Thus, after passing the first step on the way to the MCSA: Windows Server 2016 certification, you’ll gain admiration from your colleagues because of your achievements.

These are some of the benefits you’ll enjoy once you attain the test’s pass mark. Your hard work, commitment, and consistency will contribute to your professional heights.

To ace 70-740 test, you need to ensure that you study with the right materials while putting in the right amount of effort. Let’s check out which exam 70-740 study resources would be helpful to you.

Reliable 70-740 Exam Study Resources

As a candidate planning to start preparing for a technical exam, you need to sit down and ask yourself how you’d like to go about it. You also need to consider how much time you still have before the exam. It’s recommended to start preparing early enough so that you can have extra time to review your notes and focus on the subtopics you are still weak in.

Once you know which topics need your attention, you should find the study materials that will cover each of them adequately. For 70-740 exam they can include study guides, self-paced video courses, instructor-led courses, and self-paced labs among others. As for the optional materials, you can enhance your preparation by using practice tests. Ensure to get these materials from reliable sources, as there are several of them offered online.

These are the ones we recommend you to use if your desire is to acquire the right content for the test and to pass it:

  • Exam 70-740 Expert-Led Course from Microsoft
  • Exam Ref 70-740 Study Guide from Microsoft Press Store
  • Exam-Labs Microsoft Exam 70-740 Practice Tests
  • Exam-Labs Exam 70-740 Video Training Courses

Why Use Practice Tests to Pass Exam 70-740?

Your plan to go through the exam successfully must be supported by exam revision sources known to work well. TheExam-Labs website offers candidates an opportunity to test acquired knowledge through exam 70-740 practice tests. Using this critical resource is a way to ensure you get to know that what you have already learnt is good enough to pass your upcoming test. These files also give you the insight of what is waiting for you at the exam.

Practice tests are usually actual exam questions and answers designed to check your understanding of each topic. Thus, you can find out which areas need your extra time and learning. You’ll also be able to discover the possible format for the exam and how to go about taking the questions.

For the Microsoft 70-740 exam, Exam-Labs offers free practice questions with answers shared by the recent exam-takers. Still, you can also enjoy practicing the material combined by the IT experts, such as 70-740 Premium Bundle. This package includes a study guide, a video course and a premium file with verified questions and answers. All these items are available just for $24,99 now.

All the files available on the website are offered in the vce format and can be opened on the VCE Player, which simulates the real exam environment. Using this great tool, you’ll know what is waiting for you at the exam.

Ensure to utilize each of these exam prep materials and you will be rewarded with great exam results.


Your journey towards a computer network specialist career begins with passing the Microsoft 70-740 exam. And there’s no shortcut to it. You have to work hard and commit yourself to the end, as the MCSA: Windows Server 2016 certification is worth it. The moment you see the outcome of your positive actions, you’re going to be glad you did so. Never look down upon every small step you take, as each one will amount to the bigger goal. Always focus on working towards a successful career in your field.

To prepare for the test visit the vendor’s website first and revise your knowledge by using practice tests from Exam-Labs. Wish you success!

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